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buster5 Says:

Can anyone relate to the withdrawl symptoms of subxne? Ive been sucessfully taking it for 3yrs and stopped taking it a month ago because im sick of having to take something everyday. It feels like im still addicted to a substance because I am! So its been over 30 days and I am still not feeling myself... My doctor perscribed Tramadol to help curb the withdrwl symptms. That helped but now thats gone and I am still feeling the sting! can anyone tell me when I will feel normal again?

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Wendy Says:

I was reading about you being on suboxones for 3 years and are finally off them? and still feeling ukk??? oh man, i also have been on for about 3 years almost and i am so ready to get off these darn things myself, however having read your comment about not feeling well STILL? that scares me as i have a 2 year old active little girl! all i want is complete abstinence i am so sick of taking a pill everyday to feel normal i was told that it was no withdrawals if weened down properly by the medical doctor and staff but now you have me a little nervous:( do not want to use at all but how much were u on and for how long? were you weaned or just taken off? and what is the worst part of withdrawal symptoms?? HELP!!!

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Johnston Says:

I tried to stop and is was real bad 6 days later so I got 3 more of which I used 2 so far. Felt I needed to sleep and feel normal but that was the wrong thing to do. I am going to throw the last one away now and Fight and Pray. We need Gods hlep not another day of drugs. My suggestion is to pray and do not stop, stopping. You must admit at the 30 day point you were feeling Better, not great. Good days will start to come, Wait for them, I am in it with you.

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Buster5 Says:

Wendy and Johnston I hope you read this again because i am feeling completely normal and I am so greatful! I think this stuff just stays in your system for way longer than normal opiates, kinda like methadone. I was only taking 1/4 of an 8mg sub a day but trouble with my insurance co forced me to quit early. I called my doctor and he scribed Tramadol and that helped me through the forst week which was the hardest. Honestly I tend to make things of this nature way more complicated then they are and was so scared of what i would feel like with out my subs that it probably made the symptoms worse. I just felt sweaty, chills hot and cold, weakness, aches, and some restlessness. But I have now been off of it for....well since Aug 5th 09! And I am feeling myself. no cravings either. Best of luck to anyone on subs or opiates.

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Verwon Says:

If you have been taking opiates for a long period of time, such as several years as some addicts do, or as is required by people on pain managament and suddenly stop taking them, you WILL experience withdrawal effects and YES, they CAN LAST for several months, until you get through them all.

Not all of this time period is utterly miserable with the worst symptoms, they do taper off, but it will take quite awhile, before you begin to feel normal, again.

I was on pain management for over 5 years, Morphine and Oxycodone, when I stopped taking them, it took me 2 months to get over the worst of the withdrawal effects, even though I had never abused them, only used them as prescribed.

You may experience: nausea, chills, fever, headache, diarrhea and rebound pain.

There were still some symptoms, such as mental effects, that lasted another month or so, which I thought were going to drive me crazy.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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rj Says:

I just weaned myself off of suboxone. It was prescribed for me by a psychiatrist who felt it was a good drug for chronic pain. I do not have a drug addiction problem.
It was not necessary to prescribe Suboxone for chronic pain. It frequently interferred with treatment for accidents and pain relief required after surgery. So, I decided, on my own, to taper off Suboxone. I was taking 16mg. per day. I reduced the suboxone by 2 mg. every week or two. Eventually, when I was taking on 2 mg. per day, I stopped it completely. I did not have any withdrawl symptoms; however, the pain hit me with a vegence. Two or three days after stopping Suboxone I was in the ER begging fo relief. I am now taking Vicodin and Valium for degenerative disc disease in my neck and lower back. I plan to stay on these meds until I see the neuro surgeon in January. Hope this helps.

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Eggman Says:

I'm an addict that realized it 6 years ago after using oxy's for about 3 years. I've been in and out of the rooms since and have had over a year of complete abstinence twice in that time. Recently been taking about half and 8mg sub from a friend. I know in my heart that i dont need anything, I just hate these chills!!! today is day 2 with nothing, just wondering how long these chills will last? They wake me from my sleep, but when i work i feel fine!! I guess moving around and keeping busy is the best thing! What is your opinion?

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Zdude1217 Says:

Look bros. The reason everyone literally goes through hell when they get off of the suboxone, is because of the incorporation of the naloxone in the suboxone. They are finding that naloxone by itself is more damaging than the buprenorphine. Try switching to subutex until your bodies forget that it ever had that naloxone it. The FDA is now finding that naloxone, when given to the average opiate-free individual will cause them to become opiate dependent. The FDA is trying to make a recall on suboxone, but the only reason it hasnt happened yet is due to the fact that not enough people have died. The NALOXONE is the cause to what everyone is referring to as "the worst withdrawls ever!". I have been taking the suboxone for over a year and so has my girlfriend. We are both still experiencing extremely harsh withdrawl symptoms and our systems are completely opiate free. NEVER TOUCH SUBOXONE AGAIN. I have heard from other users that you can experience the withdrawl effects for up to however long you were on the suboxone. So some of you can probably expect to feel that way for however many years you were taking it. I know this is not what anyone is trying to hear. But it is the truth. I really wish that this was not the case. We have been off for about a month. So we are looking at about another 12 - 13 months of living hell.

