Side Effects Of Alprazolam With Stimulants

Trina Says:

What can happen to you if you mix Alprazolam with a stimulant drug? What might be the side effects?

My friend does not remember things that have happened in the last 7 days and we think she may have taken a Mylan A4 2mg Alprazolam tablet.

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EDDY Says:

Many people seem to mix the two as if taking Xanax wasn't bad enough

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Verwon Says:

What stimulant does she take?

The issue here could be due to the fact that they are basically conflicting medications. The FDA usually warns against taking them together, since they have opposite effects, one is an 'upper', so to speak, and the other is a 'downer', this can cause one's body to go into shock and experience some very undesirable effects, such as you've described.

In many cases, taking conflicting medications, so your body is not sure which one to respond to, is what causes fatal overdoses. Once your body becomes too confused, it can start to shut down in an effort to protect itself. There are very good reasons many doctor's refuse to prescribe medications that conflict with each other, and if they have to, they make sure the person is monitored very closely.

How is she doing? Has there been any change?

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Optimistic Says:

I mix them as needed, but 2mg xanax is a heavy dose and that is probably too high if they don’t remember things that happened.
The stimulants wouldn’t cause that, but they would keep the person awake when they probably need to sleep off the xanax.
2mg is TOO HIGH if they’re not remembering their days.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Verwon (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

This is too simplistic.
Stimulants like adderall increase dopamine, which we need if we have ADHD. Anxiety is a seperate issue that benzos work on. Benzos DO NOT decrease dopamine so the are NOT working against themselves.

If friend was taking promethazine or an antipsychotic and a stimulant like adderall then yes, THAT would be working against each other.

This is not.

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