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Drug Test Sibutramine

I've been taking 2day diet lingh zhi for to months now and this product is amazing. I saw a difference within a week, but recently I found out that it has sibutramine in it and now I'm freaking out cause we get random drug tests at work. Will this show positive to taking drugs? I'm so worried I'll loose my job. ## I found the answer in at this website which is answered by medical professionals. I had the same question. Expert: Doctor Cameronreplied 616 days and 6 hours ago. It is not an amphetamine It is centrally-acting serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor structurally related to amphetamines if it comes up ,they will test to make sure it is NOT amphetamine. You can also send the same for GC...

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Weight loss pill ## how do you take these pills and what are they for? ## WELL THIS IS A DIET PILL THAT WAS TAKING OF THE MARKET IN TH U.S. BACK IN 1989 FOR THE REASON THAT IT WAS HURTING EITHER UR LUNGS ECT. IT HAS A LAXITIVE IN IT AND WAS KNOWN TO HELP YOU LOSE UP TO 6 LBS A WEEK,WAS RX FOR THE OVER WEIGHT PEOPLE(OB) ## This drug, however, is still available in Mexico, as well as several other countries, so unfortunately, those who self-medicate, for whatever reason they are doing so, can pick it up there very cheaply. In most cases, you can get away with carrying small amounts, around 3 months worth or less, of a drug into the US, without having it seized or questioned by customs. Customs agents are not trained to keep track of which drugs are or are not legal in the US, and if someo...

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Hey ive been taking fruta planta for a month. I lost 15 lbs...i stopped taking it bcuz the box says some crap about periods (u all know the box makes no sense) but i was just wondering if anyone takes it during their cycle cuz i really dont want to stop for a week but if i have too i will. ## Goldie, I have taken them with my cycle and there has been no change. The weight still comes off. Of course I still have the cramps and feel bloated. But for me the pills still work. Good luck! ## The U.S. FDA has issued a warning regarding the use of this product and the manufacturer is supposed to be recalling it from the market. It was found to contain an undeclared drug ingredient, Sibutramine, which was pulled from the market in the U.S. due to the fact that it has caused severe cardiac proble...

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Fruta Planta explaination

those people takinq the pill, u drink 1 pill every morninq with a cup of room temp water n then u eat ur reqular breakfast den after dat u qo thru ur day lyk normal and u eat wen u qet hunqry...da pill do make u thursty n if u wanna to improve qo work out ## Everyone does need to be careful using this product. While the manufacture claimed it to be all natural, the U.S. FDA found it to contain the undeclared drug ingredient Sibutramine. Sibutramine was pulled from the market due to the extreme risks it caused of cardiac problems. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions? ## I'm 5'4 and was at 202lbs, I have been using this product for almost a month and have lost 11lbs! My diet hasn't changed, my moods are the same but I was a little constipated at first until I incre...

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Sibutramina Test Positive On A Drug

I purchased a medicine brand name yeduc and its ingredient is sibutramina. I was told it is for weight loss but I get drug tested at work and I don't want to take the medicine if I will have a risk in testing positive for drugs. ## Hi patty, Because the active ingredient Sibutramine is related to Amphetamines, I am certain that it will show up on a drug test. If you are willing to take the risk and want to give yourself enough time in between doses and your drug test, I think the info below will be of help to you: It can be detected in urine for roughly 2-5 days after your last dose, up to 1-5 days for a saliva test, and detectable for up to 90 days in a hair strand test. Keep in mind that those numbers are simply close estimates and should be treated as such. I hope this info helps...

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Bethel S30 Diet Pill To Buy

i want to buy bethels 30 diet pills ## this site does not manufacture, nor sell any products, this is an information only website. Bethel S30 has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. The U.S. FDA found it to contain the undeclared drug ingredient Sibutramine, which has been removed from the market in most countries due to the severe risk of cardiac dangers that it caused to those using it. Lean more: Are there any questions or comments? ## where can i purchase on line, bethel s30 diet pills? You cant purchase them in Manhattan, due to not selling them anymore. ## Mamita, as I said in my prior post, Bethel S30 is not longer available for purchase, the company has had to stop manufacturing it. It was found to contain the undeclared drug ingredient Sibutramine, which was remov...

