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Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy?

Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects.


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Okay folks. Full disclosure. I was a total wimp when it came to prepping for a colonoscopy. In 2013, I was given that huge jug version, and made it only through 1/4 of the prep, and then, I could go no further. I had to cancel the surgery the next day. Feeling like I could never do it, I confirmed that notion when I took a sip of the Suprep which my wife used earlier this year (2015). I gagged just on that one sip, and thought, show's over, never gonna be able to get a colonoscopy. Well, I was goaded by my wife (bless her) to try one more time, which I just did this weekend. Proud to announce -- Success! Made it through both preps without a great deal of problem. To get ready for it, I landed on this website and read EVERYONE's prep suggestions. And then, I did my own regimen. My regimen is for those people out there, like me, who think they will NEVER get thru it. (Mind you, this weighed on my conscious for 2 years until this past weekend). The regimen I ultimately used combines a lot of the tips found on these pages (supreme thanks to all of you). Here it is in explicit detail...My first prep needed to be done at 5:00pm. One day before that time, I placed a jug of ice water in the fridge, along with the two Suprep solutions to chill them up. 4:50pm, I sliced up a lemon into eighths. I filled a small glass with clear apple juice. I put out a cap of mouthwash. I put out one 16 ounce bottle of water. And then, it was time to begin. I poured the chilled solution into the plastic cup they provide you with. I filled it with water to the 16 ounce line. I then poured that mixture into a normal glass that I use at dinnertime (the psychology here being that it wasn't a foreign, medical-looking dispenser I would be drinking from, but something I was very familiar with). I inserted a long straw I obtained from Starbucks. I poured one slim packet of Crystal Light lemonade into the concoction. (Both my nurse from City of Hope, a leading cancer institute, and my brother's nurse back in North Carolina had said this is permitted and wouldn't mess with the Suprep process). Stirred it all up. Last big piece of business, and most important: I clamped one of those potato chip bag clamps securely over my nostrils, effectively blocking out breath.

I looked like a clown, but who cares? The point was to breathe strictly thru the mouth. Taking in one to two large sips in the long straw (the long straw is recommended - the point being the more farther removed you are from the glass, the less you will smell the mixture -- that is KEY), I swallowed, then immediately bit into a lemon wedge and sucked down some of its juice. Then, quickly take a swig out of that 16 ounce open water bottle, gargle, spit, gargle, spit, and on and on, until you don't feel any liquid in your mouth. Maybe take a very small sip of that apple juice. Then, without waiting too long, step back over and take another two or so big sips of the Suprep mixture, and repeat the above methods. It's best if you're watching a TV or reading a magazine or doing something to sort of distract yourself as you go to sip. Your nostrils will more than likely fill up with mucus, so definitely have tissue handy to quickly blow it out, but don't breathe in through your nose, just clamp that sucker back again. For the first prep, it took me only 7 minutes to get the whole mixture down. For the second one, it took more like 12 (a little more difficult to do it early in the morning -- tip: if you have to do the second one around 4am, be sure to get up at 3:30 and just wake up. Watch TV, or surf the net for a moment, but WAKE UP, before doing the second prep, just to get your body ready). At the end of each prep, take a swig of that mouthwash, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle - be sure not to swallow any of it, and just spit it completely out. Polish off the rest of that open water bottle with gurgling and spitting. Get your mouth completely cleaned out. DON'T remove the clamp on your nose yet. As you attack those subsequent water bottles after each prep, try to leave that nose clamp on for about half of the time you drink the bottles. This will ensure you won't have any residual taste/smell lingering in your mouth. Well, there you have it. Sorry to be so explicit, but hopefully, for those of you who REALLY, REALLY dread this, like I did, perhaps this will be a help.

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Ann Says:
Yes .. I have used the Suprep and it is disgusting. Tastes like a heavy metal going down. You take the first bottle with lots of water, and then the second bottle an hour or two (I don't remember exactly) later. A lot of people don't take the full dose the second time as its horrible. But, you have a movement pretty quickly. Different doctors use different preps. I wouldn't use this one again.

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Samantha at 50 Says:
This isn't a question its just a tip on how I did with Surprep.
I did very well on it. The taste wasn't all that bad. I chilled it and mixed cold water. I drank it while eating a lime popcicle. That was at 6:00 pm. Was in the bathroom within 20 mins. By 9:00 I was able to lay down and watch TV without getting up every 10 mins.
Went to bed about midnight then up at 4:00am for the second round. Same method but it seemed harder to drink this time and felt a little nauseated with a head ache.
I was able to lay down around 7:30am for an hour and a half and was at the surgery center by 10:00. Its 1:00 pm now and I am already home and eating.
Tips I would suggest would be that after every single bowl movement use diaper rash ointment. You will go through a whole tube but will have zero pain
Also relax and and go for it. Seriously It's not the end of world as I thought it would be. I was very very nervous It's only 2 days of your life and it really isn't that bad, just time consuming. Oh and 2days before the exam go really easy on your diet. Big Breakfeast, med lunch, small dinner the next day you would start your liquid diet.
I ended up having one small poloyp removed.

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Steve Says:
My experience with the taste and tolerance of Suprep was not like many others here, It tastes like cough syrup. It took an hour to begin working, both times. I did not feel urgency, but I took my laptop with me to the bathroom and just hung out watching TV and surfing. After about two hours it was over.

