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Time to clear system

I began Sprycel January 1, d/ced it 1/30. How soon can I expect that it is completely out of my system? ## Soon after beginning Sprycel, I experienced shortness of breath, and serious edema, plus serious tiredness. My MD and I agreed to stop the Sprycel, be off CML Rx for 1 month, resume Gleevec which I had taken before. It is now 2 weeks later, I am improved, more energy, less (but still present) edema. Should I expect further improvement, or suspect that my symptoms, although coincident with taking Sprycel, may not be due to the Sprycel? ## Hello, Melba! How are you feeling? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. Those can be typical side effects of Sprycel, as listed by the FDA. However, you may need some help to remove that edema, such a your doctor prescribin...

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one side: 528 other side:8ms or sw8

It is a oval shaped white pill. It is pretty small in size (size of a tic tac) It says 528 on one side. The other side either says SW8 or 8MS. My dog was chewing on it put i caught her before it was eaten. Wondering why there is a pill laying around on the floor and whos it was. ## Well, I can't answer either one of those questions, since my ESP is malfunctioning today (LOL), but I can tell you what this tablet contains! BMS 528 is a 50mg Sprycel tablet, which contains the active ingredient Dasatinib, this is a cancer medication. Most commonly used to treat chronic myelogenous leukemia. Glad you got it, before your dog had a complete snack! You can read more about it here: My guess is someone accidentally dropped it, do you know someone that has been under treatment for Leukemia?

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