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Bethel 30 diet pill availability

I'm having a hard time finding Bethel 30 diet pills. Can you help me? ## Hello Shirley, According to this FDA Article bethel 30 was removed from the market due to it having the secret ingredient sibutramine. The article goes on to explain the legal issues of reselling this drug and that it is now illegal to purchase in the United States. It also has some information as to what you should do if you feel that this medication has caused unwanted side effects. I hope this information helps. Please message back if you have any further questions or additional information. ## I used Bethel 30 several years ago and it was the only pill that ever worked for me. I didn't have any side effect from taking them, I really need to get started up again with these pills. Please help me. thanks #...

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Fruta Bio

It seems that the new replacement is fruta bio. Anyone tried it yet? ## I'm seeing this all over China import sites as well. One product listing states "The capsules and the effect are totally the same as Fruta Planta. The box, instructions, and the inner packages are different." It also states "No record by the FDA" (LOL) Some ingredients listed are: fruit lemon, pectin, balsam pear, radish, fruit, spirulina powder. What I am really curious about is whether or not the Fruta Bio contains Sibutramine, which is what got the Fruta Planta banned by the FDA in the first place. I have not tried it myself, but I am wondering the same thing, if anybody else has tried or compared it to its predecessor? My hunch at this point is S-C-A-M. ## I have been using it for about a mon...

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yeduc subutramina pills from mexico

hi I recently bought these pills in mexico and wanted to know if anyone else has tried them recently and if they have worked for them and how long it took them to start seeing results? ## Hello, Jocelyn! How are you? Sibutramine was removed from the market in the U.S., because it was found to cause severe cardiac dangers and some people suffered fatal events. Thus, I advise you to please proceed with caution and speak to your doctor, before taking it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi - I took Simply Slim while living in South Africa for two years, from 2008-2010. This product was eventually banned in the country because it contained Sibutramine. This was the best product I have ever taken for weight loss... it was amazing. I could eat whatever I wanted while always remainin...

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neurobion inyection 25000 hypak

where I can buy neurobion 25000 hypak, I am living in New York thank you ## Hi my sister gave a pills called fruta planta diet pills from china I really want it to take but Im scared...please let me know if u know somenthing about it...and I will like to know if is any subutramine on it...thank u ## To the original poster, Neurobion is not available in the U.S., it contains a complex of B vitamins, which are known to support nerve health, so there are equivalents available, if you look for a B complex. The FDA warns that they may sometimes cause nausea, due to their potency. Jessica, the FDA has issues warnings that people should not take Fruta Planta, testing has found it to contain various undeclared drug ingredients, including Sibutramine/Phentermine. It has also been known to cause ...

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Yctpahehne anwhero beca, Yctpahehne tokcnynoctn yxon 3a

capsule color green and white ## From what we can discover, this product also seems to be referred to as Fruta Planta. It is claimed to be 100% natural, however, we have been unable to find an English listing of the ingredients to discover what they are. In addition, it has been rumored to also contain the drug Sibutramine, which has been banned in many countries due to severe health dangers involved with its use. There is another discussion on it here: Does anyone else have any other information on this? ## I WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT IN NATURAL FORM ## This is a very bad drug. it causes very bad side effects ## i pick up this product yesterday and today is my first day taking it i was told it cleans out your system so im trying it ## i had taken this pill for about 3 weeks i lost 15 pounds...

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is this a narcotic drug

i want to take sibutramina for a diet but afraid its a narcotic drug ## No, Sibutramine is a stimulant that is most commonly used to aid in weight loss. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, insomnia, dizziness, and anorexia. Is there anything else I can help with? Are you on any other medications?

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alcachofa 500 mg and Adelseril sibutramina 15 mg

Just want to know what These are and how they are used for weight loss ## ALCACHOFA COMES IN PACKS OF 10 AMPULES AND IT WORKS WONDERS TOGETHER WITH ALDELSERIL,THE AMPULES ARE TAKEN ONE A DAY U BREAK IT OPEN AND DILUTE IT IN A DRINK OF YOUR CHOICE IT WILL NOT INTERACT WITH ANY OTHER MEDICATIONS U ARE TAKING AND U CAN ALSO TAKE ALDELSERIL ONE PILL A DAY NO MORE THAN THAT ANY QUESTION MY MAIL IS MY USER NAME. ## Sibutramine, sold in the US under the brand name Meridia, is an appetite suppressant. Some common side effects may include: nausea, insomnia, headache and anorexia. You can read more here: ## Alcachofa is an extraxt derived from Artichokes, therefore, it is unknown if it carries and side effects and not proven to actually help with anything. It may also react with other medications...

