Subutex 153 Half Moon Orange Pills

Lisa Says:

I want to start taking subutex 153 orange half moon shape pill in morning when I wake up. I took my last dose of opiates around 8 pm. Will I go into withdrawal? I am very scared that I will. I have done it before with suboxone and thought I was dying and it's something I never want to experience ever again.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Lisa! How are you?

Unless your doctor has instructed you otherwise, you need to be in full withdrawal, before you take Suboxone, otherwise it may throw you into dangerous precipitated withdrawals, again.

The FDA classifies this medication as an opiate that is most commonly used to treat drug addiction, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Lisa Says:

Hello verwon its not suboxone, it's the orange 153 subutex - and people are saying you can take subutex right after you take opiates.

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daydreamer Says:

I also was wondering how long u have to wait to take Subutex after taking opiates? I heard that it's diff from suboxone and it doesn't throw u into instant withdrawl. I once took a suboxone to soon and ended up feeling like I was dying and wanted to die for that matter. Never felt so bad in my life. I heard that Subutex was diff tho and u didn't need much of a time wait. Is this true does anyone know?

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daydreamer Says:

Hi Lisa I was wondering the same thing. Did u end up waiting and if so for how long? How did it go for u? I'm in just about the same boat.

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Lisa Says:

Hello day dreamer no I hvnt taken the subutex yet I an still waiting to find out I don't want to go into pwd thts the worst I'm hoping I get some answers and will do this in the a.m like u u hve take suboxin before and went into withdrawl right away and I thought I was going to die someone told me if I am like sweating in the a.m and feeling lousy tht I would b fine like u I hve also heard many people say they have taken subutex early and nothing has happened to them I'm just worried because i know wat happens if u take took early n that has made me scared

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JJG Says:

Do NOT take subutex, suboxone, or any medication containing buprenorphrine while a full opiate agonist (morphine, oxy, etc) is still in your system. The bupe will competitively bind to your opiate receptors, effectively ripping off the agonists and throwing you into precipitated withdrawal. PLEASE take it from the voice of experience...don't just wait until you feel a little queasy or uncomfortable after your last dose of opiates. Wait until you are SICK and then take the sub, because otherwise you're taking a chance at the worst pain, both psychic and physical, that you're ever likely to experience.

--your friendly neighborhood ex-junkie MD

Editor's note: We do not verify the credentials of our users and nothing stated in our forums is intended to be taken as medical advice.

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Marty Says:

I would leave it at least 24 hours - the longer u can leave it the better it works. I've taken them too early and put myself in a cluck and it ain't nice. Good luck

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Lisa Says:

Well I waited like 13 hours I wasnt feeling lousy but I was sweating and just not feeling great started off by taking quarter of it didn't Don e thing then took 1/4 more and started feeling real crappy I'm pretty sure it put me in more of with draw then I was I dealt with it a bit n took some more of the pill needless to say I was up all night throwing up all night the subutex did not help me at all I don't know if my body is different or what but not sure why it out me in more of withdraw then I already was in and I waited 13 hours at least until I started taking n e if the subutex

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Mary Says:

No, you will NOT have any withdraws what so ever. As long as your taking subutex and not suboxon!

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Mary Says:

Listen...if you take subutex.. YOU WILL NOT have withdraws at all. You can take a pain pill then 10 minutes later take your subutex.. No problems! You can even take suboxone, as long as you don't abuse it like so many stupid people do.

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Greg Says:

You will not go into withdrawal with subutex with opiates in your system. Only if their is naloxone in it, which is what suboxone has in it on top of buph

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Mary Says:

Hi Lisa, my friend can't take subutex at all as it too makes her sick. Some people are more sensitive then others. Also, if you have not had opiates in your system at all and just someone randomly takes a subutex, it will make them feel like the just died or something. You must have the opiates in your system before taking this medication..Its strictly use for substance abuse.
So sorry you got sick, but this wasn't the subutex that did it for that reason alone.

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Pat Says:

Subutex will not make you think through hell Iike suboxen does. If you take suboxen before you start going through full withdraws a d with opiates In your system it will make you deathly sick or It did to me.

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Mary Says:

No, you won't have or go into withdraws if you are wanting to start your SUBUTEX! Your safe to start it...I went through the same issue, I also call the pharmacist and he said safe to take.
Verwon, she said SUBUTEX...not Suboxone.

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Greg Says:

No you will not. There is no naloxne in subutex. You will be fine I promise you.

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Miggity Says:

they are the same thing as the white ones it's all in your head

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Tiff Says:

Subutex works way better. U don't have to wait that long like Suboxone. I can take half a Subutex and feel relief. Where as you have to take a full Suboxone and you don't get the same relief and u have to wait longer. I also take 1mg xanxax in the morning cause I get a mild case of anxiety with Suboxone. This is day one wish me luck. I have taken both before and the Suboxone works way better.

