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Spiriva weight gain side effects

I've talked about this problem before concerning the side effects from Spiriva. The only side effect I've experienced was a sudden, and seemingly permanent weight gain. In spite of efforts to lose the weight I've had no success whatsoever. I've gained weight from other medications in the past only to lose it when the medication was discontinued. Not so with Spiriva. It has been almost three years since I've used the inhaler but yet the added weight persists. I should mention that all of the added weight has been on the midsection and nowhere else! To make matters worse has been a disended abdomen to go along with it. I contacted the drug company right after it happened and, naturally, they acted as if it was new to them! I'm not the only one this has happened to....

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spiriva capsules empty

please when a person has been taking this(*Spiriva) medication for a period of time you know if you are getting meds or not. I have not taken a count and I can do so if necessary but it is approx. every 5th capsule that doesn't give out any powder....The above lady is correct the capsules are very brittle so it is possible that the capsules are cracking and the meds escapes. This is not very good , why would I pay for meds that I do not get. ## I have been taking Spiriva for about 9 months now. I encounter at least 3 empty capsules per month. On the first inhale if there is no rattling, I just discard the capsule and take a different one. I use the same process every day so I don't buy the company's statement that there is powder in the capsules and it is user failure. If th...

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Aqua Blue Capsule TI 01 and Black Castle Markings

can anyone pls help me identify what this capsule may be? ## please tell me what this agua blue capsule tablet is it has no numbers or markings on it plain capsule.oblong,med to big in size.help? ## Hello, Monique! How are you? The capsule with the logo and TI 01 marking is a 18mcg Spiriva capsule, it is used to treat asthma. NDC: 00597-0075 These are meant to be used in an inhaler. Asther, unfortunately, if there are no markings, it is not really possible to definitively identify it. Where was it found?

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Can COPD meds cause a positive urinalysis

I take Breo, Spiriva, Respimat, Ventolin, Albuterol, Ipratropium Bromide, Prednisone, Loradine, & Montelukast. Can any of these or a combination of them cause a positive urinalysis? ## I recently asked this question, Can these drugs cause a UA to be positive. I take Breo, Spiriva Respimat, Ventolin, Albuterol, Ipratropium, Prednisone, Montelukast. I will be in big trouble if I don't find out why I could test positive on a UA. I wasn't taking any other drugs, Legal or illegal so what's the deal. Someone out there can relate to this I know. Help the people need to know the truth ? ## I've posted this question before with no reply, I recently was pulled over by police, the officer said I seemed nervous, said my heart rate was high, Ask for UA, anyway It came back positi...

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Spiriva Dud Capsules, weight gain, headaches

I have had one or two duds per box of Spiriva. That is when they do not rattle and the capsule breaks. I think it is due to drying out because when ripping the Bubble wrapped sets of pills apart they are so crappy that they are compromised when ripping apart. You can't see it and after they are exposed to air and dry out, they break wrong from being brittle and I don't know if they retain the medicine. I either skip it not knowing if I got a dose or I take two and run short. At $10.00 a pill there should be no failures. If they need such protection they should be in better wraps. I also have quick unexplained weight gain around my middle that is quite concerning. Quick headaches too. But this is also the first time I don't have constant pain in my chest and windlessness. But...

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spiriva and weight gain

I've mentioned this once before and I will again. I've posted my problem with Spiriva and serious weight gain problems before, and have also told of my solution to solving this problem. I had gained over 25 lbs while taking this inhaler for 5-6 months. It seemed that each and every pound was only around the midsection and nowhere else. In spite of drastic dieting the "belly bulge" would not leave. It was after months of dieting I had had enough! Last winter, starting in mid December I waged war against this intrusion on my well being and went to war! I put my car up in the garage and went everywhere on foot including shopping and visits to here, ther and everywhere. I trudged through snow, ice, and freezing weather for 4-8 miles/day. Along with that I dieted down to the ...

