Suboxone: Chronic Pain / Taper?

SuboxoneQ Says:

I was on 80mg of oxycontin 3 times a day and it was no longer helping after taking it for many, many, many years. I switched to Suboxone for my Chronic Pain Mgt. Was on 6mg films for the 1st year and always had extra, as I took them at night. I was shocked how well they worked along with Flexeril for my back, leg and feet pain. Then I was cut to 3mg film once a day. I usually take the 6mg film every other day, and still forget at times, so I may only use 11 instead of 14 in 28 days. I recently tried to cut to the equivalent of 1/3 a day, but the insomnia and anxiety were off the charts after only a few days.

At my last appointment it was Student Teaching Day. My Doctor explained how I am there for pain management which is why I haven't been completely we end off the medication. He also mentioned how it does help a lot with my pain, but it isn't a 0 pain level. Also the fact that I am on such a low dose.

I tried to ween but couldn't because of the pain. I have heard/read horror stories about people weening off Suboxone. May I ask what mg you were on when you started to ween down, how long were you on it, and who's choice was it?

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Annie Says:

I talked to my Primary Care Physician and explain to him what the pain was doing to me, there was times that I was laid up on the couch for 3 days or 4 days and times that I was at an incredible High and just couldn't sit still and then there are times that I was crying or being pissed off for no reason and he put me on depression medication that also helped me not only with my pain but helped get me down to a lower dose on my Suboxone and it helps me sleep at night too they say take it in the morning but I take mine at night and I sleep like a baby at night now.

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VerFree Says:

If you have a condition that causes chronic pain, then there is nothing that will ever 'cure' your pain entirely, so yes, you will likely always need something for pain relief, which I believe is what your doctor is trying to convey.

That isn't to say you can't stop the Suboxone, if you really want to, but your pain will still be there, and with nothing to relieve it, it will get worse, so you will be back to square one.

The people who wean off of Suboxone are usually those who have been taking it to treat addiction, not for pain relief.

Annie what depression medication did they prescribe that helped you?

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John Says:

Patient "John" (age 31) has been treated for mental health issues for over 10 years. Started with severe anxiety, progressed to opiate abuse much later. The Xanax, Klonopin, and antidepressants were life savers. However, multiple overdoses on fentanyl and opioids left him to die but fortunately many days or weeks on life support saved his life. He desperately needs help despite traditional therapy.

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