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MissesOo Says:

I agree with Greg. Naloxone is the drug that EMTs inject into patients who are overdosing and that is what is in Suboxone I can tell you for a fact that you took too much of the Subutex. You need to start with either an eighth of a pill or you will get very sick and nauseous and dizzy. And you won't build a tolerance for a while so don't go chasing a higher high. You will know when you can handle a entire pill. I was there plenty of times until I built a tolerance and begun my own prescription. It was actually with suboxone that I tried first and then the first time I tried Subutex I got sick again from taking too much. Both of these medications are very powerful and formulated to treat the worst of addicts with the highest of tolerance. So imagine that scale of Tolerance and where you belong when you take those medications. I used for 2 years and was up to about 60 milligrams of Percocet a day for the last year.

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Mary Says:

Yes, I agree. That's what I've always stressed when talking with others considering this medication. I was taking 15 to 20 pk's a day. I will as given SUBUTEX from my doc, and am still taking. I always tell people, be smart, it takes very little SUBUTEX to do what it's saposta do. Don't try and chase the high. If you can stick with a very small amount...why take more. It's a fabulous medication for its purpose. I hate to see people abusing it! What happens is, just like everything else, you start abusing then it makes it difficult for those of us seriously taking for the right reasons...then becomes difficult for us to get what we need and DONT abuse.
Just adding this in

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Gg Says:

Nooooo u will not Don't u pple talk to ur providers?

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Valerie Says:

Re: Kat (# 49) Expand Referenced Message

No with suboxone I know for sure you want to wait until your in full withdrawal..with subutex there's been mixed reviews about it. I just got prescribed the 153 orange moon subutex and I'm scared to take it idk if I should wait til I'm totally sick or what

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Kat Says:

Is it the same as suboxone strip?

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Jeneje Says:

Re: Lisa (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve done multiple opiates w subutex and never had a problem. Won’t ever do it again though

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Doc88 Says:

Re: Chad (# 38) Expand Referenced Message

It doesnt matter in Indiana if u abuse tex or not they just wont write it. They used to but now no way. Ive been on box for 13-14 years with a yr or 2 on tex. It sucks terribly doctors are cold bastards they only care about $$ an fear getting n " trouble" as one doctor told me . Doctors are ruthless cold bastards. Ive had people call my doctor an lie to get me cut off several times. Its a nightmare.

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Karuchi Says:

Re: daydreamer (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

No you can take subutex with opiates in your system. You will not go into withdrawal. With suboxone that's a whole different story. But your in the clear with the subutex.

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Karuchi Says:

No if you can take subutex with opiates in your system. You will not go into withdrawal. With suboxone that's a whole different story. But your in the clear with the subutex.

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Doc88 Says:

Of course u will go into withdrawal but probably not for very long . doctors say u must b off opiates for a certain amount of time but everyone's different. I do know one thing Box is strong real strong 2nd only to methadone. Good luck especially at ur box doc cuz n Indiana they r crazy.

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Bobby Says:

Re: Mermaid (# 42) Expand Referenced Message

First off you have to have a doctor who isn't opposed to writing Subutex scripts for people who have bad reactions to the naloxone in Suboxone. Some doctors won't write it for any reason. Its usually a lack of knowledge about the naloxone causing negative side effect. Also alot assume it's more abusable or something. I started on Suboxone in 2006 and felt like crap every day until I changed doctors and she happened to up my dose one month but insurance wouldn't pay for more Suboxone so I got 2 weeks worth of Subutex. After 5 days I felt like the clouds parted and I started to feel normal again. Alot of people will tell you the naloxone doesn't get into your system or whatever but it definitely does! I told my doctor when I went back about how much better I felt and she was fine switching me. I have had to use Suboxone a few times since then in 2010 and every time I do I start to feel sick and depressed after a few days. Just find a doctor that knows what they are doing and just explain why you think Subutex would be better for you.

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Mermaid Says:

How do I go about getting prescribed Subutex?

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Jdawg2316 Says:

I agree with part of that. But if a half a pill makes you feel Ok, that's all you should take don't work your way to a whole pill, if you are trying to get off of opioids. I have been dealing with the opiate addiction, trying everything thing I can do to get clean and stay clean. I can give anyone very good answers about any questions of the opiate addiction. You don't want to stay on Suboxone or subtex more than a month. Two weeks is best. If a half a pill works then taper down 1mg. every two days until 0.5 Mg for two days, and so on. Just remember there is no detox pill that will help you completely detox without any withdrawal symptoms, but they will be 80% better and easier. I have detoxed enough times to know what works best. I have been on opiates for 26 years and been trying and fighting this for the last 16 years. I wish you all the best luck with this addiction. It ruins lives so save yours or anyone you know and kick this addiction to the gutter where it belongs.

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