Small Round White Pill With Script R In Oblong Circle On One Side Scored On Other Side

Kymberly Says:

Need help in identify a Small Round white pill. Oblong circle with script R inside on one side scored on other side. Size of a birth control pill. Was told possibly steroid family used for weight lose but not perscribed for weight lose. Need help my girlfriend is eating them like candy.

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Kymberly Says:

So I was asked to give more information on my post. My girlfriend is obsessed with loseing weight with out excersize. She has tried almost everypill she cal get for a period of time then she feels they dont work. At this point she has told me about these little white pills she buys from someone and they come of course in a little baggie. Ok I know what X tops look like its not them. She was told they were some type of steroid and would help her lose weight. We are in Portland Oregon I have one of the pills and have looked on all pill identifier websites and nothing ...please help

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Verwon Says:

I can't find an identification for this pill in any of our resources, but that make sense, because with just the R logo, it doesn't sound like a U.S. prescription drug, anyway.

It might possibly be from a foreign country.

If it's a type of steroid, it could be Clenbuterol, it is normally used as a bronchodilator by people who have breathing disorders, like asthma, but has also gained notice for its stimulant and thermogenic properties, which can make users lose weight.

It has even been known to be prescribed, off-label, by some doctors for weight loss.

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Is anyone familiar with these tablets and what they contain?

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Richard Says:

This pill comes from Thailand. it's definitely a body builder used pill. I found a whole bunch in a bottle I brought back from Thailand. It was so long ago, I don't remember what they are!! Maybe clenbuterol, and maby anavar

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