Shelf Life Of Morphine Pills

Kimp Says:

I have morphine pills that I want to take for a kidney stone (I get them frequently, so I know that it is a kidney stone), but the bottle that I found today (yes I know I need a new prescription), is dated Feb/05. I do not know if it would be safe to take these, and I do not know who to ask, since it is the Canada Day Holiday, and these pills are over 6 years old, as it is currently July/11.

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Kimp Says:

To clarify...I ordinarily do have a current prescription, but I forgot to ask the last time I was in at my pain specialist, just a week ago. As a result I went searching for relief and came across an old bottle.

Also, I did end up taking the pills, and I unfortunately started throwing up about an half hour afterwards. And the pills did not seem to relieve the pain, but that might be because it did not have time to work?

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Verwon Says:

If they are in a pharmacy bottle, then they have an expiration date of one year, from when you had the prescription filled. After that date, they don't get dangerous, but they do start to lose effectiveness, which may be why they didn't help with your pain. Storage conditions also have an effect on their stability, so if they were kept somewhere that has exposed them to heat, light and moistures, they will degrade even faster.


Nausea and vomiting are common side effects of Morphine.

How many did you take? That may also have had an effect on their making you sick.

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Maniac77 Says:

I have some 15mg extended release Morphine tablets left over from 2015. I cut the top of my finger off, and the medicine the e.r. gave me is not helping. Will I be in harm's way if I take a couple-year-old extended release Morphine sulfate tablet? Thank you.

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