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soma user Says:

i have been on soma for years I have stopped a few times to just be off of them usually i have no side effect by not takingthem but if i was agaiated orI guess blood pressure up i think a valium or zanax or some kind of benzo would help a barbituiate would also help this will pass from my experience

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mike j Says:

Ive been on soma for about 5 years, and what ive noticed is that when i run out or something of that nature, I feel so adjetated like i am going to jump out of my skin. It is really bad. I do take 2 with 2or 3 norcos though. Ive had 3 back surgeries in the past 2 years. I recommend you see your doc, he or she will prob give you xanax

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Verwon Says:

It is normal for your body to become dependent on anything you take regularly for a long period of time. It doesn't matter if it is a medication or your morning cup of coffee. If you stop abruptly, then you will experience some mild withdrawal effects.

Does anyone else have experience with this?

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Lori Says:

I am a 43 year old woman that suffered a horrific motorcycle accident when I was 20 years old.... I literally died on 5 different occasions while I was on the operating table..... I've ad to under-go a total of over 23 operations to but my brokrn body back together.... I pretty-much broke my entire back as well as 39 other different bones.... Add a severe head injury into the mix which causes me to get terrible cluster migraine head-aches that are so painfull that I can barely function for 1/2 days after I get one....during that one moment in time, has for all intensive pour-paces RUINED MY ENTIRE LIFE... I've been a "Chronic-pain Patient" ever since that day... 02-12-1998.... I was young & I didn't really understand exactly how drastically that my life was going to be FOREVER CHANGED & when the insurance company gave me $470,000.00 I signed away all of my rights to any further litigation against the woman that turned left in front of me & that she'd dragged me for more than 68 feet underneath her car which caused me to suffer 3rd & 4th degree burns over 29% of my body.... If I knew now what I didn't know ten I'd never have settled out of court... I was young, strong & very healthy & let's face it, that was a hell of allot $$ & I never ever expected that I wouldn't heal & get back to my normal extience.... Now the money's all gone & I'm left a broken woman in my spirit as well as by broken body that will never get any better & now the one medication that truly makes a difference in my daily life my doctors are now afraid to prescribe to me..... It's fu*kin absurd...

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jenjen Says:
via mobile

If u can get to your dr asap and he or she will be able to give you something to help. if you cant get to your dr. please becareful. if your bloodpressure gets to high you risk other more serous health problems if left to high for to long like heart attack. it it stays very high for more than a day or you start to feel worse get to an e.r. for treatment.

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Lori Says:

Thanks for all of your replies guys.. It's somehow comforting to me to now know that they'res others that are experiencing what I'm going through & your the only folks that can truly understand exactly what I'm going through... I've got around 100 of those Prosoma blister packs that I recieved from an order placed on line from the following website "" & they say on the packs that they're from India // H.A.B. pharmcutials that I don't want cuz they don't work for me & I'd hate to just throw them away in the garbage can considering that I paid around $200.00 for them.....

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Shelby Cobra Says:

Lori, your story is very horrific! I've been on a motocycle ONCE in my life in shorts and a tee-shirt and no helmet. Thankfully, it was a very short and uneventful ride, but it was still scary as hell knowing that an accident can happen at any time. My whole immediate family, with the exception of my brother, suffers from chronic pain issues, mostly back problems, so we all understand how you must feel! Too lose your active lifestyle at such a young age is completely devastating. I don't have nearly the damage or number surgeries you've been through, but I can relate to the chronic pain and having to use strong painkillers just to function somewhat normally. It can many times become a depressing existence. You sound like a PERFECT candidate for either the Fentanyl patch or Medtronic's implanted pain pump. The pain pump is filled with three months of your medication(s) and is pretty much controlled by you (except the dosage) and refills are relatively easy.....the doctor finds the fill port with a portable x-ray machine and then sticks a plastic guide with a whole right over the fill port and then the doctor sticks you with a needle and begins injecting your meds until they are finished. I have looked into this myself, but am unsure that I have "enough" chronic pain to warrant such a device. I hope this may be helpful for you if you have not found a good medication regimen. As for your settling out of court, I wish you would have sought some legal advice or even a second opinion in legal advice because you can't put a price on losing your sane existence. I sometimes have conversations with God telling Him I'd give ANYTHING (even get fat again) if He could take all my physical pain away. Fibromyalgia best describes all of what I feel in my body, but I could NEVER compare that to such a terrible accident like yours. Sending prayers your way!

