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Ms Peacock Says:

My Dad is taking Tramadol in place of Darvocet. He took Darvocet for 20 years no side effects, now he is taking Tramadol and is good for pain but his blood pressure is going high and he has arrythmia and terrible depression. I think this pill has problem working with Paxil, Atenolol, Norvasc and Digoxin and should not be given together or adjusted. Why are doctors not aware of this and what else could he or should he be taking? Confused and upset! I f Darvocet cause heart attacks then why could he take it for 20 years without problems and now with Tramadol the safe one he's having all these troubles.

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Verwon Says:

Well, first of all, no medication is absolutely safe, they all carry risks.

Now, the next question is, how long has he been off the Darvocet and did he stop taking it abruptly?

Darvocet does contain a mild narcotic, Propoxyphene, which is what was found to cause the cardiac problems that caused it to be pulled from the market.

And the reason I am asking is, even if he didn't abuse it, his body could still have been dependent on it and he may be experiencing withdrawal effects, rather than problems from the new medication.

What you have described are all classic withdrawal symptoms and will happen anytime you abruptly discontinue something that your body was used to having, especially for such a long period of time.


It is especially probable, since the Tramadol is not a narcotic and won't do anything to help with the withdrawals from one.


Has he spoken to his doctor about the problem?

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Ms Peacock Says:

I thank you for the replies, and we are consulting with a doctor although, from the beginning I read that if you take Paxil or Digoxin along with Tramadol, that the doctor should be advised and I called and spoke to the nurse about asking doctor and she told me to wait and see that all medications had some side effects, DUh! All in all, they didn't give it much importance, guess it's time to find someone who does! Thanks again. His blood pressure seems to be stabilizing somewhat and you could be right about withdrawls form Darvocet, never thought about that, but am consulting with another doctor anyway.

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Pam Says:

My 92 year old mother took Darvocet only when she needed it for chronic back pain....her spine is terribly crooked. But the pain would come and go, so she only took a pill when she felt it coming on. Then it was taken off the market and she is suffering greatly and is almost entirely bed bound. Other medications have been prescribed, but nothing takes the pain away like Darvocet did. Is there anything out there strong enough to do the job? Thanks!!

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Alax Says:

@Ms. Peacock-
Tramadol Doesn't work for me either. Have been on Darvocet for 7 years, switched to Tramadol, and it increased my seizures.

@Pam- Lortab, OxyContin, Percocet.

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RA-er Says:

Darvocet was the only med I could depend on for handling my arthritis pain--and even prevent it from coming on as long as I took it at the first warning twinges. I am taking Vicodin and its relative Norco with less effect and stronger formulas. My body gets accustomed to these drugs very quickly and they become almost ineffective. I didn't have this problem with Darvocet. I took Darvocet for at least 15 yrs. without problem. Tramadol is totally ineffective for me.. .

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MsPeacock Says:

In response to question about how long my Dad took Darvocet, he took it for over 20 years. Yes, he stopped abruptly since we were not warned when it happened and funny that you say it caused cardiac problems, when he had cardiac problems prior to using Darvocet and it seems to have never caused him any problems except taking away his pain. Right now he's doing the best he can with Tylenol arthritis formula in the morning and Tramadol at night, since it makes him sleepy and has resulted so-so for pain. So far his mood has stabilized and he has gotten use to Tramadol only once a day. Thanks for the info, but still upset with pulling of Darvocet.

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apbattle Says:

I'm a 17 year RA patient whose life has been totally turned upside down by the darvocet ban. I love how the FDA can just take away medications because of people's lack of responsibility to not abuse them! I took it for 17 years. No withdrawals and a clear head when I had to use them. Nothing else works, not even close. I credit darvocet for giving me my life back. Now I'm seriously considering going back on disability because of inability to maintain normal working hours. I have tried everything. Its amazing how one "so called" consumer protection group had the ability to force the FDA to ban it. Our government at work!

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suzanne Says:

I cannot for the life of me understand, all of us that used Darvocet and had no problems, no one or organization cannot stand up to the FDA to get our Darvocet back--the millions of people left in pain, and there just giving a blind eye to the whole thing. It is like the world just stopped--all we do is go from one site to another to complain. I cannot take any other pain med but Darvocet-I get very sick--I just don't understand how the government can keep running over us like this. Will some one come forward and take them on--it has been done before--look how many people would be behind them--our petition didn't do s***. What about these groups that argue against the government--because they are doing the people wrong

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I have intermittent back pain and cannot take other narcotics. Since Darvocet with withdrawn, the only withdrawal symptom I experienced was an ULCER from taking too much Ibuprofen for my pain. I'd love to know how to LEGALLY get darvocet again. I never took it every day, but when I needed relief, it was a GODSEND. Now, I face the rest of my life in pain... because I can't take most NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen) due to the ulcer risk and Tylenol doesn't do anything for my pain in safe doses. I can't take most antidpressants without my world heaving all the time and the inability to think straight (these are given as pain killer substitutes). I can't take other narcotics, they make me sick to the stomach, don't give much pain relief and make me 'loopy'...

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anjou Says:

Miss darvocet term a dog does not work it just gives me headaches and makes me nauseated there is a barbiturate on the prescription regiment that does work it's called Fioricet. It's mainly designed to help migraine headaches but it does help me with my back with a combination of muscle relaxers!!! But there's nothing on the market that was like darvocet

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I took took Darvocet for many years as needed for pain. I have severe scoliosis the onset of which began after I turned 60. I am now 80 and the scoliosis has progressed a great deal as has my degenerative disc disease. I am in constant pain but only took Darvocet when I absolutely could not continue without relief. I'd been prescribed just about everything else but only Darvocet even touched the pain. I never had more than one prescription for 60 Darvocet in any one year and always had some left after it expired. That's how rarely I took it. I also never had any heart problems until just this year. Of course I don't expect to live many more years but really all I want is Darvocet back so that I don't have to live my last years in unrelenting pain.

