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148 93 tan oval pill ID

I found a oval tan shade pill with number 148 on one side and number 93 on other, would to know what it is? ## I also found a pill like the one described above and would like to know what it is. ## ethex ## c119 ## I also found two pills in a tylenol bottle. I was getting ready to take it but something told me to look at ( one side 5658 other side DAN) other pill ( one side k34 other side nothing. ( beige color) I don't know what they are ! please tell me ## 93 148 This tablet contains 375mgs of Naproxen Sodium. ## C119 contains 20mgs of Famotidine, a generic for Pepcid. ## Dan5658 contains 10mgs of Cyclobenzaprine, a generic for Flexeril, this is a muscle relaxant. I cannot find a listing for K34, leading me to believe it is probably something available over the counter.

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