Stop Menstrual Bleeding

rbv Says:

I want to know within how many hours tranexa mf tablet will stop bleeding?.. please reply to me soon.

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deepa Says:

hi i got my periods today which is 5 days earlier than my monthly date.i am newly married and tomorrow is my first night.could you please let me know does taking trenexa 500mg will stop the bleeding,or is there any medicine to stop the bleeding for another 4 days without an adverse effect to my health

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Shalini Mishra Says:

My periods started 6 days ago and still continues, I need to travel to some rainy place due to official trip... can you plz suggest any tablet which can stop ongoing bleeding for 3 days. Urgent plz. Thanks.

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Jenna Says:


Based on my research, Trenaxa contains the active ingredient "Tranexamic acid" which is used to prevent or control blood attacks in hemophiliacs. I believe some have used Trenaxa to lighten blood flow or possibly stop blood flow during the menstrual cycle, but since it is not prescribed specifically for that reason I would not recommend that you use it. You should only use medication that has been prescribed by your doctor and only for the condition it is meant to treat. I believe the only way to alter your menstrual cycle is birth control, but there are many risks associated with that method and there is no way to be sure that it will be successful. You may look into a menstrual cup which is supposed to allow a woman to engage in intercourse while menstruating, however it may be uncomfortable.
Also, some information I have come across suggests that drinking plenty of water and exercise can help to lighten blood flow during the menstrual cycle.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Tranexamic-Acid

I hope this helps, please post back if you have additional questions!

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mouryne Says:

I have had my period twice in a month and it lasted for more than a week could it b the birth control pills? How can i stop it for it to b normal again?

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nick Says:

its been bleeding for 22 days after using these pills. how to stop it?

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liciano Says:

my husband is coming back tonight and i just
started menstruating can birth control pills help to stop menstruation if so how do i take them?

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jenny Says:

what medicine can i take for stop my period for 5day

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joyee Says:

Hey..have u found out which med to stop menses yet? Im having a similiar case like u..i need help too

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sidh Says:

after completing course of pause tablet...does bleeding start again??

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suchismita Says:

My last menses occurred 5 days late. Then bleeding started along with abdominal pain. So my doctor gave me regestrone but it is not stopping the bleeding. My doctor then advised me to go in for a beta hcg test. However, it is still not stopping. What more can I do?

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