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Kelsey Says:

I have now been on suboxone for a year, I got on it when I found out I was pregnant last January 2013 and I had my beautiful healthy daughter in August 2013 I used to be on subutex during my pregnancy but once I had my daughter I was switched to suboxone. I am on 2 1/2 strips a day and my doctor has been wanting to lower my dose however I have so much going on that I am really nervous to do so. I have lately been dealing with my daughter on my own her father just didn't show me the respect I deserved and he wasn't willing to work to support our daughter so we separated and now I am left on my own with all the finances out daughter and looking for employment which this all just recently happened since the last time I saw my doctor on top of that my daughter has medical issues due to her throat not developing correctly during my pregnancy so we have multiple doctor visits for her monthly and she has special feeding rules and medications to take so I am very overwhelmed. My doctor seems to be harder on me then his other patients some who have been on suboxone for 5+ years so this is making me very nervous to ask him to up my dose from 2 1/2 to 3 strips a day. Does anyone have any advice? I've really been trying to stick it out but I just feel like an emotional wreck and like my body can't take the stress. Please I need advice! How should I ask my doctor to up my dose?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kelsey! How are you doing? Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! :-)

As to your question, I have to be honest and say that I don't think increasing your Suboxone is what you need. It isn't a medication that will help with stress, anxiety and etc.

I think you need to get some help with these specific issues, until things in your life calm back down, a little. You should just talk to your doctor about what's going on and see what they suggest. They may okay it for you to see another doctor for a different medication that can help.

Does anyone else have any advice or suggestions?

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Skittels Says:

Kelsey my opinion If you realy think you need more than just ask but I use to be were you r at and im down to a half a day and i once felt the same but I just started to take a half at a time. Like take a half wen i woke up then half around noon and then another half aroun 6 and then half at bed time that is honesly more than enough. Then you would still have a half left to take wen you want to. But im now down to a half a day and im so proud to be were im at today. U just have to force yourself to do it then you will get use to it. I cant believe I use to take 3 a day. Trust me I want to go back to 1 a day but i just try not to think about it. A half makes me content and not withdraw so thats all i need. but sometimes I want more just to take it because I want to. And i have before but im trying to stay strong and positive. so if you want to more then ask the worst that can happen is he say no.

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Ken Says:

I was on 600 to 800 mgs of oxy and roxys aday and then I noticed I was loseing weight i was dying slowly so I was on Subutex 16mg aday which worked well needed to go up to 24mg but I had to stop going to the clinic cause the gas and pay $18aday for Subutex now I'm on my 2nd month on 2 8mg suboxone it's not as good as Subutex but it works and I'm needing help for a number of problems he said be ready we going down on your milligrams that's not going to keep me away from opiates cause of my spine it helps for a number of reasons but I need a doctor in Virginia that will help me do the right thing by helping working with me I'm trying to do right thing I just need help plz hope things work well in time to come thanks

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JustJess Says:

I have a question about how I can take suboxone strips......Would it be safe to administer intravenously?

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Brandon Says:

I have before and it's not a good idea at all. After months of 4-8mg a day I could tell my circulation was getting bad. That's some thick stuff to be putting in your veins I would totally advise against it!!

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patty p Says:

Them subbyz are bad news man I was on gear for a year then subz for a year I can honestly say they made me so depressed do ur research on thm from my view thy worse thn brown I no stupid thing to say but thy rewind my mind but yes I did beat it after 3 weeks of hell still some mild symtoms but tht can last years I'm on ads now citolapram and I'm happy and nearly healthy but thy is a lot more to my story as I suffer from social phobia now I realise the subbyz was gettin through my daily life with work ect when I suddendly stopped I cuddent talk to people or even look at enyone the subz defo made it worse now I have to deal with it to pay the bills now I've bin on citolapram I've found myself I feels stable now not worrying what people are gonna say to me or think of me sceard if I'm going to have heart attack thts how bad I was enythink I had to do or even In my thoughts I found away to be sceard its not fully gone I'm still a big wimp in the back of my mind lool I'm on the right track I no there's peeps out there with the same thoughts as I realy thought I was the only one as tht is a realy bad feeling it helps to talk trust me I'm glad I did because I found out tht my aunt suffers the same thing but 10 times worse earlier the better thanks for hearing me if ya can holla holla patty p brum town xx

