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Buy Stivarga in China

I have a close friend who needs to buy stivarga, the problem is that he lives in china and can only get a chinese prescription. Do you have any advice? Thanks ## We have been purchasing Stivarga for my relative in Singapore from the internet for the last 7 month. So far his situation is stable. Good luck X.A ## hi. My sister also needs stivarga but its not yet available in our country. what is the online shop that you are getting it from? and how much additional charges does it incur to ship meds in Singapore? any customs tax? ## Hello friend, I have to obtain Stivarga in Singapore but do not have any address or phone number for places that carry it. Would you assist me? my email is {edited for privacy}. Thank you so much! Carlos ## What is the full name of this medication? I want to kn...

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cancer drugs

My brother died after taking Stivarga for one month. I want to know how many people this happened too. ## Hi Jean, Sorry to hear about what happen to your brother while taking Stivarga (regorafenib). However, it's hard to determine how many people this could've potentially happened to around the globe as a whole. According to the manufacturer's website for Stivarga, there were reportedly 275 deaths out of 505 patients taking the drug in clinical trials. The article went on to note that severe, fatal hepatotoxicity was an underlying cause of death sometimes observed during those trials. ## My husband died after taking this drug for 6 weeks :(

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Find stivarga in canada

My father is treated for a metastatic colorectal cancer since two years and now he is resistant to all therapeutic, his disease is evolutionary, the last treatment required is Stivarga. In my country this drug is not available. Can anyone help me to find this drug. It's urgent. Tank you.

Stivarga Adverse Effects

How did this drug, with its horrible side effects and minimal efficacy (6 weeks survival vs placebo), ever get approved? How is its efficacy determined? What are the oncologist's responsibilities for managing side effects? ## @Rocky, With all the side effects, deaths, and money spent on the war against drugs, I have to wonder how almost every medication on the market has ever been approved. Regarding your last question, I think the link below may help shed some light on the roles and responsibilities associated with each type of Oncologist: However, I get the sense that their responsibility in managing each patient's side effects would just entail changing medications or dosages to better suit individu...

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