Side Effects From Depakote

Lily Says:

I have been taking 1250 mg of Depakote for about a month and a half. I was fine the few three weeks or so, but now it seems like I am getting cranky, angry and upset very easily for the last two weeks. My psychiatrist just had me take a blood sample to see if she wants to raise my dose as I can't seem to get through the whole day without crying at times. Tonight my boyfriend asked me if I was feeling confused and told me I was being nasty and upset lately. Well, I broke down in tears, natural response for me when this happens. And now he doesn't want to talk to me. I am very hurt and am calling my psychiatrist Monday morning as soon as hr office opens. By the way, she is treating me for mood disorders, not bi polar disorder. Do you think I am on the right meds, and how can I stop feeling the feelings like I mentioned above?

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Lily Says:

Hi, Lilly again,
I should also mention that my psychiatrist also has me taking 1.5 mg of Xanax a day for anxiety,and that I should have said she was having me taking it for a mood stabilizer, not for a mood disorder. I take 250 mg of Depakote in the morning (does not make me sleepy) along with .5 mg of Xanax, then .5 mg of Xanax at 1:30 pm and .5mg of Xanax at 5:30/6:00pm. Then I take 100 mg of Seroquel and 1000mg of Depakote at night, both to help me sleep since I have never been able to get a full nights rest. I know I have been angry, short tempered and cranky, and I don't mean to be that way, but it just seems to happen. I don't want to get my boyfriend so mad that he will want me to move out. I am scared, but will wait till Monday to call my psychiatrist to see if I can get her to call me back right away to see what she suggests. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Lily! How are you?

These medications can cause those types of symptoms, because of the way they work on brain chemicals.

I think you should talk to your doctor about switching out that huge nighttime dose for something different to help you sleep, that will most likely help ease these symptoms.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Hanuman Says:

Hi Lilly,

I am from India, not sure in which part of this world you live. I am using Depakote since last 2 years & also used some sleep medicines for few weeks. I have experience of 8 yrs visiting with doctor & all possible means to understand this science. Along with medicines I did lot of work to understand our mind , thoughts and how they effect on our body. Fortunately here in India there are lot of large organisations like Art of Living , Hari Krishana , BhramaKumari etc helps to understand ourself. I would strongly advise you to look into other areas aswell along with using the medication to longer run permanent solution. Let me know if you want to talk more. my email {edited for privacy}

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hope Says:

I was using depose for about 8 yes and I've been off of it for about 8 year's I've had a hysterectomy since I got off of it loss hair have dry and dry hair and skin it's called don't how to spell the name I might be losing my teeth due to that I think to much have bad dreams feel numb gaining weight aged faster than normal.i feel angry for even getting on that medicine and stuck with the systems I don't know what to do I feel like just running away and hiding.i didn't need to get on that drug because wasn't bipolar I just wasn't happy with my job I'm scared to get on any drugs that it might hurt me even more i also have short term memory.any suggestion s.dont anybody get on this drug.

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Melody Says:

I would be very interested in hearing from you about alternative methods. My son takes 1500mg daily. and is almost catatonic except for the involuntary movenents

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easy e Says:

im taking 500mg in the am and at bed time my / is can i bump it to 1500 a day or no?

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Jason Says:

Wow I take the same drug for seizures and some days I'm fine and some days I'm exactly how you explained. You're not alone

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Linda Says:

This a bad drug. It has many side effects including liver failure that can happen suddenly. There are many other seizure drugs you could try. My dr put me on keppra. Very few side effects and doesn't cause weight gain.

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Polo Says:

Probably decrease not increase the Depakote dose.
Depakote is only indicated for 2 weeks in mania due to Bipolar disorder precisely because more than two weeks on it causes depression or irritability mania.
It is not recommended chronically unless for Seizures and even for seizures is not longer use that much.
It can cause thyroid disease, liver failure, hair loss, apathy, anger, irritability, that you seems to be experiencing.
Seroquel could causes seizure so if you want to stop Depakote the Seroquel should go first. It causes weight gain, tiredness, fatigue, apathy, lack of energy and the sleep is abnormal, memory problems and if stop the insomnia can be really bad for weeks. It is an antipsychotic for schizophrenia but a lousy one and doctor use it for sedation. The Xanax taken the way he prescribed will cause addiction very fast with bad anxiety/panic attacks if stop. Eventually you will not be able to function off it.

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Julia Says:

In my experience it's the xanax that's making you so moody! I've been on and off for 20 years. Xanax is the worst drug I've been on

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Leeme Says:

You should not be on any of them. How about you just have ten to twenty mgs morning and night, you will be better off. I have the same problem. Take it easy.

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The doc Says:

Hi. First I take rhese,meds as,well.i have,removed some to test effects and I always go back to Seroquel as the main factor. I only take it for sleep but it is,killing me. For one since we are already stressed and have,anxiety this ned,can turn you I to a monster. Made for sqizofrina with off,label,use,for bi-polar, and a few other things it lowers dopamine levels norepernefrin and a host off other things. Wish effect your mood,in a large,way. The morning after talking it i,tell and,sad and,very,angry .seroquel was not ment to be taken indosses og 100ng or more exsept for sqizofrina. To induce the histomein effects,to insuse,sleep lower doses are,needed. The fact the doc woyl d rather u take poison then give a sleeping pull or benzo, is,sad.

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