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Use of 1% Ivermectin solution for horses etc instead of SOOLANTRA

Why wouldn't this work? 1% Ivermectin solution is commonly available from feed stores. ## Hi ralft, From what I could gather, Soolantra is just another brand name for Ivermectin, but is reported to come in the form of a topical cream as opposed to the generic liquid solution you're describing. What purpose are you using it for though? The MayoClinic lists Ivermectin as being used for treating worm infections, diarrhea, and onchocerciasis (also known as river blindness). However, some other sites go on to note that the topical form may be used for rosacea as well. So being that there are two forms of Ivermectin, my guess is that a vet would probably be your best bet for determining which form of Ivermectin is better suited for the horse, including the type of condition, dosing, a...

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