Sprintec Skipping Period

Amanda Says:

I want to skip my period. Can I skip the white pills on sprintec and start a new pack?

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Verwon Says:

Yes, unless your doctor has told you not to do so, it is perfectly safe to do this, occasionally. Many women use oral contraceptives to skip having their menstrual cycle on special occasions, or other times when it would just be inconvenient.

There are even some on the market now that allow you to only have 3 or 4 menstrual cycles a year.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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Amber Says:

I don't really think you should do that until talking to a doctor, just to be sure.... My doctor is having me skip the placebo pills for two months then taking it the third month so that I'll have a period every three months. You don't want to mess anything up, so talk to a doctor first.

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Sara Olson Says:

I have just started my first (ever) pack of Birth Control pills. I am using Sprintec and my Doctor specifically put my on these pills because I told him i never wanted to have a period. He said that it was perfectly safe to skip the placebo pills every month until i was ready t either quit the pills or have a period. He told me ( I remember this part in particular) that I never had to have a period again if I didn't want to.

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jay88 Says:

oh ok because i have the same question, im on Sprintec and i dont want to have my period and was wondering if i could skip it by skipping the white placebos and just starting a new pack,

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Polly Says:

hello, I was first on Depo then I recently switched to Sprintec to stop my cycle. My cycle stopped for 3 days and I had continually spotting afterwards because I missed 3 days of taking my active pills. After getting down to the placebo pills of my first pack I took two for two days I started my period so then I decided to just start a new pack to hopefully make my cycle go away now it is currently the second day of taking my blue active pill in place of the placebo pill and I am bleeding very heavy... HELP! How long will it take to stop or begin just spotting?

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NotADoctorLol Says:

You should probably go talk to your doctor..

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Morgan Says:

I'm on Sprintec. I've been skipping my periods for two months already and now I started spotting and it's turned into a period. But I'm on the blue active pills. It doesn't even look like period blood. It's brown and dark. What's wrong..?

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Katie Says:

Same has happened to me, trying to find anything out online.

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Ms Benjamin Says:

You are probably spotting because your body needs to have a period. If you are aiming to eliminate periods completely, I would strongly recommend talking to a doctor before skipping placebos for multiple consecutive months. Your body is designed to build and shed the lining of your uterus regularly. There may be long term effects to giving your body the hormones in sprintec without ever letting your body produce its own hormones. Everyone's body is different. Talk to your doctor.

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Bunny Says:

I am on Sprintec and I was wondering if it was alright for me to skip my period? To have two month active pills in a row, and then have my period. Only because I don't want to risk any health issues with going longer... Can I get some help on this??

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Jackscal Says:

I'm in the same boat pretty much! I skipped mine for 2 months already and the first I skipped I had a small bloody, brown period for like a week and a half it was horrible cause it wasn't enough for anything but just enough to bother me. And now I went through the second and I'm starting this small amount of brown ick and it's gross but it's less than the first so hopefully it won't last as long. But I I guess it's normal since we're taking continuous hormones...

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Jcrest Says:

Same thing is happening to me, I've been "bleeding brown/dark red" light but it's still there for 2 weeks now and I'm fed up with it. My doctor says it's ok to skip the white ones and go to a new pack. However I'm fed up with this brown. I chalked it up to the fact that my body has only been on this for 2 months now, and it's just getting used to it and it takes time, but omg it's so frustrating! Today I'm throwing the whites away and going to a new pack (my 3rd pack) so I hope it stops soon. This has been the longest 2 weeks of blood of my life. And I feel like also this pill has caused a few big breakouts on my face, big enough to skip work over, and I've always had mild acne but recently these zits have been monsters. Again maybe it's my body adjusting, but anyone else having this issue? I thought it would clear up my skin? I've read that you just have to let your body adjust to the hormones so I guess ill just wait and see.

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Rebecca Says:

Hey guys. I just talked to my doctor today, and she said almost every girl who tries to skip her entire period while on Sprintec will experience breakthrough bleeding that will eventually turn into an almost full blown period. This happened to me, don't worry eventually the bleeding stopped. It definitely took a while though, it probably lasted almost a month. When I went to the doctor to ask her about it she said it's best to just cut your period short rather than eliminate it completely, so the past two months I've taken all of the blue active pills and then only two or three of the white sugar pills. This usually gives me a 2 to 3 day very light period.

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nini Says:

Im taking birth conrol pills i got my period during the white pills i start taking the brown pill tommorow i wanna know if i take the brown ones will i have my period longer?

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jojobaby Says:

I have about a week left of my blue pills on sprintec but have started a very light period. If I want to have my period do I need to skip the rest of the blue pills and start taking the white?

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ladylady Says:

Im on sprintec and finished all blue active pills on first pack and started a new pack right away without taking any of the white pills (cause i wanted to skip my period) Im on 4th day of blue active pills on new pack. From the time i started the new pack, im having what it seems to be my period but lighter than usual. It started off as spotting-brownish discharge last week and it started getting red and looking like a light period. Any thoughts? Should I worry?

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busofflames Says:

Ive been on Sprintec this is second month . First month trying to skip periods so first month horrendous cramps and by 3rd week on blue pills started spottin then bleed super heavy through pads at night . This lasted 2weeks even while on blue pil. This is second month and same thing 3rd week on blue pills started bleeding . Cramps not as harsh hoping by 3rd mo. This all stops getting impatient .

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busofflames Says:

Im having same issues hopw it stops . That was the whole reason was to skip periods ..

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vonbon Says:

Wouldn't your days be off from only taking 2 or 3 of the white pills.. Or do you just wait til Sunday and start a new pack?

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Lynn Says:

I have been on sprintec for almost a year. I've been on birth control for at least 4 years. This month I was going on vacation and I would of been on my period during that time. So I decided to skip the plecebo pills. It is now time for me to start my period for this pack and I am a couple days late. Normal my period comes the same day each month. Could this just be a side affect from skipping last months placebo pills or could I be pregnant?

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