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Lori Says:

Thank you so very, very much for your kind words of encouragement & understanding... It truly means more to me than any words could ever begin to describe.... I am so very, very sorry that you & your family's daily struggles of having to live everyday in such severe pain in the exact same Mannor that I do... I honestly would not wish this on my worst enemy...(Well I suppose that I'd first have to have an enemy to 'not-wish it on' Lol...) I'm curious about this "Implanted Pump Devise" that you have described to me; would you be so kind to describe it in much greater detail for me?? Does it contain narcotic pain medications inside of it? Or is like an Epidural type of thing that women are offered while they're in labor delivering a child?? Is the site where the doctor " implants it into your body" have anything at all to due to where the pain may be worse than say other places in the spine? Do you personally know anyone that does in-fact have one of these devises inplanted into their body & if the answer is yes, then has it improved the quality of their lives significantly?? Again, I thank you for your kind words..... Thank you for your prayers & you and your family will be included with-in my payers from this very moment on..... :)

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Shelby Cobra Says:

You have no idea how happy I am that I was able to give you some information that could possibly change your quality of life! I don't personally know anyone who has the implant, but I have done a lot of research on it because I know my dad is a good candidate for it (9 spinal fusions, decompressed and stabilized from the pelvis upwards, and two total knee replacements in the same knee because he got MRSA the first time). The implant is made by a company called Medtronic. You can visit their website to learn more......start here ( What I can tell you is that the port (medication compartment) is implanted in the side of the abdomen/stomach region and the compartment has a "tube" that is placed somewhere in the spinal canal to deliver the medication. It is usually a narcotic painkiller that is the medication, but that will depend on what actually works for you and what your doctor thinks will work better. It may take some time to get the dosages correct, but the doctor will spend that time with you getting it just right. It is not an epidural. As far as different placement sites along the spine, I am not sure if they use only one spot on all patients or if they place it where the pain actually is. In fact, you can Google videos of how they refill them. So they implant you with the compartment filled with up to 3 months of your medication (I don't know if they can fill with multiple meds or not). It's a great way to bypass the liver, so you don't ruin your internal organs! If you have medications that do help/work for you, I don't see how it could not be successful, so yes, I believe it would improve the quality of your life greatly! Also, they let you test the thing first before they actually implant it so they know if it will work for you or not. I hope the was even more helpful and I hope you can find a doctor who give you a trial! Good luck and many more prayers! Right now I am frustrated trying to get my SSDI. I know I'm young (28), but pain, specifically Fibromyalgia, doesn't care what age you are. I still haven't gotten a firm diagnosis yet, but my pain management doc checked my tender points and I have 12/18 points. I just cannot afford to have all the other tests done by a Rheumatologist (Thyroid test and all that) to rule out everything else. A Fibromyalgia diagnosis is a process of elimination, something I can't afford with no job and no health insurance. I tried working.......I had to quit after 3 months not just because of pain, but because of getting sick too much (throwing up for 12 hours straight) and lack of decent sleep. I think the combination of not enough sleep, severe/chronic pain, and stress (physical and mental) from work was making me sick. The most annoying thing about Fibromyalgia is not being able to remember something I was told 10 minutes ago. If you want to know how my body feels, it feels like I've been working out 24/7, but my muscles are not being toned and my calf muscles are half atrophied. To top it off, I just got back from my pain management doc on Thursday evening and after him knowing how bad I feel every day and telling him "The Fentanyl patch really works wonders for me (makes me feel the most normal I can be) and Lyrica DOES NOT work for me," he added to my Soma/Vicodin regimen, Lyrica and Cymbalta. I don't need antidepressants because I'm not depressed. My mental state sucks because I hurt so much. And Lyrica is for nerves.......why are they prescribing something for nerve pain when Fibromyalgia is musculoskeletal pain (pain of the muscles and ligaments)? I don't understand doctors who prescribe meds for what seems like an unintended use. Even though Lyrica is approved by the FDA for use in Fibromyalgia patients, I don't see many FM patients who actually get much relief from it. It's kinda like prescribing me 10mg of Flexeril for severe muscle's not going to work for me (unless maybe I took 10-15 of them, which I would never do and even then it would probably just make me sleepy and not really help the pain). Sorry this was long! Just wanted to give you a little update as to how I am doing. I hope I was able to help with a little more detailed information about the pain pump! I recommend just doing a lot of research within the Medtronic website. I currently have one of their Neurostimulators (MyStim) implanted. It's kinda like a pacemaker/TENS unit. I also got to "test drive" this thing before implantation. Not as helpful as I was hoping and I don't like the fact that I can feel the battery right under this skin just above the buttock (can't wear tight pants.....I still do anyway). Again, good luck and glad to be of help to you! Feel free to keep in touch and ask me anything you want to know! Peace and Much L<3ve! :)