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Spiriva Side Effects

Hello. I took Spiriva inhaler a couple of years ago for six weeks and gained an unsightly 22 lbs that I cannot get rid of. Even though I haven't used the drug in two years, while trying to lose the weight ever since, I just cannot get rid of it. Every pound has been on the midsection and nowhere else. Along with that is that I'm left with a distended abdomen that looks ridiculous. Even though a less common side effect it still exiists. Does anyone out there have experience with this type of problem, and if so can you help me, give advice? ## These really can't be side effects of the medication, if they are lingering so long after using it. Learn more Spiriva details here. However, there are other medical conditions that can cause these types of symptoms, such as Cushings syn...

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Weight Gain Caused By Spiriva An Inhaler Has Anyone Out There Familiar With This Problem

I was given an inhaler called Spiriva two years ago and gained 22 lbs in a little more than four weeks. It has been over a year now since I last used the drug but I cannot rid myself of the added weight. In addition to this is that all of the weight is around the abdomen and side area and nowhere else. This is a rare and strange side effect but it happened to me. I've seen two doctors and they have no idea what happened even though they agree that it is a strange form of weight gain. Does anyone out there have any insight to this problem? Bill. ## There have been other posts similar to yours from people who experienced the same type of weight gain after using Spiriva. With the weight centralized to the mid-section like this, I have to wonder if the medication isn't affecting you...

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spiriva: help me find cheaper

I experienced the following side effects from my medication: weight gain around my midsection, swelling under chin, dry mouth and a hard to clear throat. I cannot stop advair and spiriva (I take daily together) as I need both to breathe. I am so disappointed in this weight gain. Also does anyone know of a way to save money on both meds? By the time my ins. covers their cost it costs me 700.00.

spiriva can cause leg pain

I've had a problem with Spiriva and weight gain (lots of discussion about that elsewhere on this website), but now I have severe anterior leg pain. I thought it was from the unaccustomed weight gain (60 lb. in 6 months after starting Spiriva) but I just went over the Spiriva side effects again and found that leg pain, myalgia, is one of the possible side effects. Does anyone else have this problem that they might not yet have attributed to the Spiriva? ## Hello, Judith! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems you're having. Suffering both of these side effects may actually have compounded the problem. One can just feed the other to worsen the issue, you gain weight, your legs hurt, so you get less active and gain more weight, then they hurt worse and so on. It's basica...

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Spiriva Respimat Reviews

I was prescribed this medication about 4 months ago--started 3 weeks ago--no improvement in sats, swollen eyelids, cough. Ear and head congestion, sore throat, lightheaded - sounds like COPD exacerbation. But it all started shortly after beginning this drug. I also feel tired. Has anyone else had these experiences with the drug? ## Hello, Penny! How are you? I'm sorry about the symptoms you're having. It's very hard to say, it could be due to exacerbation of COPD, or due to the Spiriva, perhaps even a bit of both. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may also include fever, heartburn, headache and voice loss. Are you on any other medications?

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sprivia handihaler

I need Spiriva handihaler to breathe ## Hello, Arleey! How are you? In the U.S., Spiriva is only available by prescription from your doctor. It is a bronchodilator that is used to treat conditions, such as COPD, bronchitis and emphysema. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including dry mouth, blurred vision, elevated heart rate and chest pain. Have you been diagnosed with one of these conditions?

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I AM TRYING TO GET HELP WITH SPRIVIA ## Hello, Deborah! How are you? I'm sorry, did you mean Spiriva? The FDA lists it as an inhaler that's used to treat COPD. With side effects possibly being Fast heart rate, upset stomach, dry mouth and blurred vision. If so, what type of help are you seeking? Discounts? Usage information? Can you please post back and clarify? Thanks!

