Small Dark Blue Pill Told They Was D10 Diazepam ??


Small dark blue pill, with just a line on one side an nothing on the other side. Is this a good brand? HELP

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Keith Says:

Any answers about this small blue pill? It's supposed to be valium

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Danni Says:

No good - There should be a D at the top then 10 at the bottom.

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kenny Says:

Re: Danni (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

No he said there is nothing on the pill. I think when he said d10 he was telling us they're meant to be diazepam 10mg. They're blank not D SCORE 10's. I've had small pills exact same colour as msj brand, exact size, but blank. Anyone tried these? I get no euphoria but after stimulants, they definitely cut the anxiety out completely. So I think there perhaps some kind of research chemical benzo like Clonazepam or Bromazepam. Idk, theres so much now. They taste very chemical-like so have definitely got a lot of whatever z drug or benzo drug in them, something anyway. Other similar reviews people.

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