Severe Withdrawal Symptoms After Stopping Prozac

Dallee Says:

My doctor switched me from Prozac 40 mg to Wellbutrin 150 mg. She had me take both, full strength, for a week together then stop taking the Prozac. Three days later small symptoms of anxiety started to show such as voice tics and nervousness. By day five I was experiencing something akin to electric shocks going through my body and I was in tears begging for help. My doctor said to stop the welbuutrin and start the prozac again. I did with no changes for three days. I called my psych doctor who was out on vacation and her nurse said to call my primary care. I did and my primary care doctor said to start taking the welbutrin again along with the prozac and call psych office and tell then I need to be seen. Psych office says I have to wait until doctor is back from vacation. After two days on both prozac and welbutrin I am no longer experiencing anxiety, Now I feel completely numb. I can barely move and it feels like I am drowning in syrup. I have no desire or drive to even get up. What is going on and how long will this continue to happen to me?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Dallee! How are you? I am very sorry about the problems you've experienced.

According to the FDA, everything you've described can be withdrawal effects and side effects. You basically had a super whammy, you were dealing with new side effects, plus the withdrawal effects, then added the Prozac back for more side effects.

It will likely take a few weeks for things to settle down and return to normal.

Has there been any change, or are you still feeling like this?

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Dallee Says:

My primary care said to restart the Welbutrin along with the Prozac. I went into a severe depression for about three days and slowly came out of it. I am almost back to normal but I am more tired than normal

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