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PamFish Says:

Hi! I'm going to stop Tri-Previfem to level out my body in order to try to conceive in a few months. I've been on birth control pills (mostly this one and similar to it) for 17 years and I'm worried about what to expect. I'm fine with my period being a little whacky for a few months, but vainly I'm worried that my face will go crazy with acne. I had acne prior to starting the pill, but I was also 16, so I'm just not sure what to expect. Also, if acne does flare up, does it decrease once you do get pregnant? Thanks!

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Verwon Says:

There is a risk of you developing acne, again, and there is no way to say how becoming pregnant may affect it. Other withdrawals effects may include mood swings, headaches, and weight changes, according to the FDA.

Do you experience pimples around your period week, now? If so, you might want to speak to your doctor about how to prevent them from getting worse, once you stop taking this contraceptive.

Even in my late 40's, I still get a couple each month, around my period week, but thankfully nothing severe.

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PamFish Says:

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Thank you for your reply! I went ahead and talked to a dermatologist and got on some topical medications that are safe in case I get pregnant sooner than expected (then of course I will stop using them). I don't usually breakout around my period, but so far after 2.5 weeks off of the pill, my face is doing fine, but didn't want to take any chances. I'm hoping, like yourself, it will just be a PMS type issue each month and not uncontrollable. Thanks again!

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