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Bethel 30 Reviews

I'm trying to find the Bethel s30 pills that are light & dark green in color. I HAVE USED THOSE PILLS BEFORE AND CAN CONFIRM THEY DO WORK!!! Not really comfortable using something I'm not familiar with. Can you assist with assuring I find the proper capsules? Thank you!!! ## No, I'm sorry, but I have no way to assist you with that. The original Bethels 30 product was ordered removed from the market by the FDA due to the fact that it was found to contain the undeclared drug ingredient Sibutramine. Sibutramine was removed from the market due to the fact that it caused the risk of cardiac events. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Are Slim-k pills the same as Bethel 30? Can anyone help me please?

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Everlax healthy people co

i was thinking of taking this diet pill its a green with white diet pill by healhty people co. i know people that take them and they have lost alot of weight. does anyone know anything about this pill. i have done some reasearch but havent found anything negative about it.... ## I am a distributor of Healthy People. The pill you are talking about is our Everlax product. That combined with different combinations of our weightloss products have great results for losing the weight you desire. Our products are made of all natural and healthy ingredients.Everlax prevents our intestines from becoming lazy and helps that extra fat from accumulating into fatty tissue, & is rejected from the body. Helps w/digestive problems,fluid retention, constipation, bloating,& tonifies the liver. I ...

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yctpahehhe ahwhero beca

where can i purchase these diet pills ## where can i purchase these pills in ft. lauderdale, fl. Or where can i purchase them anywhere ## I think you're referring to a drug commonly called Fruta Planta (?) Here is an image of the box: It allegedly contains many natural ingredients (listed in Asian Writing), but the active ingredient might actually be Sibutramine (which was banned by the FDA due to health risks). Many people are reporting positive results with this as an appetite suppressant. You can check CragsList to see if there is any in your area, but be careful and use at your OWN RISK. It is not recommended to use a medication which is not FDA approved, or without a doctor's supervision. ## do you know if the fruta planta has any side effects ## It seems that others who a...

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dominican diet pill esculturex

I am from NY and would like to know about the availability of esculturex. ## The active ingredient in Esculturex (Sibutramine) has actually been banned in the US for quite some time; so the odds of you finding it here are very slim and illegal at that. Your best bet would probably be to visit its country of origin - the Dominican Republic (or possibly Mexico, as they may carry other weight loss products similar to Sibutramine). In the meantime, have you considered seeing a doctor for a prescription of Phentermine, Contrave or various types of medications touted for weight management?

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Sibutramine in Fruta Planta weight loss pills?

I am considering purchasing Fruta Planta pills for weight loss. I've read nothing but positive feedback until I found an article stating that it contains sibutramine. I take lamictal for epileptic seizure control. Can sibutramine & lamictal be taken together? What Is the content level of sibutramine in Fruta Planta? Is Fruta Planta safe to take? ## I see that Roy has already posted information and the ingredients in another post, so here's that information: Here are some ingredients and product specifications. They don't make complete sense, probably because they are translated from a foreign language. [Ingredients] fruit lemon, fruit gum, bitter gourd, Papaya, benefit fruit, spiral [Specification] 400mgs/grain0 grains [Directions] one time per day, 1 grain per time, bef...

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Reduce15 withdrawal symptoms

Sibutramine hydrochloride mono hydrate withdrawal symptoms ## Hello, Hanksy! How are you? The U.S. FDA lists the typical withdrawal effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, body aches, fever, chills, diarrhea, depression and mood swings. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Bethel S30 Dont Buy it

Hi I am an pharmacology, I start taking the Bethel S30 back in Nov 1, 2010, I notice that my mouth was too but too dry, since I am a Pharmacology I study and research the product, test the powder on the pill and my conclusion is that this pill has and active or derivate ingredient like sibutramine. I personally DO NOT recommend this product – If sibutramine is the active ingredients I suggest you to contact the company Bethel Nutritional Consulting Inc 212-568-5330 and ask them to return your money. SIBUTRAMINE On October 8, 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked Abbott Laboratories to voluntarily withdraw from the U.S. market, its weight loss drug Meridia (sibutramine) because of clinical trial data indicating an increased risk of cardiovascular adve...

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