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lindsey Says:

Actually tramadol is commonly used to TREAT narcotic withdraws.

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John L Says:

I had been on Darvocet for nearly 30 yrs because of a shattered femur and complex regional pain syndrome. Studies in England suggested that Darvocet was no better than aspirin or tylenol for treating pain. However, like most of you, Darvocet alieved the my pain. In my reading, it seems that Darvocet is a derivative of Methadone and it works better than Darvocet. My wife takes Methadone for her arthritis but I don't. Instead I have found that pentazocine naxalone (Talwin nx which is a schedule 4 controlled substance works well for me). Doctors are more willing to prescribe it rather than other narcotics because it has naxalone so that It can't be dissolved and injected by addicts. However the small amount of naxalone in pentazocine is digested it the stomach without messing up the pain relieving function. Hence, there is little chance of abuse.

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Kitten Says:

I too took Darvocet for my Fibromyalgia pain. Since the ban, my life has been miserable. I could function almost normally on Darvocet but now with Talwin, my blood pressure shot to over 200! It gives me headaches and heart palpatations. The Darvocet never did that. The FDA got paid off by someone and I'll never believe any different. The government has turned on us and has made us pariahs just because we suffer with pain.

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Jo Says:

It made it possible for me to work too. i have been on disability now for a long time as everything else just makes me drasy or just doesn't cover the pain. I had a good routine going there with Darvocet. I don't know who benefitted by taking this off the market but I am sure that a lot of people are now burdening the government by not working that used to be able to with this drug. Makes no sense. I was just as infuriated when they took my asthma inhaler off the market supposedly for "ozone reason." HAHAHA the substitute was garbage and no one was breathing when attacks occured. But SOMETHING happened there. After anout 9 months or so, we got out inhalers back like Ventolin that will kill the ozone layer all by themselves. The cost went up a billion percent, but we got it. Ayone know what happened there and if the same method cN be applied for darvocet? I'm on a low dosage of methadone, it's weak. I've tried the patch, it was filled with side effects my body couldn't handle (like low blood pressure making me collapse, and now I take 10 mcg of oxycodone but I can't take it at night cuz it keeps me up! And it's not as good as darvocet imo. My doc wants to try tramadol but that drug looks way too scary. Don't need anyother drug that comes with serious withdrawals if you want to get off of it, as well as depression considering i finally got off my ssri and don't want to chance thiings.

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fire the FDA Says:
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The only thing behind the removal of darvocet is money. They knew they could make more money on other drugs and they do not care about people at all. We need to address the fact that the FDA is just another corrupt government group that we can no longer trust. Time to demand they be done away with. We, the people, pay for the FDA and they no longer have our best interest as a priority. Time has proven that darvocet is safe and effective.

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Ken Says:
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Hello I'm Kenneth and it might be somewhat helpful but when taking meds everyone is different myself been on darvocet and tramadol and it only hurt me by eating my stomach lining up so for a year i had to watch what i eat and drink i also use to drink alcohol some to but that had to stop so I'm still sober now but id get a lowdose painmed minus the 325mg of Tylenol just a med like roxycodone 5mg to a 30mg but they might not be able to handle opiates but they should be able to take it cause tramadol is a low dose opiate. I'm not sure on darvocet but I'm sure it is in the percocet family now a lot of ppl are against this one drug that is safer than alcohol cigarettes an pain meds its been proved to help save lives, stop cancer cells in there tracks, and helps about every pain issue with a persons body and that's medical cannabis. I'm not a big cannabis fan but if i had a choice between medical cannabis id take it i have tried it and it does work great with no withdrawls or bad side effects - one exception, you will eat more than you normally would but that also differs from one persion to another hope this helps a little thanks Ken

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Rene Says:
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I have had many back surgeries and was on the duragesic patch and taking hydrocodone at the same time. The pain was very intense and was on it for quite a while. I had problems with remembering things and became a little foggy in remembering where I went.I told my doctor that I no longer wanted to be on hydrocodone so he switched me to darvocet. It was perfect no problems only enough pain relief as needed and no side effects whatsoever. I do not like to take medication, but darvocet was right on the money. They took it off the market and I tried over the counter Tylenol for a while but all it did was messed up my stomach so I stop taking everything altogether. At this point I have decided not to take anything at all that way I don't have to beyond any medication and know exactly how I feel at all times.I would be very interested however when I do have bad days what kind of medication other people have tried that works as well as darvocet.

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cplacek Says:
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I completely agree. Darvocet was perfect. If u find something that works as well.. Please post

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CashMoney63 Says:

Can you ever point a time when the government were ever FOR us? I cannot. I am 53 with severe cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis, bulging disks, and neuropathy not associated with diabetes. I can get nothing, absolutely nothing prescribed for pain. Tried tramadol, that made my blood pressure dangerously high and caused heart palpitations. I work as a transcriptionist, so I spend many hours a day sitting. Darvocet allowed me to work just fine and then helped me sleep at night. Now, I work in extreme pain and cannot sleep. But, you have to be out of work for an entire year now in order to even apply for disability. I cannot do that, I would go under. But, perhaps that is what our lovely government want. More people to go under, under the bridges with the Veterans and mentally ill, who are treated like criminals. I am disgusted with the government. Love my country. Fear my government.

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