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Seriously Relax Says:

Ok I just read through this whole thread.. People you need to calm down. The very first thing I felt while reading was a big sense of urgency and or fear! If you're worried then call your Doctor and if you don't trust him then find a new one. Btw the only doctor that should be prescribing this medication should be a psychiatrist and should also be an addictionologist or you're putting your health at risk. I have been on suboxone and off of it many times and I probably had some w/d effects but it wasn't enough for me to even consciously realize. If you can get down to 1mg-4mg then pat yourself on the back and have some patience. You have a life to live and no life is anything with this kind of fear. Once you get to a low dose then do exactly as your Doctor says, that is unless you're not already.. I've seen people get tossed & beaten to a pulp just from antidepressants. What I'm saying or getting at is just relax, have some patience and most of all have some FAITH!

-btw- It is a good idea to research the Internet for help but don't make the Internet "the help". Rely on Reliable Sources and not random people like me but your Doctor & Hopefully a Support Group!
God Bless, all have a great day!

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zdude1217 Says:

yeah man, i am in the exact same position. i broke down the other day and called all the care/rehab centers in my area. their response left me feeling helpless. they told me that they would not even admit either me or my girlfriend. they said that suboxone withdrawl treatment is fart too difficult for them to deal with. a licensed chemical dependency councelor told me that the naloxone that had been administered to me through the suboxone is going to cause neuro-paina(withdrawl symptoms) for just about however long i was on the medication. they are trying to make a recall on suboxone. not enough people have died yet from the medication for reckit and benckiser to legally be ordered to make the recall. my best advice is to find some other opiate, vicodin, prolly some week sort of opiatic painkiller to take until your body forgets that it ever had the naloxone in it. scientists are finding that regular people who have never taken opiates in their lives, when given naloxone, causes them to become "opioid dependent". try to find a subutex dr. i reccommend if you do this to break the tablets down into about 8 pieces. take one little piece a day. this will help. stay at a low dose of subutex. i hear what that other guy said about how we need to just calm down. well i stayed at a low dose of suboxone for about 9 months. only about 1mg. a day. and now im here. the FDA has posted a letter to all opiate addicts on there website. a paraphrased version of the letter would be. "if you are on heroine, it would be safer to stay on that than to switch to suboxone. dont get anymore subs. dont listen to any Pro-suboxone stigma and keep fighting the good fight. i am in the exact same position. so know other people are out there feeling what you are feeling. i have not found a subutex dr. i currently live in a small texas town and if i go anywhere they automatically assume that i am just looking for drugs. you obviously have found someone to prescribe you tramadol. that medication will help you tremendously, i would try to call that dr. and get some more. research information about suboxone and the dangers of naloxone, print them off and take them to show the dr.. the letter from the FDA should help you greatly in your dr.s appointment. hope this helps

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TommyC Says:

Tramadol is also an opiate and will simply delay your withdrawal. If you used catapres to to remove the opiate from the mu receptor, why would you take another opiate? You do not stop opiate addiction by prescribing another opiate.

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highly thankful Says:
via mobile

i have been on Suboxone for bout 4 yrs. I raced dirt bikes my whole life. So broken bones just come with it. Also comes with broken bones is a lot of pain meds. U know what comes after that taking them when s*** doesn't hurt. Anyway at that time my dr said this will work(Sub). So it actually did for about a year so I thought cuz I could function instead of always trying to get more pain meds. Anyway fast forward 4yrs till now I'm on day 7 with no sub. I was on 16 then 8 then I would take no more then half which is 4. Stayed like that for a month i slowly tapered down to crumbs truly crumbs. I would crush that Orange pill down to powder put it in a separate bottle and how I took my dose was I would stick my finger and pull out very little. I had to get off of it and so far of course sleep Appetite no energy kicking my toes at night.. I have tried b4 to just jump from 4g but failed. I have to sleep on the ground so I don't keep my wife up. Exercise and vitamins have been unreal for me. I don't take any vitamins really at all? So my body just absorbs it up I piss a bright green color like radiator fluid but that's how I know it's going through my body. Which helps flush the bad s*** out and I feel really good. I Take men's health I still have to force my self to eat trying not to gag. but it's seems like it's getting better. Just having a full tummy feels awesome. I feel more at ease after I can eat a meal, no anxiety. I forced my self to go surf yesterday which definitely helped because for an hour I did not think of no withdrawals. I highly suggest get support family members, good friends. because it does help to get what's on ur mind out. And they will keep u focused. Rest if u have to. But I tried very hard not to Sleep during the day. For me it hurt me because of course u sleep during the day night time will always be hard to sleep. Sit up don't just lay there. If I can do it with a new baby So can u !!Stay strong!! Stay Focused! !! This is my Lil story will try to update in a few days

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