Side Effectsofvalparin 200 Syrup

j k jin Says:

my baby is going to drink syrup Valparin 200 for 24 months. if any side effects there ? i m afrad and anxious , lack of sleep , anoroxia about that...pls reply i need side effects of this medicine

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sonia Says:

my daughter 19 months old. she was suffereing from cold since one week, suddenly she got light fever in nnight. next morning temperature raised and after vomiting she got convulsion about 4 min. then she was admitted to hospital. EEG report have some problem. MRI report is normal. she had viral infection. she is given valparin 200 syrup two times daily 1.5 ml for 2 years. i wanted two no wether i should continue that. its side effect. pls i am afraid help me

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Verwon Says:

Valparin Syrup contains the active ingredient Valproic Acid, it is an anticonvulsant, so it's being used to prevent future seizures.

It doesn't usually cause a lot of side effects, unless someone is on a very high dosage, but if it does they can include: nausea, dizziness and drowsiness.

Learn more Valparin Syrup details here.

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janice Says:

My child is 4 years had seizures at age of 9months. continued valparin 200 syrup after 3 years stoped it but within 2 months when got cold symptoms of seizures repeated. dctr told to give frisium5 for 5 days.after 5 days again same thing wat to do

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Kanwaljeet Kaur dhillon Says:

Is that valparin safe or not

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Jyoti Says:

My 4year old son used valperin since 3years ago camln i stop this medicine

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salma shafi Says:

hi sir my son was only 3 months old wen doc started Valprin 200 1.5 ml now its been 2 months i m giving him this medicine bt EEG report was ok nd MRI WAS NORMAL wat to do now can i stop the medicine now

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