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rob Says:

My name is rob and I am trying to get off of subutex

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Mandy Says:

I have been on suboxone for 6 years

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Cats68 Says:

I have been on suboxone for 10 years. I started at 8mg a day and have now been on 24mg a day. It doesn't bother me if I have to continue taking it. It keeps me clean and takes the cravings away. I don't ever want to be where I was eating Oxys like candy for 11 years.

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barbie Says:

Hi my name is Barbara and as yourself I am going from 8-20mg 2 1/2 strips a day am I going to feel high or overdose just still real sick at 8mg real scared I am real nervous, scared this is my first time on here I really need help too and had no idea how to get on except to talk to you sry about that but thanks for anyones help

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littlemoremercy Says:

need help with suboxone. I am taking 8mg aday take when I wake up. I been at this dose for 5 months. The problem is I feel like it is not working any more. I no longer feel motived to do anything. I have done methadone for a year, been addicted to pills for a good 20 years, been in and out of recovery, done treatment (only one time-feel like their is no reason to go again) and now suboxone. suboxone was great in the beginning but now I feel like it is not working any more. My question is what do I do now? Have read that less is better so where do I go now? Afarid the answer is to get sober and better relationship with God. I am 49 years old and feel like I will always need something. If I could stop I would have. Have had lots of trouble because of my addiction. Please help me find a way to live with my self. PLEASE

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Cats68 Says:

Hello littlemoremercy! I used opiates for 11 years. I went on methadone for awhile but when I decreased the amount I was going through severe withdrawals. Rather than staying on the methadone and increasing the amount again, I chose to go on suboxone. I started off with one 8mg strip a day. That wasn't working for me so I had to increase my dose. I feel much better now. I know some people say,"less is better" but sometimes people need to increase in order to feel better. I would talk to my doctor and see what he says. I have a great relationship with God but my life is so much better being on suboxone rather than abusing opiates.

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Anhedonia Says:

Hi little, are you feeling withdrawal at 8mg? Suboxone is intended to block the effects of opioid meds while keeping withdrawal away. But it can also help with cravings. The reason they say less is better is because it should be easier and quicker to taper off a lower dose. So if you are still getting withdrawal symptoms then you need a higher dose. If not then don't go higher. I've been on 12mg for 6+ yrs and I hate it. It can be used as a tool to help someone get clean, but it's not the answer. I'm a 30yr addict and know how you feel, I have said the same things, if I could stop I would have, I will always need something, etc. Unfortunately for people like us there are NO easy answers. We have altered the receptors in our brains to the extent that will take months or years to recover from. But I do believe now that it can be done. I would like to spend some time as my real self, would like to get up in the morning and get my day going with no more than a cup of coffee! I wish you the best of luck and if you want to vent or have a question I check in often. God Bless

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Mskandi Says:

Really i don't think upping your dose will do any good honey. I sympathize with you tho sincerely cause my financial and parental educational obligations are driving me insane. But after that two strips for the day i don't a increase will have any real affect. N docs r really iffy bout increases or even adding other meds but anything worth a try. Ide all about anti anxiety meds like clonazepam. Good luck tho.n hang in there. Blessings to your baby

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Mskandi Says:

Absolutely not dude! u won't feel euphoria anyway because of how it's designed. Specifically to prevent a high through iv. You're better off just taking it sublingual.

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Mskandi Says:

I know its really hard.I'm still trying too find a way without a crutch too. Trying to stay busy with activities interesting to me while taking my meds as prescribed helps. But i think groups may help me too, just other ppl in similar situations to talk to in confidence. Maybe it will work for you or 1 on 1 counseling. I hope you find something that works for you. We are all trying to get through. Believe it. Blessings!