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Virginia Says:
I have my colonoscopy this afternoon. I refrigerated the suprep and mixed it with cold water. Taste was manageable. Did not have a bowel movement until 40 minutes after my second dose. I developed a very bad headache along with chills and nausea. I piled on blankets to try to get warm and finally thought a hot shower would help. I must have gotten overheated because shortly after stepping out of the shower My head was over the toilet bowl with dry heaves while squirting liquid from my backside. I am not entirely sure whether or not I am cleaned out well enough to proceed with the colonoscopy or if I will need additional enemas to finish this process. This is the 2nd colonoscopy I've had and I don't remember the 1st prep being this awful. Will be so glad when this is over today.

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First timer Says:
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Soooo cold! I wonder why dose 2 causes this?

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Ashley Says:
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This is my first colonoscopy and I'm just shy of 19. I had the first dose yesterday and immediately after finishing the second 16oz I started to violently vomit. Needless to say it still did it's job for 3 hours after. I just tried to hammer my second dose down -procedure is in 5 hours- and again I threw only a little uo this time, I tried my best to keep it down. Both times I've experienced the WORST chills ever. I tried to take a steaming hot bath and it was still freezing. I'm not sure if I'm throwing up because we for the past 6 months there really hasn't been anything for me to digest. So I'm not sure if I threw up due to my stomach not being able to handle it or what. I tired to call my surgeons 24 hr hotline but the dr on call was super rude about my question. I hope it's okay that I threw some up.. I've tried to read and see if it's okay but I can't find that answer anywhere.. needless to say this stuff is NASTY and the chills and vomiting aren't fun at all. This product works but the side effects are pretty hard

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SuperNova Says:
Having the same issue now. I managed to get the first dose down and it worked within a half hour. Been drinking water as directed after the first dose. But was definitely nauseous throughout. Now working on second dose and I've had to remain close to the bathroom for fear that I'm going to vomit after each sip. Don't think I'll be able to finish this. Trying to decide between the lesser of two evils...drink this stuff and vomit it back up, or not drink it and potentially have to go through this whole process over again. Has anyone done this and been fine only taking half the second dose? I'm already mostly clear after the first dose.

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Kat2626 Says:
Tasted pretty bad but didn't think it was as bad as some here said - lol. It took me a bit more than 5 hours for this to work but guess it was 5 less hours of misery. It did work fine. I would use it again.

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KrazyKat Says:
Oh my God, I'm going through the EXACT same thing right now. It took me 30 minutes to get the first dose down, and I've been dreading the 2nd dose ever since, but it seems even worse than the first! I've had TWO SIPS and have almost lost both from gagging so badly. I don't know how I can get the rest of it down!

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Ashley Says:
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Are you clear? If you're clear, I wouldn't worry. If not, try to get as much as you can down and suck on a lemon or lime wedge, it helps. Good luck... The prep is the worst!

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angelle Says:
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I'm worried bc I'm just starting my 2nd dose, which I've been dreading since starting the 1st! I'm so worried bc I can't force it down! What do I do? I've diluted it with lemon vitamin water, which is better, and diluted it into 4ths as several suggested and that's better. But I still can't get it down. I cannot chug it til its gone bc I've had gastric sleeve surgery and I just physically don't have the room to do that! I am so worried the last 5 hours will be for nothing if I can't get this down.

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Kat2626 Says:
Took the first dose at 10am and had just two small softish bowel movements. Did not really start to work until 5-5:30. Just about every 20 minutes I have to run to bathroom. Am using depends - which helps to feel a bit more secure and to prevent small accidents.

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Ashley Says:
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Did this prep again this year after swearing I never would again, and it was horrid as usual. The first dose was not a big deal but when I woke at 4 am for the second it was horrible, I could barely get it down. If I could swallow pills easily I would do the magnesium citrate prep with dulcolax. This prep is just vile. Do anything but this prep.

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Michelle Says:
It is the sickest most nastiest stuff in the world!

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mylittlemargie Says:
Yes, I had it, this past Monday. The Suprep was nothing, compared to horror stories I read. I had the first bottle on Sunday afternoon, and the second bottle, early Monday morning. I had the water, that they recommended after drinking the solution. It was so very easy. Nothing to worry about

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Pamela Says:
Good Lord. The first 16 oz. yesterday evening was tolerable. This morning one, geez , your bottom is really sore, gosh, I can't wait until this is over. I had a colonoscopy 10 years ago. I used the old fashioned prep. I do not recall about the bottom being so sore. I read some of the comments from other people about using Vaseline. GOOD CHOICE!!!!!!! My bottom is less sore. Gosh,I wish there was another way of doing this. Oh,forgot to say, there is a little nausea going on. Good Luck everyone.

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Bee Says:
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Using suprep as I wrote and it is fine. If you are contispated, jam packed with day old donuts, do to drink enough water in your daily life., then sure
Of course it's not going to be easy. It's not the suprep- it's your lifestyle most likely, or condition. Drinking 6-8 glasses of WATER a day helps one flush stuff out - sodas, juices, etc don't count. If you are not hydrated you will have impaction and left overs clinging to your colon walls. Suprep works to break this stuff down and get it out.
It's working well - not super comfortable and I had to sit off and on the pot Tay but it's not a horrible experience.

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Misty Says:
My doctor made me drink golyte and super prep, I'm sitting trying to force the first bottle down, I'm throwing up, diarrhea OMG at the same time! Its been a rough night and I have to take 5 laxatives before I live at 6:20

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Donna Says:
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I got a very bad case of chills, nausea, cramps n headache. Call the Dr. He said its normal. Holy crap they should warn u

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