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Side effects of Flavedon Mr

Sir, I am suffering from diabetes for the past 15 years. I have diabetes related problems like numbness in my feet, burning etc. Of late I started feeling very tired after walking a short distance and i also had pain in the upper part of my left hand and also in my neck. I consulted a cardiologist. He took my stress test, 2d echo and ecg. Everything was normal but he prescribed the following medicines - Zoryl M2, twice daily, Mitrocontin, 2.6mg once in the morning, Revolol XL 50mg - once in the morning, Ecosprin, 150mg - once in the afternoon, Xtor 20mg - once at night and FlavedonMR twice daily. After taking the medicines for one month I started getting severe pain in my joints and especially in my left leg I had unbearable pain. So much that i couldn't even walk. Incidentally Flav...

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clopilet a 75mg

What is the exact usage of CLOPILET A 75 mg ? How this tablet works ? If it is for thin Blood, then what's the use of Ecosprin ? The usage purpose of CLOPILET and Ecosprin are different ? ## Therre are three blocks in my heart found out from angiogram. Doctor advises open sugery. But Iam not interested. Iam taking clopilet 75 in the morning,ecospirin 150 after lunch rozavin after dinner and gtn sorbitrate after lunch and dinner. Can I prolong with these medicines and avoid byepass surgery. I am also a diabetic patient for last 30 years. administering pencilin Novomax 30 40 units in the morning and 18 units in the night.also I am taking Jalra 50 one after dinner CAn I avoid surgery. Pl guide me

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I am heart patient. Is VITAL HEALTH SynArginine+ improves my health

I am aged 55 years & b.p is 130/90. shall I take repace 25 once in a day? I am taking thyroxine 100mg tablet daily morning.I am diabetic using glysiphase 1g + galvus 50mg twice daily. I took c.t scan heart & noticed block in LAD. Doctor suggested clavix75mg, Atorva 10mg each 1/day, sorbitrate 5mg for emergency to keep in pocket. plz suggest Vital Health SynArginine+ Cardio Support Capsules really improve our health?

Ranx 500

I AM USING THE DRUG FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS 6 DAYS NOW. I AM FEELING HIGHEST GASTRIC PROBLEM. IT HAS MADE ME NOT TO SIT IN THE COMMUNITY/GENTRY. I AM TAKING THE FOLLOWING MORE MEDICINES: 1. GLYCOMAT SR 1 GRM 1 BD 2. GLUCOBAY 50 MG 1 TAB WITH BF 3. RAZO D 1 CAP WITH BF 4. PROLOMET XL 100MG AFTER BF 5. TAB SORBITRATE 10 MG 1 TAB TDS. 6. TAB AMIFRU 40 1 TAB @ 7 AM 7. TAB RANX 500 AT 7 AM & 8.00 PM 8. TAB PROLOMAT XL 50 MG @ 8.PM 9. TAB DIPLAT 75 MG @ 8 PM 10. TAB ROSUVAS 20 @ 8.00 PM 11.Inj Humalog 14/18/18 units @ BF/L/D respectively 12. Inj. Lentus 38 u at 10.00 pm KINDLY INFORM ME WHAT TO DO OR WHICH WOULD BE THE BEST MEDICINE FOR BAD ORDER SMEL OF GASTRIC PROBLEM. ## Have you consulted your doctor? From this list of medications, it appears that you are suffering from several health p...

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