Should I Use Buspirone If Have Hep C

Richard Bowman Says:

I am not happy using Buspirone with hep c, I need to know if Buspirone will do any liver damage if taken long term

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Shirley Says:

My boyfriend is taking the cure for hepititus...incivik,ribiveirin, and the shots once a week. But he is depressed, and worried. can he take buspar? I do for anti-anxiety from divorcing a control freak. but I don't take it all the time... only when i get to the point that I am so woried I annot even sleep at night. Do you think it would be ok for him? He is worried about so much, I ache at hearing his worries, and he cannot sleep, or function well during the day. would it hurt his liver?

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Verwon Says:

The FDA states that someone with impaired liver or kidney function should not take this medication. Its is also contraindicated in people taking MAO inhibitors.

It is also considered illegal to take a prescription medication that has not been prescribed for you. He should see his own doctor to get help for these issues and to make sure he is prescribed something safe for him to take.

How did the HEP meds work for you?

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