Somas And Tennessee Law

yvonne Says:

i was on soma approx 10yrs then 1 1/2yrs ago my dr said she couldnt write prescriptions for them anymore i have taken 5 different relaxers and nothing works like soma. why cant i get them now?

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EDDY Says:

Well a couple years back Soma was re classified as a schedule 4 medicine and many Doctors don't like to write for it. Funny thing, I have had 3 doctors since the new law prescribe me Soma, go figure!

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Verwon Says:

Soma is the most commonly abused muscle relaxant, because it is so potent.

And Eddy is correct, it was changed to a schedule IV controlled substance several years ago.

As such, to have them prescribed on any long-term, ongoing basis, you'd need to be seeing a specialist, such as a pain management physician.

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Karol Says:

Can soma be prescribed with oxycodone?

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g377269 Says:

Re: Karol (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Very doubtful with the new regulations in place, especially in TN

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