Solco Clonazepam

Connie Says:

Solco is horrible! I was forced to try it after Accord for migraine relief and I felt like I was swimming through jello in a fog. I took it for almost a month until it occurred to me that my problems started with Solco. I have chronic pain and fatigue, so i thought at first I was in a flare-up from something, then I considered a virus or infection, as it got worse by the day and I realized as I lay in bed whimpering in pain and thought I was dying, I thought, it HAS to be this Solco. I had some Mylan left (which has been discontinued), so yesterday I switched back and today I am a different person! The marked difference is incredible. I actually think I was going through a withdrawal syndrome. I have never had a benzo do that to me, ever and I've been on Mylan and Caraco for years! I had 99% of withdrawal symptoms which interestingly enough are closely related to side effects! So I am seeing my doc this week to see what I can do. This is my 4th one to try and none have been as horrible as Solco. I think one local drug store carries Actavis which I am reading good things about, then if it works okay for me there will be the fight with my drug program (insurance) to send it to me in the mail!! I would just go with name brand if I didn't have a house note!! Truly that's how expensive it is, I'm sure you all know. Something HAS to be done about our crappy generics and inflated outrageous prices on name brand drugs. I've never seen it this bad in my life.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Connie,

Sounds like a terrible experience!

Something to keep in mind is that different brands use different inactive ingredients and while Solco may not work for you it's possible the best option for another person out there. On the flip side I have heard a lot of people who complain about the Accord brand. Ultimately it comes down to how your body reacts to the chemicals both active and inactive.

While I do not doubt you were having a terrible experience I feel like having withdrawl symptoms from the same dosage of medication but a different brand would be unlikely but not impossible. The reason I say that is because in order for a generic to sell their brand of medication they must prove to the FDA that they are capable of manufacturing the medication in such a way that the active ingredients in your blood stream are within a 20% margin of error in both directions.

The only way I really can see you having withdrawl symptoms is the previous brand you were taking was at the top of the 20% over margin and the new medication was at the bottom of the 20% margin giving you a gap of 40% rather than a 20% drop. Again this is unlikely but still possible.

Hopefully you and your doctor can find a solution to your problem, hopefully the Actavis brand works better for you. Have a wonderful day.

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Chris Says:

Solco is Qualitest, the local pharmacies have been carrying them for about a month. I've been using them for a while. No issues, working great but they take a while to kick in. Mylan on the other hand? Last I heard they were taken off the market after half a million packages were recalled when the fda received so many complaints. Even walgreens won't have anything to do with Mylan anymore.

Don't use Actavis, they're also bunk. Teva and Accord are pretty good.

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Sam Says:

Re: Chris (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I have taken Teva for years, my pharmacy was out and gave me Solco, I thought it was good. Then I got activas which I thought was weak. They are really messing with the quality of the generics.

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Chris Says:

Re: Sam (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Same here, Teva yellows (from CVS) were terrific and I was on them for years but they disappeared overnight. CVS is on backorder and they're carrying Actavis now. Walgreens switched from Mylan to Accord and I know Walmart also carries Accord. Accords are good because they dissolve fast and start working within ~20 minutes, but Solco/Qualitests are fine too.

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Neville Says:

Hi Connie. I'm bewildered at why you are being prescribed an antipsychotic for pain relief for migraines. Clonazepam is not for pain relief in the first place so I would be concerned at why your doctor has given the prescription for pain relief when this has nothing to do with the effects of this drug. My mother was given a cocktail of SSRIs and MAOI as well as others (13 pills in all daily) and the end result was a fit that caused her to have spasms and rupture her back. For the pain from that, she was prescribed glucosamine and I would consider this malpractice to the point of ignoring the complaints and pushing meds that do not relieve the pain as needed. Glucosamine can take up to 6 weeks to start working as long as a minimum of 1500 mgs is maintained daily but this does nothing to help with immediate pain and certainly not ruptured discs caused by the fit my mother experienced which resulted in her putting her foot through a door while in a fit. So basically I would question the ethics of the doctor that prescribed these meds for your pain as the 2 are unrelated.

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Connie Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I think the way you described it is exactly what might have happened to me and you are correct about the difference in generics. My scathing question to the FDA would be "Why? Why is this difference allowed?" People like me who are especially chemically sensitive to changes in medications are out here being guinea pigs because doctors simply don't know what to suggest unless they have seen it from experience. Why can't the question of "what is closest chemically to Mylan?" be answered? BTW I talked to Mylan pharma on the phone and was told they stopped making clonazepam completely. Personally, from talking to docs and druggists that aren't afraid to be honest, there is such a thing as a "bad" batch since all are not tested the way a name brand drug (Klonopin) is. Generics are spot tested!! Often by the very company that makes them! The FDA hires drug companies to test quality and premarketing trials on their own drugs! What kind of impartial tests can come from that? It's all about the bottom line!

