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what is nuproxil what is the generics of this drug

because of a lawsuit going I need to know what this drug is to see if I have taken it and the generics ## I would also like to know if this is the same drug as neurotin or naporsin ## I am trying to find out the same thing---what is Nuproxil and Rovacid or is it Rovicid and they misspelled it? ## There aren't any US drugs listed under the name Nuproxil, so I can't help you there. Nuproxil is the name of a company that manufactures medications, not a drug in itself. There is also not a drug named Rovacid, just Rovicid, so I believe that was a spelling error. Anita, if you are referring to Neurontin and Naprosyn, then no, they are two different drugs. Neurontin is Gabapentin and used to treat Epilepsy seizures and certain types of nerve pain. Naprosyn is just a prescription name f...

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expiration dates

I have a tube of spectazole cream that is used for athletes foot/ and or ringworm. Is it still usable after the expiration date? ## When any medication expires it probably doesn't work as good. I would talk to you doctor that prescribed you spectazole cream, so he/she can prescribe you a new one. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do.

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spectazole cream

econazole nitrate 1% ## i was giveing econazole nitrate cream & fougera hydrocortisone ointment usp,1% for some rash that i have i whant to know if this madication is going to work on me ? ## Well there is no way to know that until you try them. All meds work differently for different people, those that work well for some do not work at all for others, you have to try them and then if they provide no results, speak to your doctor to explore other options.

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