Sucralfate With Milk And Probiotics

Vince Says:

Can I drink milk immediately after I take sucralfate with water? Also, can I take a probiotic with sucralfate?

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Silly Says:

Can I take probiotics with sucralfate 1gm 3x a day

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Kevin Says:

Hello Vince,

According to the manufacturer's directions Sucralfate is to be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water so the body can properly absorb the medication. This would be the appropriate way to take the medication unless your doctor has given you different instructions.

Reportedly it is safe to consume food and beverages 30 minutes after or 1 hour before taking this medication.

I was unable to find any interactions listed between Sucralfate and probiotics but please be mindful that when preparing to mix any type of medications it is important to consult your doctor and primary care physician.

For more information pertaining to the medication please see the link below
[1] Sucralfate Details

I hope this information helps.

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