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Sutent put sores and blisters on my wife's feet really bad. The doctor took her off it. The fda needs to take a good look at the side effects... ## I definitely agree with you that the FDA needs to step up and take a closer look into the long term effects of whatever they approve for the public... Unfortunately, in any medical situation, a patient has to be their own best advocate. Doctors often prescribe medications according to their experience with how well something has worked for other patients and, when something goes wrong, they are often reluctant to attribute it to the medication. Hopefully your wife is able to find something natural that works just as well or better without the side effects of Sutent. If you take a look at the link below, you can view a list of side effect...

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Information about susten 300 soft gelatin capsules (progesterone)

I want to know what this capsule is taken for and how to take it? After meals or before meals? ## How did your doctor instruct you to use it? While it can be taken orally, in most cases, this is inserted vaginally for better and faster absorption of the hormone. It can cause some side effects, such as: nausea, headache, vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramping. Learn more: ## i have got done my wife iui on 21-6-11& doc has advised to take susten 300 cap(10 capsules) from [email protected] night.i want to know about this cap what it is for & thus it is helpfull in our case ## doc has advised to take susten 300 cap(10 capsules) from [email protected] night.i want to know about this cap what it is for & thus it is helpfull in our case ## @umesh, Susten is a Progesterone tablet that is used as a pa...

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Leg ulcer aggrieved by using Sutent for kidney cancer

My husband has a leg ulcer on his shin. He had surgery in April to clean the wound and was given Bactrazine ointment to use. He is on chemotherapy, called Sutent. We have tried all sorts of creams but we cannot get the ulcer to heal. It has been over a year now. We live in Durban South Africa, can anyone please give us advice and will Terrasil actually work? At the moment we are using IRUXOL Mono ointment. ## Hi Freda, I found your post on the internet. I'm currently battling the same problem. Can you please let me know if Terrasil worked for your husband's leg ulcer? Thank you. ## I was using silver sulfadiazine cream as prescribed by my dr but i ran out. I called and he was on vacation. I searched the internet and found terrasil kind of expensive but when your desperate well y...

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Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) removal

What happens after surgery when you have a GI stromal tumor (GIST) removed from your stomach? I am wondering about the recovery period and how long it takes to recover? I have one 2 inches in my stomach and need surgery. It's not cancer but still should come out. I wonder why? Help, someone talk to me. ## Are you sure its not cancer? Have they done a biopsy? I was told that i had one 7in by 4in. After removal i was put on Gleevac (Oral Chemo Pill) 400 mg for a year and a half. Then found out I had tumors in liver. They changed my meds to 800mg Gleevac. It is supposed to reduce the growth of the tumors. Now, they have me on Sutent because my body got used to the Gleevac. ## Sorry to hear this, will pray for you.This cancer stuff can be serious, have they considered radiation? Sam ## ...

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Problems in two week break from Sutent

On Sutent been on it for 2ytd the 2 breaks I have head pain when I cough or bend over !! Don't have it while taking it . Any ideas ## It sounds like you're experiencing symptoms that may be related to withdrawal. If you've been on it for 2 years (ytd?) then I can see how a two week break from it would cause this. I don't know if Sutent is commonly known for causing withdrawal symptoms, but I do know that after a long duration of time, your body becomes more dependent on the medication and when you stop taking it, it can get confused, per say. Are you back on it now? ## Been on Sutent 37.5 for 20 days felt very good. Didnt realize the 800mg was making feeling strange. Now the last five days, Im fatigue,loss of appetite, and sweating like crazy in the middle of the night. ...

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H-86 Availability

My brother has stage 4 cancer, it started in the kidney in 2012 and came back in 2014. He has been on chemo for almost 2 years. The pet scan showed possible metastasis in l-4 & t-8. We are looking for any assistant that could help his situation. We want more info as well as where to get H-86? Thank you. ## My husband has stage 4 renal clear cell CA with mets. So far, the renal oncology team at Dana Farber have multiple trials, excellent care & a team approach. Initial appointment was 3 days after calling. Appointment even tend to be on time so little waiting time. They are very helpful with out-of-state patients with discounted accommodations. ## @Mike, Sorry to hear about your brother's challenges. My prayers go out to him for a complete turn-around towards recovery. Regard...

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The drug sutent for thyroid cancer which has spread to lungs

taking sutent along with radiation treatments for tumor in lower lumbar region what kind of aide effects are most common? ## Possible side effects of Sutent (Sunitinib) can include one or more of the following symptoms: -extreme tiredness -weakness -nausea -vomiting -diarrhea -constipation -heartburn -gas -white patches or sores on the lips or in the mouth and throat -pain, irritation, or burning sensation of the lips, tongue, mouth or throat -dry mouth -change in the way things taste -loss of appetite -weight loss -hair loss -thin, brittle fingernails or hair -slow speech -depression -dryness, thickness, cracking, or blistering of skin on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet -rash -muscle or limb pain -pain, burning, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet -unusual disco...

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sutent for thyroid cancer that has spread to lungs

just started taking sutent for thyroid cancer which has spread to lungs,also have to start radiation treatments for tumor in lower lumbar region. Is it safe to take sutent during radiation. Also what side effects are most common with this drug? ## Sutent contains the active ingredient Sunitinib and its common side effects may include: fatigue, diarrhea, anorexia and a yellowish skin discoloration. You can learn more here: However, as to using it while undergoing radiation treatments, I can only advise you to consult your doctor. I am not very familiar with cancer treatment protocols. Has your doctor given you any instructions regarding this?

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supradyn multivitam with sutent for rcc

CAN I TAKE A MULTIVITAMIN SUPRADYN AS I FEEL WEAK STP I AM TAKING SUTENT 37.5 MG FOR RCC . SOME SAY I CANNOT TAKE ANYTHING BUT I CANNOT CONTACT MY DOCTOR NOW PLS ADV ## i had my left kidney removed due to cancer. one month later i had apetscan and all organs are clear only cancer in the lymph nodes and one vertebra, have iv stage RCC and started Sutent 37.5 mg. feel very week my question is can i take supradyn a milti vitamin with Sutent will it affect my treatment. pls rush adv thank you ## Sutent contains the active ingredient Sunitinib, it is used to treat Renal Cell Carcinoma. Supradyn is a multivitamin supplement, which means that its side effect and interaction profile has not been studied. Therefore, I really can't answer your question. There are, however, some warnings that ...

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sutent with tylenol

My husband has a 100 degree temp. can we take tylenol w/this drug. It is Sun. cannot call hotline or doc. ## Sutent contains the active ingredient Sunitinib, this is used to treat several forms of cancer and tumors. That said, I would not suggest mixing in other drugs, without first speakng to his doctor or pharmacist. This drug can cause some side effects, such as: nausea, diarrhea, anorexia and janudice. His doctor is going to want to make sure what is causing his temperature, before he treats it. It could be related to his medical condition or something entirely different. Is there anything else I can help you with?

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