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Peaceful Warrior Says:

I need some advice. I started taking Suboxone films last November. I am on 20 mg. a day. Ever since I started these films I noticed that underneath my tongue became sore, like it swelled up and had little bumps underneath. Per my pharmacist, I tried putting it in between my cheek and gum on the bottom, but the same thing happened. It's getting to the point that if I eat anything hot or spicy, it stings like crazy. Even the suboxone stings a little. I don't want to get my whole mouth sore, so I am keeping it underneath the tongue. In the morning my tongue is swelled and it's difficult to talk right, especially saying "s". I told my doctor when it first started happening, but he didn't think much of it. Anyone else have this problem? What should I do?

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Melissa Says:

Hey Peaceful Warrior,
I have been on 12mg of suboxone for a good while and I too have the soreness under my tongue. It is horrible! There is little that can be done, especially since they are wanting, or may have already, phased out the tablets. I never had the problem with the tablets and I took them for years. I actually love the films for their individual packaging, quick dissolve time and better efficacy, but the burning sucks. When I asked my doc about it he asked if I was moistening my mouth first, and I was, so he suggested I may be having a reaction to an ingredient in the film. So unless I want to stop suboxone, which I don't, I will have to deal. But for me, I have gained so much in my life being clean and sober I would not change a thing just to avoid a little discomfort. Its a small price to pay for freedom.

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ameliapond Says:

Hello, im no longer taking suboxone/subutex anymore, ive been clean 3 months tomorrow. But i experienced the soreness, redness and lumps under the tongue and also swelling under the flap of my tongue. I was on subutex while pregnant, then suboxone, then back to subutex when i was reducing and got down to my last 8 mg. I had the problem with my tongue and under my tongue the whole entire time i was dosing at the chemist daily. I dosed almost 2 years at 32mg a day. I did notice sometimes when my sub was under my tongue, i would push my tongue down too hard to keep the subs from moving, and if i tried to talk while having my sub under tongue my sores would worsen. They went away before i detoxed when i changed the way i dosed. i.e. not talking till fully disolved and not pressing tongue too hard on subs. Hope you get better, it really is painful i know : )

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Bash Says:

Re: Melissa (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I have the same issue, and so do many others including my friend. We can’t all be allergic!! I think the ingredients are too strong and our skin on our tongues and cheeks are too sensitive to it! It does suck! I’m sorry!

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Nikki Says:

I've had this happen too, but mostly on the upper tongue. It gets so terrible I can't eat, it is like the afterburn of super spicy food. I thought it could be allergy because I get severe ankle,foot, leg swelling.

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xSerenity Says:

I've been on it twice (subutex pill in between) and it's happened both times, last time it happened I was still new to my clinic and the nurses hadn't seen it as bad as I had it. I've had issues off and on, my mouth either too dry, or too much saliva. The first time this happened to me my nurses checked it every day, and after a couple weeks I was informed my mouth had created another saliva gland in the front near my teeth on the bottom. After it healed though, I had virtually no problems and my issues with my mouth being too dry stopped being such an issue, for obvious reasons. Right now my mouth is even worse than the first time. I'm hoping it just heals with no more bizarre crap, but this time it's worse, and it is awful. Anyway that's my story.
If you're like me, and you produce too much saliva at times and can't use the sides of your mouth easily, IDK how big your strip is, but if your able, I'd cut it into strips and do four, two thin ones each side between your cheek and lower gum. I found it impossible for me to put the strip itself in one piece there without it become a pile of mush. Once it heals though, it won't cause you a problem unless you stop and restart taking it. And if it's a small price, absolutely alternate sides when you return to putting it under your tongue.

Coconut oil (food grade) in a thick layer might offer some relief. I mean just gob it on thick as hell after or before taking your bupe.

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xSerenity Says:

I posted above but I'll reply to you here too, coconut oil (food grade) may offer some relief, layered on thick.

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Jessica Says:

Yes it's an allergic reaction

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Nicole Says:

My mouth hurts also! It feels horrible! Under my toung is very painful..its like bumps n swollen. Idk why!!! I dread taking the sub's,,,

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Lee Lee Says:

I also get these canker sores under my tongue even after the first day because I have started on the sub oxen on and off several times and this happens to me every EVERY time I'm lucky that I only have to take it for such a short period of time

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Ronald Says:

Re: Melissa (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Man I'm having the same problem I just ate some pizza my tongue feels like it's on fire!
I'm not gonna stop taking suboxone though, first time I've been able to maintain sobriety in a long time.

It HURTS!!!!

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Detox Says:

Re: Bash (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I have been off it for 6 months and my tongue is so sore I cant deal with it. I am going to a detox place to see if that helps but it is the worst drug in the entire world.

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Steve Says:

Re: Melissa (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

There IS a tablet available (buprenorphine and naloxone) although it is not made under the "Suboxone" name. Many doctors get some kind of kick-back from the name brand manufacturer and are unwilling to switch people to the generic brand tablet. People who are sensitive to the strip are allergic to the strip itself and NOT to the buprenorphine and naloxone. Switching to the tablet is the answer to the awful blistering of the tongue experienced by many (myself included).

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LUCKY713 Says:

Hey, I'm having the same problem! My Dr said to make sure your mouth is nice an wet before you take them
It happens when your mouth is dry it causes sores under your tounge. Hope this helps!!

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Jvfj Says:

That great 3months clean, how was coming off of them? How did you feel? I'd like to know more about how you got off of them.

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Candace Sanchez Says:

yes i have horrible burning in mouth on tongue its so uncomfortable. ..i cant stand it

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Luckys145 Says:

Same thing happens with me, but what seems to help is making sure your mouth is not dry when you take it. Make sure you drink enough water to make your mouth moist! Lol! And also make sure you're putting it long ways under on the side of the tongue, as far back as you can get it as soon as you put your tongue down lean forward with your head down till spit comes forward and you should be good.

Hope this helps you

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Rock Chic Says:

Same with me my tounge is so sore and bumps under it feels swollen

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Lisa Says:

I have a line of bumps on the back of my tounge that burn when I eat or drink anything cold can someone help is it caused by the suboxone

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Sbm Says:

My mouth is the same exact way. I cannot eat any spicy foods at all.

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Steve Says:

I have the same issue. You need to get your doctor (who hopefully isn't getting a kick-back from the name brand strip manufacturer like most do, so they'll refuse) to put you on the generic tablet (buprenorphine and naloxone) which does not irritate the tongue and mouth like the strip does (and are also cheaper)

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