Side Effects Experienced? Tingling, Numbness Hand

Indapamide Says:

I am experiencing extreme tingling, prickling and numbness in my hands and fingers. Also have similar sinsations on the soles of my feet and weakness in my leg and hip. Are these common with Indapamide (Lozol)?

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Indapamide Hemihydrate Says:

I was told that Indapamide can also cause gout attacks. I was prescribed Indapamide Hemihydrate about 2 months ago to treat my hypertension. Although it did control my blood pressure it also caused my gout attacks every two weeks or so. I am also experiancing consterpation.

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Verwon Says:

This drug is a diuretic, commonly used to treat high blood pressure and edema.


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Fentagurl Says:

It is hard to control constipation while on a diuretic as it is constantly working to remove the water from your body. Try to either eat very high fiber foods and avoid processed foods, as this is very difficult in our society and we are used to just eating for taste, if you still find you're constipated or cannot change eating habits( which IS a pretty tall order) try either using psyllium or another fiber supplement. If that doesn't work perhaps your Dr. Can prescribe you colace, constipation is NO JOKE, and can make you're whole body hurt. I hope you feel better soon!!

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