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Peaceful Warrior Says:

I need some advice. I started taking Suboxone films last November. I am on 20 mg. a day. Ever since I started these films I noticed that underneath my tongue became sore, like it swelled up and had little bumps underneath. Per my pharmacist, I tried putting it in between my cheek and gum on the bottom, but the same thing happened. It's getting to the point that if I eat anything hot or spicy, it stings like crazy. Even the suboxone stings a little. I don't want to get my whole mouth sore, so I am keeping it underneath the tongue. In the morning my tongue is swelled and it's difficult to talk right, especially saying "s". I told my doctor when it first started happening, but he didn't think much of it. Anyone else have this problem? What should I do?

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Steve Says:

I have the same issue. You need to get your doctor (who hopefully isn't getting a kick-back from the name brand strip manufacturer like most do, so they'll refuse) to put you on the generic tablet (buprenorphine and naloxone) which does not irritate the tongue and mouth like the strip does (and are also cheaper)

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Steve Says:

Re: Melissa (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

There IS a tablet available (buprenorphine and naloxone) although it is not made under the "Suboxone" name. Many doctors get some kind of kick-back from the name brand manufacturer and are unwilling to switch people to the generic brand tablet. People who are sensitive to the strip are allergic to the strip itself and NOT to the buprenorphine and naloxone. Switching to the tablet is the answer to the awful blistering of the tongue experienced by many (myself included).

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Mahrie Says:

Well, I won't lie, my first problem is probably because I like my mouth really dry when I take my subs, because IMO the slower they dissolve, and the more natural "burning" I get from the strips; I feel like they work wayyyy better than if my mouth is really moist or I drink liquids or talk during. I have been on strips, tex, or tabs for years, but the last 5 years straight on strips with no deviance. I only in the last 6 months started getting really insane sores under my tongue where I place my suboxone. I tend to favor the left side while taking it, but have certainly switched it up, and tried buccal (between the gums) but since I have mild gingivitis that is controlled but just barely, that route only hurts worse. Now, in the 2 weeks, almost every time I take a dose I get swelling on the tip of my tongue, and it can occur on the very tip or slightly to right or left side and it doesn't always correlate with the side I took my dose on. The swelling makes me nervous.. the cankerish sores under the tongue I can handle (as painful as they can become!) But the swelling makes me concerned about a potential allergic reaction beginning.

Keeping in mind that I have several allergies to medications (not opiates but various other drugs,) and most of those allergies took years to develop (for example my now SEVERE reaction to lidocaine/novacaine, which I used to tolerate totally fine for the first 2/3rds of my life on many occasions.) For reference I am 31 yrs of age, my lovely sub dr has just in the last 2 months retired, and now I'm left with an ex addict (of the alcoholic persuasion, not that it matters or i'm judging, only making the point that he has no experience personally with opiates or sub.) and this new dude doesn't seem to know his a-hole from his elbow if u know what I mean.. He didn't bother reading notes or my chart from my previous dr and asked me all kinds of questions he should have known. Also will take no insurance, as he's a cash only kinda guy.. Blah! So knowing as I do how addicts are second-guessed at every corner im afraid to even bring up this new swelling thing.. I'm afraid he's gunna get argumentative with me or accuse me of something, even though a quick check of my records would find me completely on the up and up on my sub, counts, urines, etc. Before you think me paranoid I have a friend who also just started seeing this dude and had a HORRID experience with him.. He pretty much accused her of selling her meds for being 2 days shy of her count. I just hate this crap.. seriously. I hate being labeled this way, I hate that I took the damn oxys that started all this, and I hate that I'm too scared to come off suboxone. Sorry about my lil rant here.. I did go off in other directions but I am concerned about the effects this drug is having in my mouth coupled with the feeling that I no longer had a provider I feel comfortable with and can trust.

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Louie Says:

Re: Mahrie (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

I understand everything you're saying including the label of “dirty” by people while using this stud. I actually use it for anxiety and pain. But the looks I get from drs when I mention this drug is humiliating. But too bad. It works for me.

By the way, are you in the Nashville area? Your dr sounds really familiar?

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Babs Says:

Re: Detox (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Your story scares me. I’ve been off it almost 3 weeks yet I still have a very painful ulcer on my tongue. It def looks better than it did but just isn’t going away. Do you have an update by chance?