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Rooster Says:

I've never been in a chat room before. I have questions about suboxone. Is there anybody out there?

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GretchUsa Says:

I've been on subs 8mg a day for two months, then 4mg for two months and 2mg for two months now! I told my doctor i was weaning myself off them and he didn't like that!!! There goes his $120-$140 a month, always throwing a drug panel at me, knowing I'm clean!! Anyway, I told him I wanted the 2/0.5 and he tried to talk me out of it!!!

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Dj Says:

I am new to saboxin. My question is is I take xanax after taking saboxin will the xanax have the same affect. I want to stop everything but am scared about stopping xanax. So if I took the saboxin and take a xanax will I still feel the effect of xanax

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Coco Says: have to take it sublingualy, under your tounge.

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Jan Says:

My new Dr doesn't like Suboxone for some reasons, so after 6 years of talking with my old doctor, this new one insists on Butrans patch 20 mg. Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

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Beth Says:

One word.... Methadone!!! It's single handedly saved my life. I wish u the best. ??

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Dunc Says:

Hello. I started off taking an 8th of a 2/8 Suboxone strip. I stepped down after about 9 months to a 16th, but was taking one in the morning and one in evening as it didn't seem to work all day. Now I'm taking almost a quarter in the morning and a quarter in evening in order to not feel my skin crawl and legs start hurting. Has anyone else had to increase their dose in the maintenance phase?

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GB Says:

Re: Mandy (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Me too, struggling. I just read an interesting article, you should read it. Suboxone: Concerns Behind The Miracle. Here is what I wrote him and hoping he is still around, I want off the Subs BADLY!

-------- Forwarded message --------

Hello sir, pray you're out there. Just read your 2010 article Subs: Concerns Behind The Miracle. I wish my Dr had read it too before prescribing 3 - 8/2 strips a day for 6 years now. I'm 74 w/ COPD and it's getting suddenly worse. I'm up 1/2 the night for many months now and can't sleep more than 2 hours in a row. Still very active and running my own biz, still power walking a mile to a mile 1/2 at the gym. Tried tapering 1/2 a dozen times with no luck. This time I'm down to 85 strips 2 months in a row but things are getting worse and I need help. Can you refer me to someone/place? I am in the Detroit, Michigan area. My holistic Dr. does not seem concerned after 6 years, I think it was still is a $ thing. He is 80 and very healthy but no real help detoxing till I get down to 2 strips. Thanks for your time. Please be out there.

Regards, Gordy

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Bobby jay Says:

Re: rob (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Is this a Canadian site or American site

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Cats68 (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

What’s the difference though? You’re still taking an opiate every single day all day. Is it just that now your insurance company pays for it?

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Optimistic Says:

Re: patty p (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Withdrawals are freaking awful too, I took Suboxone thinking that it would help me not have withdraws after taking pain medication as prescribed for years, it was a huge mistake. I slowly wean myself off the Suboxone over a six month period and it still took about a month to withdraw from them. later on in life when I had to take pain medication again for a couple years and then quit the withdrawals only lasted a week. I would never take Suboxone again.

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Optimistic Says:

Suboxone isn’t a psych med. I don’t get why your relationship with your kids dad would affect your need for MAT.

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jancie Says:

Re: Rooster (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Rooster, this jan on 6 mg subs aday and i do know quite a bit about subs, also i am LVN nurse that took pharmacology, which helped too....jan

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jancie Says:

Re: Cats68 (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I totally agree with you catz. Last month, my suboxone doctor temporarily closed down his office giving me referrals to other pain doctors. That was a nightmare, every day I would call 2 - 3 doctors with them not returning my calls or such. I had run out of subs, so for 7 days I detoxed. AAAAAGGHHH terrible. Luckily In found a good doc that put me back on 4 - 6mg aday, so I feel happy that I wont worry about it, Jan

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