Side Effects From Dynacirc Cr

Andrea Says:

I recently started taking Dynacirc CR and am experiencing a lot of itching and blotches over my head, hands, feet, face, is this a reaction?

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Mary Ann Coy Says:

You are having an acute allergic reaction. DO NOT WAIT! Go to an emergency room immediately and take the bottle. This reaction can progress to life threatening. You need to be seen immediately for treatment and assessment by a physician. GO TODAY!

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Donna Blaeholder Says:

Dear Andrea, Thank you for posting your question. I take Dynacirc and just made an appointment with a Dermatologist because I thought something else was wrong. Going to the Emergency Room - TOMORROW. Could you post the results of your findings or write back to me. Thank you so much , Donna

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VerFree Says:

That is correct, there is a chance that these are the symptoms of an allergic reaction, according to FDA reports, and you should seek emergency medical attention. Such reactions tend to get worse with repeated exposure, and may become life threatening.

Ref: Medication/Drug Allergy

I experienced a bad one from the antibiotic Bactrim, and have been told not to ever risk taking it, again, as it could be more than just a skin rash, and swollen glands in the future.

How are you doing, now?

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