Stopping Simvastatin. Are The Side Effects Worth It???

Shannon Lee Says:

I am on Simvastatin 20 and continually worry about side effects to liver and other organs. I am getting severe leg pains and feel tired all the time with no energy along with a few other things that I am not sure about. I have only been on them for 3 months. Had a chol level of 6.4. I am 63 years old. Other meds I take are Oroxine for thyroid and Coversyl for High BP. I have been halving the tablets some times and other times not taking them at all. My heart has been checked and is fine. This medication REALLY worries me. My hubby has also just been put onthem.Any ideas or suggestions would help. Has anyone heard of Arginine supplement instead of taking chol medication ????????

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David Says:

Hi Shannon,

According to WebMD, arginine is good for lowering cholesterol. However, there currently is no data on how the "long-term use" of arginine affects cholesterol or heart health.

For absolute long term relief of this concern, I would highly recommend implementing more fresh raw fruits and vegetables into your diet (a juicer or blender would be helpful in that regard). You can also look into trying Hemp Seeds, as I've only heard great things about them and their ability to lower bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol.

I hope this helps!

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Shannon Says:

Thank you for your post David. I am very worried about this medication as you can see and will heed your suggestions.

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retired ladie Says:

I have been on Simvastatin 40 mg for a couple of years.......having hard time sleeping......legs cramps...........trigliseroids not wear they should be asked MD about this so she increased 80mg...I sent the RX to the mail away 2 weeks ago and then called yesterday to find out why they did not do the RX to find out there is a problem when you increase to 80mg..........since MD told me to increase my current 40 to 80, I was using the pills that I had until the new ones came....getting serious painful cramsp in my right foot while trying to turn over while sleeping.....have to get out of bed and walk around. also pains in my upper arms. so this is a reaction to taking the 80..........they are going to change me to Lipitor.

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Kitty Says:

What side effects would a person experience after stopping years of taking phentermine 37.5?

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