Side Effects Of Prolia & Zometa Are Similar

Sandy McElgunn Says:

I'm a 59 year old female, diagnosed with Behcet's Disease and I use Prednisone for treatment for my weekly flares. The Prednisone is hard on my bones and has caused me to get osteoporosis in my hips. I had my first infusion of Zometa six days ago. I thought I was going to die from the side effects. I had 103 degree fever for five days, deep bone pain everywhere, muscle pain, flu like symptoms, migraine headache, burning eyes, pale skin, restlessness, and no appetite. Today six days later I'm still fatigued, pale, mild bone pain, mild muscle pain and no appetite. I reported these side effects to my doctor. His nurse suggested I maybe try Prolia injection in six months instead. I found this web site and was reading everything about Prolia and the side effects, they sound exactly what I have just went through! Anyone have you ever tryed using these drugs with the same effects??? I'm scared to go through this again. What I've been reading is this can last for months! OMG!

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Verwon Says:

I am so sorry that you suffered so miserably. That's awful.

I haven't had to use these medications, but I can provide you with some information.

While they can cause similar side effects, that doesn't necessarily mean that this will happen to you. That's the reason there are usually several medication choices in any therapeutic category and the likely reason the nurse suggested trying a different one. You may have a better experience with it.

Learn more Prolia details here.

However, what I would suggest doing is actually going in to see your doctor and talk to them about it. That way you can discuss the side effects, what the likelihood is of your experiencing them and then you can make the most informed decision possible about what's best for you.

Has anyone actually used Prolia that can post some details for Sandy to help out?

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Boots55 Says:

Sandy, it will be fine. Do what you feel peace a about. I am scared also, but I am trying to stay on a positive note..If your scores are up with the treatment then it would be worth it. The most important thing to remember is to get plenty of calcium..for prolia depletes your calcium.. I take calcium, vitiamin D, and B6.. Try to get calcium throw your diet. I will pray for you.

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Marilena Says:

I have only had one infusion of Zometa. In the first few days I had no side effects whatever. Yours must have been a very very bad experience.
I have later had a number of side effects but all of a minor nature.
I will have my second infusion today and then decide if I want to continue with Zometa or go onto Prolia.

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Donna g Says:

Dont take prolia i had the same side effects as you. Just take calcium and vit d. That is all you can do without harming your body further. My grandmother had osteoporosis and after she broke her arm she took supplemental calcium and vit d and never broke another bone.

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Diana Says:

Yes. Over a year since inception of Prolia injection. Still Extreme fatigue and hypercalcemia which can eventually kill. They want to put me on Reclast for that which has a higher death rate per 5000 than Prolia.

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Shirley Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have had 2 prolix shots many side effects
Several utis leg cramps skin infections hair loss weakness off balance I believe it was caused from shot but I’m 83 and maybe side effects are due to age but not getting anymore shots

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Marion Says:

My suggestion is don't touch Prolia. My side effects have never lessened over 2 years since my last shot

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