Sompraz L Tablets

khamis Says:

i was suffering from ulcer 7 month ago . so the doctor gave me sompraz l 40 mg twice daily for 4 month . after that my stomach was ok and no ulcer founded . but the problem i can not stop having the sompraz l tablets . if i stopped it i am getting concern ,tension and depression . i tried many times to stop it but i could not . is this depression because of stopping the tablets or there is another reason. please reply with explanation . thank u

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shama Says:

i am 50years old.i would vomit everything i eat.solid or liquid.endoscopy showed an infection in the stomach.and prescribed sompraz L and tablet each in a day.its been a month now and i m still not well.and feel anxiety.please advise what to do and also what are these tablets actually meant for?are there any side effects and when can i stop using these tablets?

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Verwon Says:

Sompraz-D contains Esomeprazole and Domperidone.



Sompraz-L contains Esomeprazole and Levosulpiride.


These are used to help reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach, to promote healing of ulcers, GERD and other similar conditions.

Khamis, the Levosulpiride might be causing your problem, because it is also used to treat mood disorders, such as psychosis.

Have you consulted a doctor about the issue? You may need to slowly taper off of it to reduce the worse of those effects.

Shama, have you asked your doctor how long to continue with the medications?

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Sho Says:

I am taking sompraz L 40mg from 4 months, daily 1 tablet for Dispesiya and some infection in stomach found after endoscopy. Still I am not well, so i tried taking 2 tables (one morning and one evening). After that i am feeling better. Can i countinue this table twice daily for some days to completely fix my stomach acidity problem.

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srinivas Says:

I take nere about two year somproz -L .Please tell me what the side effects to take long time ## somproz- L, contains esomeprazole 40mg and levosulpiride 75mg

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Poorni Says:

I am 33yrs old.I was taking sompraz l last 10 months.but my breast milk was not stopped.endocrinologist told due to sompraz l my breast milk not stopped.I was found reflux dyspepsia in endoscopy.what can be taken instead of sompraz l

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Jwngshar Boro Says:

I am suffering from esophagitis. Dr. prescribed me to take Sompraz l but sometime i forget to take in the morning time Can i take sompraz l in evening Time?

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