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M Says:

Hi, all-

So the general rule of thumb I've always known is the lower the dose, the higher the chance of spotting/breakthrough bleeding. However, my doctor advised me that LO loestrin might actually lessen the change of intermenstrual bleeding because at a certain point, the dose gets so low that the lining of the uterus doesn't build up sufficiently for any bleeding to occur at all.

My question: has anyone had experience with taking both Loestrin and Lo Loestrin? Did you experience, more, less, or the same amount of spotting/breakthrough bleeding between periods? I totally trust my doctor, yet I'm somehow reluctant to try lest it get even worse...


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Anna Says:

I was on Loestrin FE for 3 years, no periods for the last 2 years. Stopped 3 months ago and got normal periods. I was taking the pill because of my irregular periods during the year prior to taking the pill. I also thought that the pill could help with severe acne problem; however, it did not help.
Now learned about Lo Loestrin. Hmm Will that help with acne problem? I am 38, and got adult cystic acne after Diane-35 birth control.

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Jen Says:

I had the procedure essure last month I started lo loestrin fe the first day of pd as back up bc and I've been heavily bleeding for 10 days. Is this normal I'm really thinking about not taking it anymore anymore

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Drj129 Says:

I actually have never used Loestrin but I have been on Lo Loestrin for several months and I have spotted between every one of my periods so far. Im getting to a point where Im going to ask my doctor for a different prescription because the spotting is so annoying its almost like Im ALWAYS on a light flow period. I can't speak for anyone else but Im done with lo Loestrin

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Drj129 Says:

On Lo Loestrin i have not had "no period" personally i have has very light and irregular periods and spotting, however, when I first got this prescription from my doctor she made it a VERY clear point that it is absolutely normal to have no period at all on this birth control. She told me most people (like a lot of you are) get very scared or nervous because you don't get your period but that you do NOT need to be concerned unless you have missed a day! It is very normal for that to happen, i hope this relieves some of the anxiety from a lot of you!

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cynlurey Says:

I was on loestrin 24 for years. I switched to loestrin fe because samples or generics are not available for loestrin 24. Im on my 4th day on loestrin fe and so far so good...I was a litttle skeptical at first on the switch but doc said I may hve a little spotting up to no we shall see since I have 2 month sample

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Stylust Says:

i started taking Lo Loestrin fe 3 weeks ago. i started lightly to moderatly bleeding 3 days ago. i have felt bloated and crampy the is whole last week... like im on my period. my mood has been on the more angry side as well. i am usually a very constant happy/ laid back person, so i can def tell when something isnt right. i took yasmin for years and i never had a bleeding problem, but it did take me a few months for my mood to adjust.... im giving it a few more days of this bleeding before i call the doctor.

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rsh Says:

I also had cystic acne and no birth control pill ever helped that. When I turned 40 I decided that I'd had enough and got on Accutane. It was the best thing I ever did for my acne!

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Billie Says:

I'm about 2 weeks into taking Lo Loestrin Fe and it's worked wonders clearing up acne. On the downside, I can relate to all the other posts about having long periods. Been bleeding for 15 days now! But it's all good, as long as the acne's gone! Lol

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That girl Says:

I have been on lo loestrin fe for about 4 months now I take it every day at the same time but last month I was perscribed antibiotics because I had a severe uti and had intercourse during my withdrawl bleed a week after antibiotics but now its sep 11 im having spotting that only lasted about 20min and now its gone it was brown Nd pink and now im really worried any thoughts please let me know im very stressedhavvinhaving hhaving ver

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J Says:

with your switch from loestrin to lo loestrin have you ntoiced any other side effects? mood changes, etc?

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JoJo Says:

I am on my 5th month on Lo Loestrin and have been bleeding about 75% of the time. I get my period about 2 weeks before I'm supposed to, according to the pills, have a few clear days, and then again I'm bleeding when I'm actually supposed to be. The time when I'm not supposed to be is more like a dark discharge, but it's constant. Up to at least 10 days, if not more. Then my period feels like a period. I've also experienced sever mood swings, but I'm also highly stressed because I jsut opened a business so I don't know if I can blame that on the pill. However, it's been 5 months and I've spent a very long time bleeding. If it doesn't stop next month, I'm going to have to change my pill, AGAIN. (I first started taking Lo Loestrin because I was breaking through my Tri Cyclen Lo generic.)

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y8 Says:

Hi i was using loestrin 24 fe before stupid people dicided to take it out of market i used to love that bc best i ever tried i would spot maybe every three mnths for 3 days most sometimes just once... the doctor prescribed me lo loestrin but i been on and off spotting
for the past two weeks im so annoyed. And its my first pack so idk what to do

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cyn Says:

i was taking loestrin for years and switch to lo loestrin in june. in tht month i bleed for 5 days straight..i was not happy at all. now i love the lo loestrin because it is now oct and i hvnt had a period since june..i feel no cramping or tenderness..

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felicia Says:

I've been on lo lo for about six months and have had two periods a month and break through bleeding. I'm on it for controlling my moods since I'm almost fifty and not for preventing a pregnancy. To me, it's not really worth it. My moods haven't changed for the better or worse so......

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Jess Says:

I use Loestrin 24 Fe also. Their patent expired and rather than making a generic, they changed it to Minastrin 24 Fe (same ingredients and doses, but the tiny pills are chewable now) if you want to switch back to what you were on before, Minastrin 24 Fe is the exact same thing made by the same company. My pharmacy just switched me over automatically when they stopped producing Loestrin 24 Fe because this "new" stuff is the same formula. Works well for me! :)

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Melissa Says:

I have been on Lo loestrin fe for a little over a year now. I have been on loestrin fe also. Loestrin fe was good I had normal periods. Now that I'm on lo loestrin fe I haven't had one period. I take the active pills every three months. The doc said that's okay to do! They reccamend it! Of course I randomly have period symptoms and some spotting but I just double up for a day or two and I'm good to go! Overall I can't complain to much about lo lo!

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Betty Says:

I'm switching to loestrin from lo loestrin. I have been in lo loestin for 3 months and I haven't had a period at all. I had mood swings the first 2 months. I have felt a few cramps during the active week but no bleeding. Just curious if anyone is taking the loestrin and how it is.

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Over it in 50s Says:

I am 52 and still having periods. I went to a new OB 2 years ago who switched me to lo loestrine. I have constant spotting. I never used to have cramps but I have them now but are manageable with motrine. Not sure if it is age or the pill but I could certainly live without the constant bleeding.

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Rosr Says:

I am so happy you posted back and your daughter is doing well.. My periods have always been horrid like hers.. I felt terrible for her aww 13 that is so hard and having to go to school and all. I did.. Back then our moms were not as good about getting us this kind of help..I am so glad that you got her BC.. I am switching from Yaz to Loestrin after reading your post I. Staying away from LO Loestrin

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Kylee Says:

Hi. I started my period on 04/28/17 and ended it on 05/1/17, then I had unprotected sex on 05/5/17. Three days later on the 8th I had a couple of minor cramps and mild spotting that didn't last long at all. I am on lo loestrin fe and have been for about 9 months. I am wondering if I should be worried about pregnancy or if it was just ovulation? Please help, I'm worrying myself sick.

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