Stopping Lisinopril

elizabeth Says:

I have been taking 10 mg/day of Lisinopril for 3 months and have developed a tightening in the chest and flu like symptoms. Within the past 3 weeks I have felt progressively worse and would like to stop. Is it ok to just quit or must I wean myself off?

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Verwon Says:

Lisinopril is used to help control high blood pressure.

That said, most of these medications can cause dangerous rebound effects if you have been on them for a period of time and abruptly stop taking them, this can include increased blood pressure and heart rate, with the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The side effects that you are experiencing are normal for this class of medications, you may also experience headache and dizziness.

If it is getting worse, however, and not tapering off, you should speak to your doctor immediately about stopping the medication or trying something different.

You can read more on Lisinopril here:


Have you spoken to your doctor about these issues, yet?

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sedlakgfram Says:

I did not have any of the side effects that most people are complaining about; however when I stopped taking, thinking it raised my creatanine level, my legs below the knees started to swell and I had a wait gain of 14 lbs. in 3 weeks. I also stopped HCTZ at the same time.

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Rusa Says:

I started Lisinopril 10mg 6 weeks ago, I since have started having panic attacks, that I have never had before, ended up in the ER twice. numbness of one of my legs, upset stomach and a couch, heart racing, is there another medicine that I can talk with my doctor about taking?

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Linda Says:

I have been on Lisinopril for a year now 5mg. Just in the time of taking this medication my heart rate has never been below 110. I recently went to my doctors office because of chest pain, when I walk or doing any simple thing like get the laundry. I am to the point of not being able to do anything from the chest pain and then anxiety. I did have an EKG and the doctor said it was normal but my blood pressure was a bit high, he wants to up the medication. But I did not do it, my BP at home is 117/78 so I am not going to take the extra dose.

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me Says:

will I have complications if I abruptly stop taking lisinopril, coreg, and spironalactone?

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Lee Mason Says:

Visited my Doctor on November 1st,2014 to renew my prescription for diabetes medication,Dr. check my blood pressure 138/88 thought my blood pressure to high and to protect my kidneys due to diabetes,prescribed me Lisiniopril 5mg. After a week of taking the pills I developed severe side effects, dizziness upon standing,tightness in chest,numbness on left side,sharp jabbing pains in foot and left side. Check myself into ER on Nov 25th,24 hour observation,all test come by negative,MRI Heart,Cartoid artery Sonogram,blood work. Dr. that released stated Lisinopril had nothing to do with my condition. I've had to detox my body to get back to normal. Lisinopril is some dangerous stuff

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RD Says:

I have had the same symptoms as you have had the last 3 weeks, if you have any further info on what to do it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Jennifer Says:

I am half way through my nursing program and currently in Pharmacology. If anyone is experiencing a dry cough from Lisinopril, than it is likely that all of the other ace inhibitors will cause a cough also, and you need to tell the Physician immediately, so he or she can prescribe another type of blood pressure medication. When taking blood pressure medications it is important to change positions slowly! If you are jumping out of bed in the morning, your blood will rush from your head to your feet and you will become dizzy; instead take 5 minutes and sit on the side of your bed, let your feet dangle before standing up.

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Zeke Says:

Is it ok to take lisinopril and niacin at the same time?

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scott Says:

Been on lisinopril 20 mg for 2years...blood pressure started going out of control and doctor increased to 40. Started having uncontrolled bp, extreme nausea, numbness of arms and legs, tight chest, unable to talk or stand and ended up in ER several times. tests for heart attack and stroke came back doctor again increased dose to 80 resulting in more frequent episodes of symptoms. I am unable to stay on the high doses of drug for fear of death but doctor will not take me off drug. I will be changing doctors.

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sheryl Says:

I started Lisinopril two weeks ago and since then I have developed bronchitis and pheumonia like systems. no fever, no mucus coloring just all clear. my lower back in my kidney area has been hurting for three days. after being put on anitbotic's and steriod dose packs, I am still no better. come to find out it is this blood pressure medicine I have been taking. I am going to the dr tomorrow and getting off it.

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Rosebud Says:

I've been on this Lisinorpil for for 3 days, feel awful. Draining sinuses, rough cough from chest and no energy. Can't get off this junk fast enough. So many drugs are just plain poisoness to the system.

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Retired Rock Star Says:

For me 10 mg/day of Lisinopril was effective but came with the typical side effects of blurred vision, joint pain, erectile dysfunction, etc. Reduced to 5 mg/day it was still effective with no side effects. After 6 weeks BP was too low, the root problem having been fixed with with lifestyle changes, so discontinued Lisinopril and BP returned to normal . Lisinopril withdrawal symptoms were temporary low level chills and sweats, no problem but noticeable.

I was lucky; in my case Lisinopril worked very well and helped me recover from an episode of Rock Star syndrome. But it's powerful stuff and can go awry, so get off it if you can.

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Franelly Says:

For 18 months I have been taking 25mg. atenolol plus 40 mg Lisinopril (daily)(after relatively mild heart attack. My doctor reluctantly OKd my not taking them anymore. Said my doses were so small I didn't have to be concerned about suddenly stopping. Well, i am, and plan to
stop them gradually over a period of a week or so. Cut them in half, and/or take them every other day. Hopefully I am finished with the nightmares. I'm 87 yrs. old.

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jane Says:

How did you detox after taking linsonpril

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RayWSr Says:

I've been on it for a couple of years now. My dosage is 10-12.5.
It appears here that everyone is wanting to describe their side effects than actually answering the persons question.
I too would like to know if you can just stop taking them or does one have to ween himself off of the drug.

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susie Says:

I was put on lisinopril about 2 weeks ago. My blood pressure was 160. I had just gone through trauma because I hurt my big toe. I have been eating and drinking improperly. I don't feel like I should be on blood pressure medicine. I am going to stop talking it. The doctor won't like it, but I feel I can change my lifestyle and bring all under control. He gave me 20 mm a day. I don't want to be harmed by this drug. Is there withdrawal reprecussions .

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doris Says:

I have been on lisinopril 20 mg for over 15 years and recently found my blood pressure at 105/60. So I just stopped taking the drug and now, two weeks later,
my blood pressure is 151/80. I am going to get back on the drug right away. Guess I made mistake stopping it without talking to a doctor.

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Rachelle Says:

Talk to your Dr. first. You are on it for a reason.
What is your BP now? What was it before? Do u know what caused it to be high in the first place? Was it high as a side effect from another of your meds???

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sue Says:

Talk to your doctor and get a new med, not lisinopril.. It's horrible. It's dangerous, never been so sick or afraid in my life. Read the legal cases and why. My opinion but I know others as 'ill as I am on it

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