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Anxious Annie Says:

Solco Sucks ! Tried all other generics now that Teva is gone. No go on any of them. Name brand $480 per mo, 1/2 that if you get an exception from your Dr. Desperate for any new info. Take small dose of 1/2 tab, .5mg, 2-3 times daily. I just took another half to try and alleviate my anxiety and all it did was give me a headache and brain fog. Thanks a lot FDA for allowing these crappy meds into our country.

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Neville Says:

Re: Anxious Annie (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I've been prescribed Aurorix (SSRI) in the past and ended up with chronic headaches as well as hearing voices. This has now been relabeled as Pristiq and being pushed as a new drug. I found this out the hard way due to specifically listing Aurorix as never to be prescribed again so was then prescribed Pristiq only to go through exactly the same problems again. I was given misleading information by a psychiatrist that never wanted to read my file. By the time I started getting these effects I was 6 months into taking them and ended up taking around 8 months to get off them again. Just be aware that some doctors do not have you best interests in mind as from what I`ve been reading about your case this seems to be the case for you. Many doctors are receiving bonuses for prescribing certain meds. It isn't always a monetary benefit and often comes in the form of restaurant meals or even cruises on ships. This should never happen but does and a reason why I have changed doctors a number of times over the years. I`m currently on a waiting list for surgery after an accident on the way to work and my now doctor has an issue prescribing me the codeine based pain killers that actually ease most of the pain.

My now problem is that now I am also going to claim workers compensation I am now expected to pay for all the appointments up front and then wait to see if my claim accepts them to reimburse me. The whole lot means I am now broke and in pain for trying to get to work after the boss told me he couldn't get anyone to take my place on the day. Just also be aware that doctors are prescribing many meds that don't fit the bill for your particular ailment which seems to be the case with these meds your listing. Maybe I`m missing something but something doesn't seem right in your case and I do actually research any meds before I take them but Pristiq as mentioned about slipped through because it was not till I did in-depth research that I found out exactly what it was. Be wary and don't just trust everything they tell you. Use google to find out other side effects that you haven't been told about. Doctors usually don't know anything about the meds they prescribe so I often ask my chemist as they are specifically train in these chemicals that those unknowing doctors prescribe.

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Bloren3433 Says:

SOLCO drugs are manufactured in CHINA. It sounds to me like you are having a toxic chemical reaction, probably from contaminated ingredients in the drug. SOLCO manufactures Valsartan for which the FDA has issued a voluntary recall due to possible connection with cancer. Drugs from China are crap! Refuse the prescription unless manufactured in US, Ireland, England, Canada...most meds from India are still ok.

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judy Says:

I take clonazepam for seizures, thankfully a low dose. The only one that didn't make me ill was TEVA. The fillers, binders, whatever you want to call them making all of us sick and possibly will kill us. This is due to greed and borders on criminality. Thanks insurance companies and pharmacies are responsible. The federal government is responsible. This is the FDA, the CDC, the DEA. Bottom line, what has to happen to us before we take control of our own healthcare? Why are pharmacists controlling our healthcare? I don't have the answers, but we have to own our problems and work with the justice system to find an answer because the politicians, greedy pharmaceutical companies don't. Some doctors are problems but not all. Most are honest and do not want us to suffer. How many deaths have to occur before patients say "no more" to pharmacies-- Walmart, CVS, Walgreens? Confront pharmacists who sell generic drugs that make sick. Call them out. Call your insurance companies and complain. Write you the FDA about every adverse side effect. Contact your Attorney generals. Write your state boards of pharmacies. File complaints. We deserve better. You deserve better.

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Becky Says:

I am extremely sensitive to a lot of generic manufacturers. I’d like to know what fillers they use that cause me to become so debilitated. I also have chronic pain and fatigue and in the last year and a half have gotten off 2/3 of the medication I was on. I feel so much better then I did on all that crap. I had a 3 month refill of my robaxin by solco and it took me about 6 weeks to realize it was probably the new generic med that was causing my migraines to worsen and my overall pain to flare. I stopped the next dose and within 6 hours I had already started to feel better. In a day I was back to my old self. Wtf are they putting into their meds that is so toxic to our bodies?