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BMS Says:

Hello all,

I am a 56 year old man who has had surgery on my back for degenerated disc and arthritis and on my posterior shoulder for what’s called posterior instability. I have a painful bladder disease called interstitial cystitis. When my longtime pain dr retired in March of last year I was referred to a place that said it was for pain and even wrote it on the script but gave me suboxone. It was a really bad experience and caused my gums and teeth to hurt so I made a mistake and went cold turkey because I had never known about this sub. Holy mother it was bad but it gets much worse. My teeth and my tongue hurt so bad I was delirious from no sleep or food, I considered suicide because every single place I went to treated me as a drug seeker etc and I’m sure my behavior got worse with each painful visit which brings me to the point of burning mouth syndrome! I believe mine was caused by suboxone then the stress of having no medicine when I quit just put the icing on the cake. I live in a small area and the dentists I saw had no idea what it was and I got so bad I let one fool talk me into getting dentures as he told me it would get me out of pain so anything I thought before I go nuts right? Nope. Now I’ve got dentures on top of what was finally diagnosed st the Cleveland clinic as burning mouth syndrome and was given Gabapentin for it. They were very nice and diagnosed me within 20 mns. That’s because the dr believed me and actually had burning mouth too. Now I’m reading sub causes a sore tongue and all so I need to see if anyone else is having this problem because I’ve even read people say it started when they quit! Any info on this condition in relation to that nasty burning chemical would be greatly appreciated. I will be glad to answer anything about this also. Thank you.

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BMS Says:

Re: Nikki (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Hello! I have had terrible burning mouth syndrome after I was put on sub when my pain dr retired and it’s basically ruined my life. After about 3 months on it my tongue and gums along with every tooth in my head hurt so bad I quit sub cold turkey From 8 mg a day but couldn’t take the withdrawal so I’m on about 2 mns a day but the tongue problem and thrush persist. Help me anyone out there.

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Burbsss Says:

Re: Steve (# 21) Expand Referenced Message

I am on th buprenorphine and naloxone tabs and my tongue is sore like I scorched it with hot coffee

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Ken Says:

Re: Melissa (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

If you want tablet look at Zubsolv much easier on tongue. It’s a self dissolving tablet. I like it much better. Maybe it’s for you

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Rene Says:

I have been on suboxone for some 15 years and it just now started to irritate. I called the pharmacist and he said it is probably the lemon extract they add to it for the taste. Lemon is very acidic, hence the irritation.

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Billy koz Says:

{Removed for policy reasons}

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MarkyMarc Says:

I had been taking 4-8 mg strips a day for 4 years End the last 6 months I was on them I used to get those sores in my mouth very very bad. So I had finally Gotten to The point That enough Was enough of Suboxen due to the sore Tongue And lot of other side effects that were affecting me. Before I went on the subs I self detoxed myself of of 100mg of Oxycontin and 100mg of Oxycodon per day. I went thru nightmare for 5 days, then I felt ok. Getting off Of the Suboxen was 10 times worst than getting off of the pills. I just stopped Cold turkey instead of going down Gradually. The detox TWO weeks until I felt normal. Even though the Suboxen helped get off of the pills for 4 years and and still clean . It is a POWERFUL and Serious drug.

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Brambo Says:

Kratom. See A Leaf of Faith on YouTube. See forums on here too

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Tucson Says:

I have been on the suboxone strips for years and also noticed soreness. I was thinking that the strips were cutting me under the tongue. When I put a strip under my tongue it would burn so bad. I looked under my tongue and would see dark red bumps. Thank you everyone I thought I was the only one. I am so glad I looked this up.

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Jo Says:

Same thing for me, just started films month back under tongue and by now it’s stinging whether it’s the film or food.... not sure what to do either

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Shannon Says:

Hello! Ask for Zubsolve. There are a lot of milligrams so if your a high dose tapering down is painless if you do it right. It's a white pill you also put under your tongue and it taste like mint. It really tastes good.

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T Says:

Re: ameliapond (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Is subutex safe for pregnancy?

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Sick and Tired Says:

I have been on subs for too long I am on for life. I could tell you horror stories about me trying to get off.

If your mouth gets sore from the sublingual strip or pill get some stuff at the drugstore. I went to CVS and they sell a mouth wash for sores in the mouth. Use it a couple times a day and it will heal your mouth. Hope that helps. Peace

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Babs Says:

When I started suboxone films I developed a sore on my tongue that can only be described as a crater. It was a hole in my tongue (I have photographs). It was so painful that I was unable to eat anything substantial for 2 months. I had 1 yogurt a day for the first 2 weeks. I lost 30 lbs in 2 months, and another 50 soon after. No one could tell me why. My doc eventually switched me to the tabs which helped a little, but I guess my body ended up adjusting. I've been on it 3.5 years and am looking forward to switching to Sublocade injection later this month to get off it for good. I just moved to a new state and cannot get my latest script filled. My car just died today and I need my script, so I have to rent a car to drive the 100 miles to my old pharmacy because I have no other choice. My doctor's office/clinic says they cannot help me. It's a farce and it's disgusting and this country has lost all of my confidence. It's the most backward system imaginable, and pharmacists should not be allowed to dispense scripts based on their own erroneous beliefs and ignorant judgments. I truly believe many people would rather we just die already. I haven't abused drugs in years yet I'm still suffering shame and consequences. I wish you the best with your mouth. Unfortunately the only advice I have is to tough it out, and switch to tabs if you can.

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Kevin S Says:

It happens to me too, the two little glands under my tongue get huge. I started going between lip and gums and it hurts like a cut. Try folding the film. Also ask your prescribing doctor for a preauthorization for tabs. I got one.

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