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spiriva cost

How much are you paying for a 30 day supply of Spiriva? just trying to get an idea of general costs of this drug. ## Based on my research, the average price point for a 30 day supply of Spiriva is right around the $300 mark. Although, I'd imagine that prices may vary depending on one's location, insurance, and probably a number of other factors as well. I'd also keep in mind that there are plenty prescription drug discount cards and patient assistance programs out there that can help save you a nice chunk of change at the time you go in to fill your script. Here's one that I find to be quite helpful: Rx discount card You can also learn more about this drug on the page for Spiriva Details I hope this info helps! Is this your first time trying Spiriva? ## Hello!. Where I a...

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How should so many medications be taken for best results

I take several medications and see to be having issues on occasion and I am wondering if I should be taking all these meds at specific times other that what the label says to get the best benefits and possibly have less yucky issues. My body isn't absorbing all my medications or all of my food. Clearly what goes in the mouth should not come out the other end in the same form as it went in. Here's my list of all my medications: Spiriva, Baclofen 10mg, Cymbalta 60mg, Dicyclomine 10mg, Hydrocodone/Acetamenophen 5-325, Levothyroxine 0.075mcg, Naproxen 500mg, Nexium 40mg, Pravastatin 20mg, Ventolin HFA INH, Victoza IV Pen 1.2mg, Vitamin D 5,000 ID, Prednisone 20mg Thank you very much for your time. ## Hello, Winona! How are you? I think I could help you better if you can clarify a li...

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Boehringer Ingleheim Pharmaceutical Company

Has anyone out there had contact with this drug company to find out why their inhaler, Spiriva, causes weight gain. I, along with many others, have had this happen only to get no clear answer as to why this problem continues. It is a terrible side effect that won't go away even after the drug is discontinued. Thank you, Bill. ## Hi, Bill! I have looked over your other post and response where you said the weight gain is all in the abdomen. It's hard to say how any medication will affect anyone that uses it, so I don't want to discount the possibility. However, the chance of it being related to edema, as I originally suggested is still a possibility. A gain in that area of your body would be due to ascites. Or it could just be age related, perhaps hormonal fluctuations, becaus...

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Capsule light blue with T101

small capsule has emblem and inscribed T101 ## This is an 18mcg Spiriva capsule, it's used to help treat breathing issues that cause bronchospasms. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, funny taste and dry mouth. This capsule is actually meant to be placed in an inhaler device. Learn more Spiriva details here. Are there any other comments or questions?

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INSURANCE Denied because of Spiriva

Took Spiriva once and when I tried to change Insurance programs, was DENIED because I took SPIRIVA once. ## Sorry to hear about your situation Jon. I can see how that would pretty frustrating since you only took it once. Have you tried asking your insurance company about the generic formulation as opposed to the brand name? Spiriva contains the active ingredient Tiotropium, so I think anything with that same active ingredient may still be a viable option with your insurance company. If not, you may just want to look into a different insurance company that isn't so uptight with their medication policies. I hope this helps!

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packaging of drug

Has anyone considered that those who have to open those little packets might also have arthritis? They are the most difficult little packets to open. If one didn't have decent fingernails, you couldn't even do it. ## If you let your pharmacy know, they will change the packaging for you to make it easier for you to use it. ## No kidding! I have a hard time even with cereal boxes. Pill bottle tops, too. Even when you tell them you don't need child-proof caps. ## My 87 year old mother uses Spiriva and swears that her capsules are defective....empty. She pinches them and doesn't feel anything inside. After she has used them, she says they are cracked (not just poked) and that nothing (no powder residue) is left. We can't return them to the pharmacy to check because they ...

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Spirina Inhaler

where can I purchase spirina 2.5? ## Hi vera souza, From what I could gather, Spiriva HandiHaler (tiotropium bromide inhalation powder) is available by prescription-only. I did however find that the companies webpage offers a great deal of information about this product. You may want to have a look at the prescribing information (linked at the top of their page) before moving forward with a doctor's appointment: spiriva.com/ I hope this helps!

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