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ASIF Says:

I have been on revotril of roche hoffmann for the last thirty eight years, 2 mg / day at night time. It works well if you get it.

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Eric Says:

Demand the brand name Klonopin from your doctor, who needs to know all of this. If your pharmacy doesn't have it, have them get it. Tell them, if they don't already know, they're gonna need it. If as many people as possible start demanding Klonopin because the TEVA formula has been removed, to be replaced by Actavis's clonazepam but still owned and marketed by TEVA. Teva did not go out of the business, they chose one production line over the other.

The consequences of this are undeniable. How many people are suffering and don't know why?

So ask for the brand name until someone can show who should switch to what mfg, and why, or Teva/Actavis is required to replace the formula on the market until all can be properly transitioned to something else.

This just came out of the blue.

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Eric Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Kevin, It's not the same dosage. That is the problem with changes. The FDA allows for +/- 24% of the active ingredient in psychiatric generics. So when one disappears and is randomly substituted with another, taking the extremes, you could go up or down in dosage by as much as 48% (Presuming mfg A has + 24% and Mfg B has -24%, your new pill could be 1/2 of what you were getting.)

That is why if the pill you get today at the pharmacy doesn't look like the pill you took this morning, you need to act, first at/with your pharmacy and then in combination with your doctor pharmacy and insurance company.

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Connie Says:

Please note that I did not take Accord for migraine relief - it GAVE me a migraine headache (which I don't get anymore) so is the reason I was switched to Solco.

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Connie Says:

Re: Neville (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

clonazepam is not an antipsychotic, it's anti anxiety. I have severe fibromyalgia and it has been part of the protocol for years. I have anxiety also and panic attacks. Benzos also relax muscles a bit so can help with muscle pain.

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Neville Says:

Connie (# 14) --

I`ve just been through a bunch of sites and it seems I managed to click on one that had it listed as antipsychotic while the other don't. So apologies for the misinformation. I`ve been on it myself for the side effect of drowsiness to aid my insomnia but that was many years ago.. Now on Avanza (Mirtazapine) and Mogadon (Nitrazepam) but don't take them each day. I also have an anxiety disorder and used over 20 SSRIs and MAOI since about 1992. Some have some pretty nasty side effects. 3rd one I tried in the 90`s gave me chronic headaches and I was suicidal. The doctor at the time laughed and I nearly jumped his desk to get to him in my desperation for treatment. Left him after that. That guy shouldn't be a doctor with that attitude anyway. Like many others I want to be pill free but this option doesn't seen to be in my control.
I`ve also learned to do research on my meds before taking them as the doctors are trained to prescribe while they are not trained in the specifics of chemistry effects of the body. It`s Rockefeller Medicine doing it's thing to keep the cash flowing.

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Cathy Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Not true - Solco is made in China. I had a terrible experience with Solco Lisinopril. I have been researching generic drugs for the past year because of a horrible reaction to Amneal Percocet. They’re are thousands of complaints with the FDA with that brand, along with many others that are manufactured in India and China!! The FDA cannot possibly monitor the thousands of generic drugs that are made in those countries. The problem is what is used for fillers and the fact that it’s legal for a generics to be within 20% difference range, plus or minus. After all of my research I will NOT ACCEPT any drug that is manufactured in those countries. And, yes, I too experienced withdrawal symptoms on a generic Percocet (twice ~ 2 different brands) that were both made in India.

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Chris Says:

Re: Eric (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I still don't see what the issue is with solco/actavis clonazepam. Yesterday I took about 2mg and I was good for the whole day, more than 8 hours. This morning I took 1.25mg and it knocked me out for a while. Takes an hour to kick in and you need an empty stomach but it's effective.

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steve Says:

"Sounds like a terrible experience!

Something to keep in mind is that different brands use different inactive ingredients and while Solco may not work for you it's possible the best option for another person out there. On the flip side I have heard a lot of people who complain about the Accord brand. Ultimately it comes down to how your body reacts to the chemicals both active and inactive."

Excellent observation. I live in the United States and in this country we are not given _any_ opportunity to choose the manufacturer of our drugs. Everyone knows that TEVA sucks compared to roche , the price difference isn't fabricated. In our country people are demanding cheaper drugs - so we get more problems. I, _as a US citizen, cannot pay cash for a ``generic'' manufacturer even if I wanted to_.

I feel that our current system encourages companies like the walmarts and the cvs and grocery stores to compete against each other for pennies while big pharma has to buck up to a 20 year waiting game.

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