Starting Suboxone, Who's With Me??


I am starting Suboxone after using oxy for over 3 years after being a college and after college drunk for 8 years. So 11 years of being additcted to something and now I move to Suboxone. However I am reading that alot of people use suboxone for months and months, but i'm planning on going for just a month or so. Some may laugh, but i cut cold turkey oxy after I ran out on my honeymoon. That is a pathetic story.

I had a plan to quit before my wedding and am a successful 30 year old self employed contractor, and just kept delaying and of course I run out on my honeymoon thinking I had enough but the extra walking around Greece and Italy led me to making phone calls home to try and get it sent to me by my friend (which I think was illegal) and then I spent part of my day in Santorini with my wife in a f***ing free clinic trying to get soemthing before I ran out. And here is what I learned.

First of all, in those countries, they don't use nearly the levels of opiates we do in USA. We are a bunch of pussies. They don't even have an equavalent to oxy. They have an equal to codiene... that is it. And they all use that at most for injuries. So kudos for them.

Then once I finally ran out and my wife was sick of hearing how I was going to be tired and whining if I did run out, it actually wasn't that bad. And I did get tired, cold sweats, etc, but we continued to walk through europe and it wasn't that bad. So really the worrying about the lack of drugs is more of an issue than running out. Just get your s*** together and don't go down the rabbit hole no matter how strong you think your will power is.

So I am starting Sub for a bit to help kick the oxy and now that sounds like hypocracy but 1 month and my new year's resolution is be high on life, and my wife, and the things i'm lucky to have.

I will update you on my progress over the next month and hopefully you can work with me on this guys.


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Day 1. Painful. Suboxone is not ideal as it doesn't give you the high (and what I miss is the pain relief) but taking only 1 so far, I has similar cold sweat, fatigue as if i had nothing. I feel tired, but it's worth it being clear of substance in my body. The things that I've cheated through with pain killers are reminders to me that unless you are unfortunately dying of cancer, or some other extremely terminally painful disease, get real and clean. It's NOT NORMAL TO TAKE OXYCONTIN every day.

We'll see if I continue to need the suboxone, but I can tell you I will try to quit without it altogether or use it as directly for as little time as possible. I feel achy and HAPPY....

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Have you considered consulting a doctor to get professional assistance to kick your habit?

That would really be the best, and safest thing to do.

The FDA warns that Suboxone itself carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

Ref: Suboxone Information

How are you doing, now?

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Oh no, you’ve already gone down this path so it’s too late now but I assure you simply withdrawing from oxycodone itself is a lot easier than withdrawing from Suboxone, even if you taper yourself down to almost nothing, you’re gonna have a rough time.

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I also wanted to add that Greece is probably the worst place to go through withdrawals lol.

I’m a woman with endometriosis who was considering moving to Greece, I also am in pain management for cervical spine DDD. When I was researching it I learned that ibuprofen is prescription only in Greece because that’s what they give opioid addicts in withdrawals. Ibuprofen lol so if I moved there and needed it for my periods I would be treated like a drug addict. Furthermore I would not have access to my pain medication anymore.

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No, what isn’t normal is complaining about how Suboxone doesn’t get you high like your pain meds did.

Pain medication allows me to get up out of bed and go out and live my life. I’m sorry that you like getting high from it, but a lot of us just like being able to live normal lives with chronic pain. And Suboxone is way more addictive, so good luck.

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