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Sulfacetamide 10% Eye drops

Eye drops for Pink Eye ## My daughter was prescribed sulfacetamide 10% for her pink eye. She had no eye discharge before she began to use it. She has only been on the meds for one day. Now her eye has a yelow discharge that if left to long will not allow her eye to open. Is this an allergic reaction or has her pink eye turned bacterial? Or should I just be patient and run the course of Antibiotics and then go back if needed. ## In regards to the post from mother of 5, it may have been due to her daughter being sensitive to sulfa, since this a sulfa based medication. Some people are, though they may not have an actual full allergy and it can cause some odd effects to manifest. Learn more Sulfacetamide details here. When something unusual like that happens, it is always wise to consult a ...

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