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lost&confussed Says:

I started off with lortab 10's first then to perocet 10's and now im taking roxy 30's and oxy 80's all day long and i want to stop so bad but im really scared of the withdrawals. I 10 Suboxone pills, but i'm scared this won't be enough to get me clean? I've been on pills for 3 years now. Please help!! Should i go see a doctor and get more?


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Hardy Stone Says:

I am on Seb. 3 times a day 24 mgs. I would advise ypu to see a Doctor who Perscribes Seb. I have k9ivked morphine. withot anything not my wisest decision. With a Dr. tou can get an objective view of your needs pain wise. Seboxone has helped me. I have reocurring kidney stones . Pain control has allways been an issue in my life.. Get a Dr. that really cares for YOU. There are plenty of Script writers out there that just want your money end of story. I have a caring Dr. where I am from and I can tell you he is a caring person. I am doing well. And please get a Dr. asap. Good Luck Hardy

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got2stop Says:

Yes, get some more. What kind of sub do you have? Orange 8mg 2mg? I was right where u are now and I was able to come off oxies with taking just 1/2 pill 3X a day, I was prescribed 1 pill 3X a day, but I was just fine on 1/2 3X a day so do that to stretch them out. But def go see a psychaitrist and get script, it will save your life! Good luck GO FOR IT

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Verwon Says:

Yes, I have to agree with everyone else here, with such a heavy habit, trying to kick it on your own is not a good idea and it can be dangerous. 10 Suboxone will not be enough.

Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone, the Naloxone is an opiate agonist and can worsen withdrawals if not used properly!


Please post back and let us know how you're doing!

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johnny boy Says:

Hi I'm taking about 25 percocet a day I tried getting on suboxone but when I took it it didn't do anything then I took a few perks and felt better. I waited about 14 hours and was in withdrawals when I took the suboxone. Any advice would be appreciated

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Lori Says:

My friend said she got off the pills you are on with suboxone by using five pills, she cut them in half and then quarters. Make sure your off your other pills at least 12-24hrs. Then take two suboxone, that night take one, the next day only take one in the am and pm, and the same the next day, Then start doing a quarter at a time until gone and you should be good to go. God Bless

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Jessica Says:

Get off the suboxone slowly, you need to go to a clinic 10 pills wont do it. 3times a day is useless as suboxone has a 36 hour halflife. One dose a day is effective. Many doctors are not aware of this as it is a new finding by the manufacturer. In the near future the max dose will be 16mg as they have found that in that dose it binds to 95% of your opiod receptors. I work for a suboxone provider and are on a suboxone regiman myself for opiod addiction this is very recent news from the manufacturer. If you are on a dose higher than 16mg/day expect to weaned down to that dose. I was on a higher dose and I personally didn't feel any difference between 24mg and 16 mg. Recently went to 12 with few problems. Also keep in mind the longer you stay on suboxone the more you get addicted to it too. I recommend suboxone to eveyone with this problem because it has taken me back to normal after 6 years of heavy heroine abuse.

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Kara D Says:

To the guy wondering if he should go see a doctor for his suboxone. Absolutely. Getting them off the street is ok i guess, but what happens when you can't get anymore? You will probably end up using. I have been on the suboxone clinic for a year now and I'm seriously thinking about getting off. I was a heavy heroin abuser and when I did get sober, I was so miserable, I'd rather be high. I decided rather than picking up, I woud try the suboxone. I now work full time and go to college full time. These are things I thought I never could do because I could never stay sober long enough. Although I don't view being on suboxone as being sober. It has helped me to obtain a life I never thought possible. I've heard awful things about the withdrawls of suboxone and I'm not looking forward to it. But I know i can't continue taking it forever, it is just a substitute, not a cure.

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Shenell Says:

I have been on suboxone for about 2 years and I must say I don't crave them like I did lortabs but I have an addictive personality and I'm not sure how I will get to where I don't take anything.BUT I STRONGLY SUGGEST GOING TO A DR. WHO GIVES SUBOXONE. It was the best thing I could have done to get help that was private and personal and I wasn't made to feel like a junkie. The first DR. who gave them to me was a head Dr. and I didn't like the way I was made to feel so I went to another and I have been with him every since and there is a program called HERE TO HELP that will help you find a DR. and have support groups and stuff like that ....hop this helps

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jolter Says:

This post was written 3/26/10

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Jessica Says:

yes you should see a doctor. suboxone is very dangerous to take without medical supervision. its a very powerful but helpful medication when taken the right way. a doctor will evaluate u and how much you are used to taking/using daily. if you have medicaid it will pay for it. i have been on it since November and its literally my saving grace at the moment! i was using up to 9 oxycontin 40s a day and honestly im lucky to have survived that kind of addiction. if you dont have medicaid or any type of insurance still try to ask for the help. not but one place in galax to get help but there are others in the surrounding counties, and they have programs for people who cant afford it. Good Luck on your next step to a NEW BEGINNING!

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Kpalen1 Says:

I was on hydros/perks and pain meds for over 17 years for back pain. I obviously started abusing them. I contemplated suicide on a daily basis due to the horrible withdrawals. I know my story is not in any way unique. Im happy to say that because of me wanting off them and suboxone for approx 13 months im 3 years clean, no pill, no suboxone. I honestly never thought that day would come for me. I was put on 16 mg strip per day. I took it half in the AM and the other half in the PM for a week. Then I just took a little less every day till I was taking 1/2 of a 4 mg strip. It took me no longer than 13 months. I never got sick or felt overwhelmingly uncomfortable. My Dr told me I would prob be on it for a couple years, maybe forever. That was not an option for me, I couldn't afford them. So I just took myself down slowly. It was my wonder drug. It was honestly too easy. I'm not bragging but I thought it would have been way more difficult.

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