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Length of time Sublocade is detected in urine

I had nothing but great experiences when I was on Sublocade and I thought it was very effective in treating my dependency on pain medication. I had a lot of abdominal surgeries over the years and became dependent on Dilaudid. This medication helped me get off Dilaudid for good without any really withdraws. That being said, I’m having issues with how long it stayed in my system and is still in my system when I take drug screens at work and I haven’t had an injection in almost 2 years. I have not abused a drug, I have not taking anything that would be a false positive for this medication, I was on the injection for a year before I got off I was on 300mg sublocade shot once a month for about nine months then they lowered it to 100mg for three months and I was off. Again, it was...

Going off Sublocade

After an 18 month battle with Multiple Myeloma cancer, I am finally letting go. The pain is so bad that I can't handle anymore. Does any body know long I have to wait after my last Sublocade injection before I can take opiates that will work? My Dr thinks I should stay on the Sublocade but my DR is not the one with cancer and in pain. ## First of all let me express my deepest condolences for the way that your health has turned out with the cancer. And I don’t know about the drug you’re talking about but I do know about narcotics painkillers because I’m a chronic pain patient and I can only imagine the pain you’re in. As a matter fact I’m having a entire left hip replacement done a week from today so trust me I know about pain. And I wish there was somet...

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Sublocade dose about to wear off

My son was shot on March 10, 2022. He had only received one dose of Sublocade and it expires today. The hospital he is in cannot give the shot, only the strip medication that doesn't help him with his opioid dependence at all. He has tried the strips, methadone, and everything else but always ends up taking other opioids that are around now with fentanyl, ending up right back where he started. The clinic that administers the shot cannot come to hospital, they can only give it if my son goes to their clinic. The hospital has only been prescribing 5 mgs of oxycodone - 2 pills every 4 hours as needed. Since the sublocade will be losing its effectiveness today and he is unable to get it, will he experience a significant amount of pain once it has completely worn off? With his long and v...

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Sublocade withdrawal - how long is it?

What experiences do you all have with coming off of Sublocade? Would you say it’s a lengthy process? I took 1-100mg dose 4 months ago and for the last month I’m very fatigued and lethargic. Idk if it’s an extended withdrawal but that’s what it’s feels like. It’s not horrible, but I want my regular energy back. I’ve gone through this dog and pony show before, and after I get another injection, I feel like my regular self. My doctor wants me to suck it up as I may need it for life. I refuse to buy into that. I want to be free from these substances. ## I wish I had an answer for you but I'm still on the shot myself. How long were you on the shot for? I'm coming up on 8 months and looking at stopping at the year mark. My Doc is saying the sa...

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Sublocade Injection

Has anyone had the Sublocade injection? I'm seriously thinking about switching from the films to the monthly injection. ## I haven't tried it, but do think it would be interesting to read how the shot compares to the films or sublingual tablets with regards to efficacy, bioavailability, duration of effects and so forth. According to the manufacturer, "In a 24-week clinical study, people who received Sublocade plus counseling were more likely to have weeks without opioid use compared with people who received a placebo shot (an inj. with no medication) plus counseling." Source: Also, there are some people who take Subutex (buprenorphine) for pain management instead of opioid cravings even though it's not specifically indicated for such use. I'd like t...

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Sublocade - Curious? Theory for many successes & failures

Buprenorphine Thesis I'm sure many of you are either perplexed or even intrigued by these Sublocade reviews mentioning miracle-like discontinuation of Buprenorphine (Suboxone/Sublocade) with little to NO withdrawal symptoms. Alongside polar-opposite reviews mentioning terrible induction withdrawals, particularly on day 4 i'm noticing. Well, I believe I just might have the answer to both of these questions or at the very least a solid theory. Everything I'm stating below is nothing more than theoretical. I am not a Licensed MD or Doctor. Having been on Suboxone for more years than I care to admit, I share these theories with you as a fellow addict familiar with all the "ins-and-outs" of opiates and their processes. This is nothing more than my personal opinion and sho...

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Sublocade - A New Kind Of Suboxone

So there's a new kind of SUBOXONE out and it's called SUBLOCADE. It's a once a month injection done by a medical professional that lasts ALL month. So no more having to take it sublingually (under the tongue) daily anymore. I just found out about this last week and was wanting anyone's input about it. I don't know how I feel about it. What if it doesn't work ALL month and on week 3 you start feeling like s***? Can you go back to the doctor and get another shot or will they just give you a couple sublingual suboxone to make it through till the next week? I guess it's a pretty big dissolvable thing that slowly releases about 2mg a day into your bloodstream. Once again, I'm not sure how i feel about that. What if something happens and it ALL gets released at...

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A Sublocade users opinion

I took opioids for 20 years, got in trouble with law mid 2019, and was sentenced to drug court late 2019 after serving 6 months for unrelated charges. So when I got out I was "clean" and free from opioid dependence for the first time in many years. However the mental addiction was still there. Even though I was subjected to 2 drug tests a week, I would still take opioids occasionally. I would get away with most of the tests, but after 9 months of using about 2 times a month I finally got caught. They gave me an ultimatum. So I chose medical assisted treatment. I got on Sublocade, even though I wasn't physically dependent. That was 4 months ago. It works good to cut my cravings, but I still have days where I will have them. The injection is different from the films. With the ...

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Speed up Sublocade absorbtion

Does anyone know a way to speed up your body's absorption of the Sublocade lump so I don't have to hang so bad? Heat or pour water next to it or something? The doctor said I wouldn't withdraw so I've been working full time and nearly had enough after 2 weeks of sweating, agro, and sore legs all night.

Severe sublocade injection side effect

Hi there. A good friend of mine has had very severe side effects after his 4th sublocade injection. He has been terribly ill since 11/5. He has had non stop nausea and vomiting, sweating, as well as a plethora of other symptoms. He has been totally incapacitated, and will not return to the Dr. Has anyone else had severe side effects? My friend is currently in the Portland area, but could travel if anyone is aware of a medical professional that can help him. Thanks so much! ## I'm sorry to hear about your friend and hope he gets the help he needs. I was curious about that injection. I don't understand how that could help everybody when everybody needs different dosages. ## Thanks for the reply. He's been quite ill for a while. ## For me its more mental than anything, I was ad...

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New Sublocade Patient

Hi, I have been taking about 12 mgs of suboxone for about 16 months. I want to taper down and my doc suggested the sublocade injection so I went ahead and got it this week. I did as much research as i could but there really isn't much info from people who receive it. Anyway, I got my first shot this past Monday at 3pm (it is now Wednesday) The first day I felt great, yesterday and today I have pounding headache, and a tiredness I just can't shake. My doctor said I may need to continue taking oral suboxone for a few weeks after I get the first shot ( which makes no sense to me, isn't the the POINT of getting the shot, to not need suboxone anymore?!?) Anyway, I need some advice from people who get Sublocade. 1) What should I expect during the first month of my first shot? 2) S...

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Sublocade not working?

I am on my 2nd injection so it has been 6 weeks. I was on 24 mg of buprenorphine daily and I 100% feel like I am in withdrawal every single day. My legs hurt my body aches, my nose and my eyes are watering, I feel hot and cold all the time like I cannot regulate my body temperature and I just do not know what to do... ## You may require a dosage adjustment, the manufacturer recommends a starting dose of 300mgs monthly, for the first 2 months, then adjustments should be made, after that, according to the patient's response. It should be dosed no less than 26 days apart, and delays of up to 2 weeks are usually insignificant therapeutically. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry m...

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