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Mary Says:

I'm getting minor acne on my face and my skin glow is almost lost. The quality of my skin is getting weird. Can u kindly recommend me a multivitamin supplement or suggest a diet that I should follow to overcome these problems? I'm concerned dat if I take multivitamin supplements, I might have weight gain and the acne on my face would increase.. Plz help. What should I do?

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yashfa Says:

I am a 22 year old girl. I am looking for a solution for my skin problem and would like to know how to brighten my face using nturl or a vitamin supplement? My skin is very sensitive and it's becoming dull day by day. Please suggest the healthiest way to get rid of all skin problems. Thanks.

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soundharya Says:

I'm from Tamil Nadu, India. I have been using skin lite cream for 1 year, but when i try to stop using it my skin becomes darker than before. Please help me and suggest an alternate cream.

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autumn Says:

I have a bad skin condition that's covering my body and itches. On my face it's like rings. Can I share a photo?

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