Soma, Lortab, Ms Contin Effects

Comments Submitted Says:

I've been on Soma for 20 years and hate to admit that I take up to 10 a day sometimes, just to get enough relief from severe muscle spasms so that I can sleep. I broke my back in 1988 after lifting 17,000 lbs in 6 hrs. and have undergone 5 major operations, for a fusion that failed. So they finally diagnosed me with failed back syndrome. I had 3 intrathecal morphine pump implants over a period of 12 years, but after the last one malfunctioned I chose to have it removed and chose to take the oral med MS Contin, which I've been on for 4 years, 30 mg. 3x a day. I'm also on Lortab for breakthrough pain 10/500 3x daily. I've been on this medication for 18 years and have built a tolerance to it, so I often have to take 5-6 a day. Since I have liver disease would it be safer to take Oxycontin? Can you please tell me what affect all these meds are having on my vital organs? I know that the Soma isn't addicting because I don't go through withdrawals when I run out, but they do constipate me. But I eat alot of foods high in fiber to solve that problem. But the Lortab and MS Contin are highly addictive and if I run out before the due date which I always do, I suffer terrible withdrawals, such as stomach cramps, hot and cold sweats, loss of appetite, irritablity etc.. Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Sincerely, Deborah Waters

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jflash Says:

I would recommend taking only 2 lortabs at once and 2 soma bc of the way the chemical reacts on the nerrve pain. I have been on mp ir 30mg 5 xpir and soma for spasms. I hope that might ween you off the lortabs at a high use per day

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Help in Houston Says:

My fiance and I take at least 40 Lortab/Lorcet and 40 Soma a piece per day. Its killing my bank account to say the least.. It been this way on and off for 4 years. I am super concerned about long term effects, and want to get away from them. My fiance, however, has no interest in quitting. I dont want to end the relationship, but I know Im killing myself. Please give me some figures or statisics that will scare her in the same direction as me.

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Bina Says:

Help In Houston: Show her Corey Haim's Obit....she needs help. 40 Soma a day? I barely take 40 Soma a month, and I used to be addicted to Vicodin. Does she truly get relief from taking 40 Soma a day? Sounds more like her body is accustomed to it, so please for her sake and yours, have her get help ASAP. Esp. if you two want kids. You cannot take muscle relaxers if you're pregnant.

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Bina Says:

This is for Help In Houston. I hope you both find help. Once you build a tolerance to the meds it doesn't matter how many you take or the strength, it just never seems to be enough. She needs to know you're not doing this to hurt her but to help her. Find a pain management clinic/health care to help. Good luck and God Bless!!!

Pain Killer Becomes Legal Drug of Choice:

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Barbara Says:

Deborah, You will probably be on pain meds all your life-massage helps me out quite a bit. I have chronic pain-anyhow, have your doc keep up with the blood tests to check liver functions. and good luck to you. As for Helpinhouston, if you only knew what you were doing to your liver taking all that
Acetaminophen .

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Robert Marcello Says:

Dear You are slowly killing yourself, I hate to say it like that but it's the truth. The drugs you are taking are meant for short time use, not years and many people are or have been using them for years. There liver will certaintly be damaged. If yu must take an opiate for relief and believe me I'd only take it if there are no other options, go to a pain clinic and consider a small dose of methadone. Yes it's addicting and helol to detox from but you can slowly wing yourself off, yet even if on 3 mgs detoxing will still be hard. Myself I have no alternative. I've chronic low back pain that goes down my leg and hepatitis C which even if surgery was an option due to the hepatitis it would probably kill me so if anyone in the Houston area knows of a pain Dr that will write for dilaudid please email me at keepemout38 at yahoo to let me know how to get to him. I have copies of MRI reports and they warrant the prescribing of that medication. The 30 mgs of methadone is doing my liver in. If I had the money to be honest I'd move to Switzerland or Holland (Have been there before) just to get on the heroin clinic. I have to take medication for the rest of my life and clean herion is not so bad on the liver. anyway I wish you all the best and pray I'll hear from someone in Houston area that can help me out. As is, as was, as will be, As ever Robert

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Matt Says:

What is the name of the pharmasutical company that makes a pill with a cursive V

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Wildflower Says:

Thank you for your comments regarding the meds I take for pain! My dr. increased the dosage of MS Contin(morphine sulphate) from 30 mg 3xpd to 60 mg 3xpd and now I find that I don't need as many as I use to. I only take 1-2 a day as opposed to 4 of the 30 mg..
To the people in Houston, honey you're killing yourselves!! 40 Loracet a day is way too much!! I thought I had a problem but now I see that I'm not alone. The max dosage I take in a day of the Loratab is 6-7 and that's only if I'm in severe pain. I was never addicted to pills until I broke my back. I blame the doctors because of a botched back operation and the morphine pump implants. But I hope to come off of the morphine completely and someday stop taking the hydrocodone too. But the withdrawals from the morphine is so severe that it can cause death. I hope that the couple in Houston can come off the pain pills. It would be cheaper to be a junkie than to buy 80 Loracet a day. Where do you get that many from? You must have a constant supplier. Anyway, good luck to you both, you're going to need it! I've tried everything from massages to pain clinics and it was the pain clinic that got me addicted to these meds. I get 90 hydrocodone a month and they last me about 2 1/2-3 weeks, depending on the severity of the pain. I've also got hepatitis B from eating bad seafood when I was 17 yrs old, so my liver is screwed!
But thank you all again for your replies to my topic, soma, loracet and ms contin. Good luck and God bless you all!!

