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Genotropin - help to understand

All I hear from the endocrinologist is you'll feel better. No explanation of why. No discussion of side effects. I have MS, Fibro, SFN, many drug allergies. Anaphylactic shock bad. Why can't I just get some answers? My Dr. is no help. ## Please help me understand. ## Anaphylactic Shock is an allergic reaction that occurs when someone is dangerously allergic to something, so it is not condition that you would have for a long time that would require ongoing treatment. It it isn't treated immediately, death can occur. As to the Genotropin, it is a growth hormone that is usually used to growth deficiency, some intestinal disorders, and HIV related weight loss, or wasting. Are you saying your doctor hasn't told you why he wants you on it? That's very odd, you have a right...

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