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KB Says:

Hi all,
I've been taking Xarelto for 6 weeks for a DVT in my calf (i'm in plaster with a broken ankle). I noticed some numbness and a strange tingling sensation in my pinky finger/ring finger in both hands. Since my dose was changed from 30 mg (15 mg x 2 daily) to 20 mg all of the joints in my fingers have become stiff and sore. The skin over the joints also feel a bit itchy??!! Has anyone else experienced symptoms like this? I'm just a bit worried as I have a family history of rheumatoid arthritis. I feel like i'm falling to bits at the seams at the moment, especially for a generally fit and healthy 31 year old female!

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shelly Says:

I have a broken ankle.- did it 3 wks ago. 1 week later after continuous calf cramps got a blood clot. I am taking xarelto twice daily. Only my 4 th pill and swollen hands and arms and fingers -painful and stabbing pains in shoulder tonight. thinking about going back to clexane.

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Cenz Says:

Hi KB,

I had a lot of pain in my joints which started one week after I dropped down to the 20mg per day. Really hurt badly in my hands feet and especially knees. It lasted for about 6 weeks then got better. My hematolgist did not think was from Xarelto, but I do. I had to wear knee braces everyday and take a lot of tylenol. I am a 44 year old male.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, the side effects that you are all describing are known to be possible side effects of Xarelto, as listed by the FDA. Many people have posted about experiencing similar issues, in some cases they were so severe that they had to switch to a different medication.

Other side effects may possibly include nausea, headache and muscle aches.

Can anyone else that's on it chime in?

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Sim Says:

Dear KB,
I have exactly the same symptoms, even in the same fingers! I'm also on the same medication. Can you please tell me how it turned out for you and if you did anything against these symptoms.
Thanks for your help, best regards


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