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Jen Says:

I just had had to comment. That is one of the saddest stories I've ever heard. It's unbelievable how they took advantage of your youth to sign your life away. I hope something works ot for you, you are in my thoughts.

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ronan wilson Says:

First thing you should do is consult your doctor about it. Soma is very powerful medication which contain carisprodol that helps to control pain instantly and it dosages vary with pain and time. Soma medication should be taken only according to doctor's prescription and directions.

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Lori Says:
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Re: Verwon (# 3)

I definitely have. I’m a chronic pain patient from a motorcycle accident at age 19 (I turned 50 in April) and yes I know exactly what you’re talking about and with soma especially.. soma, although it’s not a narcotic it does have a somewhat euphoric composition to it especially when it’s combined with a narcotic pain medication which is how it’s generally prescribed. a muscle relaxer along with the pain pill makes them both more effective. I have never I don’t think been physically dependent upon it.
I don’t go through with drawls like you do from morphine, fentanyl there’s myriad of first names but they’re all the same thing; a derivative of either natural or synthetic opium-based medications which when one abruptly stops it will cause the body to go into severe opiate withdrawal symptoms which vary from one person to the next person or individual depending upon what their personal tolerances are, what they were taking and at what amounts.

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Lori Says:
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Re: Shelby Cobra (# 9)

Hi there, I did not see this response my dear until just now which is many years later, how crazy is that??? But I have thought of you and your family over the years and honestly until I just read this and saw the long very educational and useful information first on what I asked you for about the pump thing and I wrote it down now going to look at it as soon as I am done responding here to you. I wonder if you’re still on the site and if you’re responding how you’re doing. I actually don’t wanna get into a long thing unless you do respond so I’m gonna see if you respond I’ll come back and check this tomorrow and I hope that you’re doing so much better as I was.

I totally was resonating with everything that you were saying and feeling and that’s just still what’s going on in my life but a little better but this pump would probably sound like the ticket that would put the cherry on top at this point and I hope that your hopefully at the same point I am going to be seeing a new pain doctor come in pink a clinic chronic pain clinic a new one to see if maybe there’s well maybe I’ll get this pain pump think this sounds like a perfect opportunity and it’s going to be a new group of her whatever medical practice that I am going to be entering into it supposed to be a personalized program that deals with all sorts of other things like the stress and depression, the things that we go through in daily life. I mean like therapy with people that understand the conditions we live with and it’s supposed to be helpful so you can get like you know that while you’re there getting your medicine. I mean it just sounds great. I’m looking forward to it see how it is and now that I have I’m going to research this information about this pump and when I walk in through the door I’m gonna have a stack of information with hopefully by now but some years later what seven years later a lot of positive feedback hopefully from many many patients that by now should have this thing road-tested big time and there should be some research on it by now.

There should be actually a lot of real life patient drug trials and data information about whether it’s been good or bad and I just got a feeling that it’s going to be good. I hope so and I hope you’re seeing this and if you are please respond to me. I’ll check tomorrow and I’ll check the day after that and I’ll check for a long time but I’m rarely on this site in on this thread, it’s just crazy that I saw there’s a reading. I’m like oh yeah that sounds like me and then I look at the neighborhoods, it’s like oh Lori HAHAHAHAHA.

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