Switching Atypical Antipsychotics - Geodon To Abilify

Terry Says:

I have been taking Geodon for a few years now, 20 mg twice daily. Lately I seem to get very anxious after about six hours and need to take three pills daily. My insurance will only send me enough for two pills daily. I know that the half life is very short for Geodon. I am thinking about having my psychiatrist switch me to Abilify which has a long half life. My concern is how difficult it will be to make the switch. Will I still get withdrawal symptoms from Geodon even after my body gets used to Abilify? I would like any input from anyone who has made the switch.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Terry,

Unfortunately because the active ingredients are different it is likely you will experience the withdrawal symptoms to some degree. It is difficult to say to which extend you will be experiencing the symptoms as it will really come down to how quickly your body adjusts to the new active ingredients. Looking up other users who have made this switch, half of them say that the symptoms came and went as quickly as a week while others said that it took them a few weeks. I personally have not made the switch and I can only suggest that you discuss this switch with your doctor as he will have the best knowledge of your medical history and how your body reacts to new drugs.

Let us know how it works out. Best wishes.

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Hans Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Why would a DR, know if anyone gets Withdrawal Symptoms, unless his Patients told him
, and everyone probably reacts different, best to read the about other Peoples Experience, or the Pharmaceutical Company as they have a long List of Side Effects listed!

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