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RB Says:

I would stay in close contact with your doctor and discuss all of your concerns with him or other health care professional.

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ghost Says:

yo thats not true kid cos i kno somone who took 56 of them and is currently in a hospital in a coma dieing slowly... 40 soma would kill you stop bein a bulls*** artist

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Somebody Says:

Hello Everyone

To people talking about soma(carisoprodol), it is important to note it is a prodrug of meprobomate which was WIDELY used since its invention in 1959 for anxiety UNTIL benzo's came along which pretty much eliminated its use except for its muscle relaxing/pain altering properties. Great info can be found on Wikipedia, because if you wonder the validity of the info you can just check the source.

Anyway talking over 4 grams (4000mg) of APAP (tylenol) is very very hard on your liver. You can do a very simple cold water extraction to get most of the tylenol out. Takes 15 minutes and can also help you wean off of things because you can measure the doses by water volume (mg/ml).

As for Methadone, or anyone looking to get off opiates, I'm a former heroin addict myself and let me tell you buprenorphine (suboxone, subutex) is a GOD SEND. It takes away your withdrawals and it's almost impossible to get high on for people that have a dependence. If there is no opiate tolerance it will have very similar efffects to getting high on opiates and it effects everyone a little differently but its definitely worth looking into, you can be off of it in 2 weeks as opposed to 2 months for methadone.

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Bedrugfree Says:

Soma is an addictive medication. Soma is now considered a C5 in many states because it is an addictive medication. They have been trying for years to get it classified as a controlled med and it is now in Idaho and Utah (although I am unfamiliar with other state laws)

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psycho jim Says:

Anybody taking pills like all of us is screwed hooked an killing ourselfs . Just thought a little truth in M.S.contin 100mg.4 aday 5 somas 2mg xanax 3 a dayps

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Donald Says:

If you're taking that much medicine, you definitely have a high tolerance and are also addicted.

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jim Says:

M.S. contin is the cleanest pain med that ive found. i take 100mg 4×a day, 5 soma 1-3× and 2 at nighttime, and 3-2mg xanax. After 7yrs they try to take my xanax, soma, and give me 5mg oxycontin 3× day an 3×10mg, an some muscle relaxers i never heard of. my doctor said i had to cry an kept morphine 75 soma an 90-10mg valium, but i got my pills and they gave me xanax an valium coz i had a xanax refill. THERE ISNT ANY CHANGE IN MEDICINE, JUST CRACKIN DOWN ON PILL MILLS AND BIG PHARMACIES LIKE CVS AND WAL-MART. People faking ruined it for us. ms, brain tumors, degenerative spine disease, anxiety, and horrible muscle spasms. i feel like i need to go to a hospice to get my meds. scared doctors and dea. hopefully it will calm down. i don't understand big brother. Being my doctor i never thought about suicide till this, unless your brain is a red hot pinball machine an your eyeballs are popin out an cramps so bad they hurt for 2 weeks. Your body is disintegrating. I wish i could trade bodies with the people who decide to mess with my medication. thanks

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mark Says:

the V logo as on the 10/325 yellow norco means it's made by Vintage Quest

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mark Says:

The V logo stands for the manufacturer Vintage Quest

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Queen Says:

Re: Help in Houston (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Get on methadone or Suboxone first and let her see how it goes you. Keep bothering her everyday about it. Tell her you will unfortunately have to end the relationship if she doesn't get into a program. NA Counseling helps alot to best of luck to you.i myself am an addict. Any narcotic basically I can gety hands on I will take though I do have medical conditions that warrant it. It's been over 15 years for me and I'm tired of it. I'm ready to get off my younger sister is in a program she has done well a whole month and she was worse than me I think. I will be joining her the beginning of next month. I have a child and she deserves more than what I'm doing she deserves way more though she is good she could have so so much more I spend alot of money on pills. It breaks my heart. Anyways yea your going to have to take a stand. Honestly you cannot have a healthy marriage with an addict it will not work period point blank! Bless you and your fiance.

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Queen Says:

Re: Bina (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

You actually can take while your pregnant I did my child is fine but its different for everyone and it can be devasting for some everybody body is different. But for me on my second pregnancy I took narcs and Soma's and was ok. But I had a stillbirth my first pregnancy but the cord wrapped around his neck.unfortunately. it says under the pregnancy thing when you look under soma is class c which means unknown. So..

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Queen Says:

May I ask are you still with fiance are y'all married is she off of it? I didn't realize you posted this in 2009 shoot I was only 22/23

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