Side Effects Of Tablet Levesam 500mg

enaku Says:

I was on epilex chrono 500 mg twice when the medication was reduced and stopped. This happened twice during a period of 6 years (break after 3 years). But every time the hand tremor reoccured. Presently I am on levesam 500 mg thrice since Feb 2009. Its been 3 years and I dont think that the doctor wants to reduce the medication or intend on stopping it. Are there any side effects that I may face if I continue this medication? I also plan to start a family, could this medication harm my child?

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Verwon Says:

Levesam contains the active ingredient Levetiracetam, which is an anticonvulsant.

Learn more Levetiracetam details here.

There are possible risks associated with taking any medication, but at this point your doctor probably feels that the possible risks are outweighed by the benefits it's providing you.

As to taking it later, when you are starting a family, you should discuss it with your doctor at that time to see if continuing it is advisable.

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Nitin Says:

My wife is 8 weeks pregnant and also taking 2 1/2 Levesam 500 tab daily. I have also consulted the neurologists however he has asked to continue with it. I am a little worried that it should not hamper my child development or shouldn't have any other problems thereafter. Please suggest what should I do now? Should the dosage be reduced or stopped? Is there any adverse effect? I am really worried what to do.. please help.

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