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jen Says:

What brand of Silymarin is the most bioactive and pure? Where can you get it?

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Verwon Says:

Silymarin is an over the counter supplement that contains derivatives of Milk Thistle, thus, it is not fully tested like prescription medications.

This means, I can't tell you which is the purest and most bio-active, since there are not regular standards for such things.

As to purchasing it, have you tried doing an online search to see if it can be ordered anywhere?

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Candy Says:

I have higher liver enzymes than normal because of medications I take. I ordered Silymarin Milk Thistle from Puritan's Pride on-line or you can order over the phone. A lot of the time they have buy 1 get 1 free or buy 2 get 3 free! You can't beat the price. As far as how it works, I am still taking the medications, and the levels have not gone up since I have been taking it, which I believe is something that would happen if I didn't take it.

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Yam lizardo Says:

I done a magic 12treatment or blood analysis this year jan 13. 2014 and all are ok except my SGPT(ALT) is higher 141.6 which is normal is 42.. Is this a risk on d part om health ,,will u pls help me to subside or lower my SGPT...i dont know what to do ang im afraid
They gave liver aid sylimarine capsule to take 1x a day

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Candy Says:

Puritan's Pride is an on-line and catalog company that I purchase all my vitamins/supplements from, including Silymarin Milk Thistle. They have 2 for one sales and also 5 for three sales. They sell, by far, everywhere I have checked into, the cheapest and best quality products.

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